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College Football 2021


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I didn't attend either school so in a sense, "I don't care".  That said, I am from Ohio....  so I'm excited to watch the game.  


I don't know who can beat Ohio State but I hope they meet in the championship as it might be a terribly exciting game (meant in a good way that keeps  you on edge of seat)


I don't really "love" watching blowout games.  Yeah, they can be fun, "in your face" kind of things, but there's no tension.  I'd rather see someone have a lead, other team come back to tie it and they battle it to the end.  (then of course, Ohio State does a pick-6 to win)


It will be interesting to watch some of these players as they turn pro.  I was impressed with some of the records that were/are being set/broken.


I think I read that OSU's quarterback Stroud had more touchdown passes in the first half.....(six) than any other quarterback had.....for the entire game.  (or something close to that)


They're certainly fun to watch, unless you are a fan of the other team I suppose.

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Back up QB for PSU Christian Veilleux looked good against Rutgers, Happy to see that. 6 ft 4 202lbs, Get so muscle on kid during the off season and look out. He should have played against Illinois and given Clifford another week to heal before playing Michigan but what do i know.


 MSU passing defense is ranked quite low I'm told and it showed. It does give me some hope when PSU comes to town next week even if Clifford is still hurt and cant finish the game. PSU passing game is their strength.

MSU should expect a fake field goal or two.


UM does look capable this year of giving OSU a game.

A loss to MSU and OSU giving them an 11-2 season and probably a New Years 6 Bowl appearance Michigan fans will consider the season a failure with calls for Harbaugh's firing. Lose the bowel game and the pitchforks will be out.

No different than PSU fans this year with their love/hate of Franklin



One more Saturday of PSU football and a minor bowl game then until next year with hopes of beating OSU and the Big 10 conference championship. Playoffs not even a thought. The OSU game is PSUs Superbowl and they come to Happy Valley next year for the White Out so just maybe.....

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Interesting read @Coytee.  I'm not gonna get into a big old heated discussion about OSU football with anyone.  EVERYone has their team they support for whatever reason. 


The battle every year with TTUN is always just that.  A battle, but mostly just a "good natured battle between both teams."  😂    Every team has them.  They've whooped us before when OSU thought they were invincible.  The best team won that day.  Hence my "On any given day" approach to games.  Funny how some react though.  😂


Who has the better team this year?  That remains to be seen.  It's all gonna be left on the field Saturday.  Maybe Harb's will get outta those khaki's he wears and change his luck.   😂


Broken records?  Compare the talent then and the caliber of players OSU is getting today from 18 year old kids.  Stoud coming into the mix was the main reason Olave & Garret played their 4th year.  They knew they'd set records and improve their NFL contracts not to mention getting that Natty ring.


Now we've been around the barn but the fact remains the games will go on and everyone will support their teams.  That won't change.  GO BUCKS!

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23 hours ago, DizRotus said:

GO BUCKEYES next Saturday.


You are just like my sister and it saddens me. I cheer for MSU every single game of the year except one!


UofM could go 2-11 rather than the likely 11-2 they will end up as long as that 2 was vs OSU and MSU and I'd be satisfied.


Win or lost against OSU next weekend....Harbauh still needs to go. If you can't beat MSU and OSU on a regular bases as a Michigan coach you are a failure. Period. As a Michigan fan I'm used to losing bowl games so nothing left to play for except to beat OSU. Unlikely, I know but dare to dream.

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Michigan has a solid team this year IMHO.

They just need to come to terms like the rest of us in the Big 10 that OSU is an elite team and will continue to be for sometime to come.


Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Still need to play the game Saturday


How about this?

Trade Franklin for Harbaugh? :^)

What would that be like?

Seems both PSU and MU could use a change.

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