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SWAG is on like Donkey Kong.

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4 hours ago, richieb said:

So to all the SWAGGER’S - opinions on the EV’s? And I understand the apples/oranges to the industrial LS but maybe a general comparison of those two - no sub used 


4 hours ago, CECAA850 said:

This may sound a little odd but the differences between all the speakers was subtle at best, at least to me.  No apples and oranges which surprised me.  The bass on the EV's wasn't as tight as the LSI's or mini punches but was a bit more tactile.  Clarity was great on the EV's especially with vocals but minis' and LSI's had a bit more sparkle.  LSI's wewre extremely good at detail and nuance.  You could hear everything.  Minis were no slouch in that regard either as both sets of speakers had MAHLs.  Honestly, I could be happy with any of the 3 sets and fortunately I own 2 of the 3:wink:.


My review would have been no doubt different if they were listened to without a sub but personally I never listen to any of my systems without one.  Others may have different opinions than mine however and they'll be just as valid.

Carl nailed it. If I had that venue, and was planning on a party, might get loud, I would probably choose the EV's or mini punches. If I wanted to impress some of the listeners, probably go with the LSI's (they really shined) Pete's sub made them all sound much better.

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7 hours ago, Pete H said:

  Great freaking time, and I'm so sorry I forgot to pick you up.  Can I get a commitment from you for the next one?


7 hours ago, CECAA850 said:

Yes, no more living vicariously through us.

Let's get things back to somewhat normal first. I have taken one day off so far this year. 

Plan to play a little catch up next year. This sounds like a great time. I'll add it to my list.

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2 hours ago, RandyH000 said:

where is Pete -----------?


27 minutes ago, MookieStl said:

Too soon,

Still hurts.

Rejection is difficult to process.

From a strange turn of events I have gained access to traffic cam footage of the exit Pete would have used for the said “Mookie pickup”.

Hard to imagine but with trailer in tow Pete was shown to actually accelerate from the posted 70 to around 78 as the exit wizzed by. 
That in itself wasn’t as convincing as a raised, and defiant, 🖕 was flown. So yes Mook, Pete “forget” the pick up -  😏

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