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Perfect for a Saturday night.

@MicroMara put up a couple images that wrecked me so I told him (when it's good and dark) a nightcap is coming up.




Rye/Glow in the Dark Gin


Ah he)(

from Doris Day to BOC in less than a half hour. Crazy days &...



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1 hour ago, Full Range said:

What a great song, bloody fantastic venue at the Sydney Opera House 


Great tune and yea, I'm day dreaming a minute.  What a venue for just about anything.  Crazy it's 50 years old this year.  I can remember it going up, the controversy and talk at the time .  One place I'd love to visit.  What an operation to pull it all off but to those involved it's just another day at the office.




What a venue but no rock on the rock Paul?  Or opera oriented only?  That place would be unreal to play.  :)

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A movie recently out with Kelsey Grammer, Jesus Revolution, covers parts of the West coast Jesus movement of the '70s. This song by a couple I played on tour with in the early '70s was included in the movie... part of the song, anyway. The brother sister duo recorded the album at a small local studio and had 500 pressings made. They recorded the album in a little over six hours. Sadly, the sister, Mary, passed away a few years ago. Chuck Perrin, the older brother still records and performs, running a Jazz club in San Diego.



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