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I'm Bidding, Are You?


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3 hours ago, thebes said:

Lost the auction, but back in the day, just the thought of her (quite frankly never knew she also sang) would send me into erotic bliss (hee, hee).

sorry for your loss.

I once met an incredibly beautiful and successful actress of both television and the big screen.  within minutes we were holding hands.  seriously ... well, shaking hands involves a minutes of hand holding right?

anyway, she was number one in my book and we met in a theatre after one of her premieres -- she stuck around and chatted for awhile ... I did okay at first, then realized what was going on and it turned into a King of the Geeks meets the Prom Queen moment.  I made it home okay though.

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Reminds me of the time I saw Ann Margret at Ceasar's Palace after she quit for 5 years to help with the health of her husband, Roger Smith, who had cancer. She was a gorgeous 48 year old first time back on stage with dancers and big band. The audience included her mom and lots of movie stars of 1988. I was the 7th chair from the stage in line with her mike stand and I saw her blush when she dropped the mike, but picked it up without missing a single line of her song. What a pro and one of the most gorgeous women ever!

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