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College Football 2021


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4 hours ago, DizRotus said:


“. . .trouble with the snap.”


3 hours ago, rplace said:

Oh you're just like my sister, Neil. She has been sending me that tired picture all week. Isn't that kid collecting a social security check by now?

He's still around...





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8 minutes ago, DizRotus said:

I hope Michigan beats The Ohio State University

No need to ever be sorry over a ball game.  It's a game.  They got tons of my money for wallpaper.  The one thing the youngest got in addition to her wallpaper that I never got?  


She let me try the first one on.  hahaha





Yea, it's just a game.  Simple.




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3 minutes ago, DizRotus said:

Without him, MSU loses.

He's a great back that's for sure but I'm not so sure about that statement.  You know your team though so there's that.



Also as a parent I coached my girls just like you all have coached and helped your kids grow in life/sports.  The fact I shot for so many years helped me see things in a totally different perspective.  I also got married and had kids when I was older so I could apply what I'd learned from shooting.  You ALL have your Kodak moments w/your kids whether it's sports or something else that enhances their lives.  I have mine.  I wasn't trying to be flippant at all posting those two pics.  The point I was trying to convey was that it really IS just a game.  Someone wins and someone loses.  I've seen the heartbreaks and captured them in photos many times just as I have seen the joy of winning.  It's a game.  Ya have to back your team.  I enjoy several parts of this forum and this thread is one of them.  It's fun and I enjoy the laffs.  In another couple years you'll all be Buckeyes!  hahahaha  :)

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7 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

Not football,

definitely no college football.  The Olympic Trials semi-finals for the Team USA Curling Mixed Doubles was on tv today.  The best semi-final is tomorrow morning.  Go Jamie Sinclair (and whoever that guy is that is your teammate). 

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