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College Football 2021


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8 hours ago, EmilC said:

Penn State vs Michigan this Saturday at NOON?!


Really?! NOON?!


Not worthy of prime time or even 3:30PM?!


Who decides on starting times? The TV networks?


Sure PSU is 5 and 3 but this is a classic matchup.


Schedulers expecting PSU getting blown out?


Now I have to stay over ibn PA  Friday into Saturday for the game







I had the same thought when Michigan 7-0 vs Michigan State 7-0 played at noon.

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I'll just let this marinate for a while...  Jon Spencer is a good friend and one of the best sports writers I know.  More than 40 years covering the B1G and casting his weekly votes for AP.  Give it a read if you want.  :)  



In terms of the CFP rankings, how much value should we apply to a head-to-head win? Ohio State was part of that conversation last week. Even though they lost to Oregon at home, I thought by the time last week's first rankings came out the Buckeyes were playing better than Oregon since their meeting (albeit vs. suspect competition) and the Ducks had the uglier loss - to now 3-6 Stanford. So I had OSU at 4 and Oregon at 5. The committee saw it differently, obviously giving more weight to head-to-head and knowing OSU still had plenty of chances to build its case, so they had it the other way around.
This week, what do we do with Michigan State? I keep hearing that you can't drop MSU behind Michigan since the Spartans beat the Wolverines two weeks ago. So how do you make that work? Are you going to drop No. 7 Michigan for beating IU by 22 or No. 6 Cincinnati for winning and staying unbeaten? In the case made by ESPN analyst and former Bama QB Greg McElroy you do neither. You drop MSU from 3 to 5. TWO SPOTS. After an ELEVEN-point loss. To an unranked team. Are you kidding me? Just to make your head-to-head argument work? I get that component, but you also have to treat each week like a mini-season, with teams progressing or regressing. To me, a team that loses a game by double-digits can't be in the top 5 at this point. The Spartans have given up 919 yards passing in the last two weeks to average QBs Cade McNamara of Michigan and Aidan O'Connell of Purdue. Let MSU work its way back into the picture. There will be chances to do so, but if it means putting the Spartans behind U of M right now so be it.
That said, I think the top 4 in tonight's rankings are locked in: 1. Georgia 2. Bama 3. Oregon 4. Ohio State. Then it gets interesting. I have UC and Michigan each moving up one spot to 5 and 6, with unbeaten Oklahoma, idle last week, moving from 8 to 7, followed by Notre Dame. Can't wait to see how things shake out.
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17 hours ago, JL Sargent said:

Nick does that to help their program. It's worth about 10 million to them. :)



The NCAA does that not Nick.  The Uni just agrees to play mainly cause they gotta.  :)


2 hours ago, DizRotus said:

It amazes me that MSU can be 9-1 and ranked in top 10 with such a pitiful pass defense.  They’ at, or near, the bottom of FBS.

 Can I get back to you on that after next Saturday?  :)



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