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College Football 2021


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This Spartan is now all GO BLUE.  I want The Wolverines to beat Iowa in the B1G Championship game and to represent B1G well in CFP.  @rplace  Although, I must admit my motives are somewhat selfish.


Michigan victories boost MSU’s bowl stock, as the school to hand U of M its only loss.  Also, my HOLEP surgery this summer at U of M Hospital (GO BLUE) now makes it easier for this Spartan to GO YELLOW.

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Nice lil read right here...


Don't for a second underestimate the issue of money in the way Lincoln Riley and Brian Kelly jumped to USC and LSU, respectively.
For example, USC reportedly will pay Riley for TWO houses - his current one at $500,000 above its value in Norman, Okla., and a new one in the Los Angeles area up to $6 million. He and his family also will receive the use of a private jet whenever they want. Lastly, even though USC is a private school and does not have to make public its employees salaries, it is believed he will become the new highest-paid coach in college football, at least $12 million a year (it may be as high as $15m per) on a 10-year contract. They also will pay Oklahoma his $4.5 million buyout.
Now to Brian Kelly, who just one week ago said of the possibility of leaving Notre Dame: “No. I mean, look, I think (Steelers coach) Mike Tomlin had the best line, right? Unless that fairy godmother comes by with that $250 million check, my wife would want to take a look at it first. I’d have to run it by her.”
Obviously, after missing out on Riley, LSU became his fairy godmother. And when Kelly ran the 10-year, $95 million contract offer by his wife, she replied, “Honey, I could learn to love Cajun food. Let’s pack!”
These two shocking moves follow Michigan State giving first-year Coach Mel Tucker a $95 million extension and Penn State giving James Franklin an $85 million extension following a 7-5 season.
So, the sounds you hear this morning are the successful college coaches from coast-to-coast calling their agents to tell them to start the re-negotiations of their existing contracts - while university presidents and athletic directors start speed-dialing wealthy boosters demanding they ante up.
The domino effect on this, at least moneywise, is going to be huge.
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49 minutes ago, EmilC said:

Urban Meyer perhaps?

Nope, the word I'm hearing is Luke Fickel from Cincy.  Marcus Freeman was his DC in Cincy but left and went to ND.  Word is Luke & Freeman at ND BUT Freeman is also being considered IF Fickell doesn't leave Cincy.  I know Luke is Catholic so he may just go if that means anything at all.  He turned down MSU and seems happy @ Cincy.  With the transfer portal he could possibly take his players with him to ND.  OK is seeing that happen w/Riley's move to USC.  There are ramifications to that though too.  Riddle me this batman...  OSU opens it's 2022 season with ???.  Yup, Notre Dame!  :)  Remember Fickell is an OSU grad and former interim Head Coach for the Buckeye's.


Also rumored is Brent Venables from Clemson to OK to replace Riley.  What's Dabo gonna do then?  lol  


Allllllll about the money!  Gonna make the NFL look bad sooooo here we go.  Ready for PPV college football sports fans?  That's EXACTLY what ESPN wants coupled w/arm chair betting on your fav teams and games.  They make millions on both.  Thunk down the road.  :) 

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@Dave1291 With all that money floating around I guess you can do things like this:



Jim Harbaugh to give all bonus money to Michigan Wolverines athletic department staffers who had pay cut due to COVID-19


Two things. Harbaugh should still lose his job for reasons on previous pages. Those schools have so much money these days it is criminal to make employees take a 5-10% pay cut for COVID.


@DizRotus Its too late for you to jump on the Michigan bandwagon. That ship has sailed without you, and you are not welcome even in steerage class 😉You grew up there, right? You know how it works.


You stand by your team Western, Eastern, Tech, MSU, UofM, heck even Adrian (assuming they have a football team) after that we are all united in rooting for an OSU loss. Turn in you mitten credentials at the border and go live in Toledo for the coming year until you straighten up....enjoy the stink down there by the refinery or whatever it is.

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