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College Football 2021


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My buddy pretty much sums it up I think.
My takeaways from the first CFP rankings:
With Georgia and Bama filling the top 2 spots, that makes it highly likely the SEC will fill 2 of the 4 playoffs spots if the Tide knocks off the Bulldogs in the SEC Championship Game. And I don't know if we can completely rule out a 2-loss Bama getting in if they lose a close one to No. 1 Georgia in the SEC title game. Would they drop more than 2 spots in the rankings if that were the case? I guess it would depend on what happens behind them.
It would have been criminal if the Big Ten didn't occupy one of the top 4 spots Tuesday. Turns out it was unbeaten Michigan State at No. 3 with Ohio State right on the cusp at No. 5. That's OK. The debate on who deserves to be where will resolve itself when they meet in a couple of weeks in Columbus.
In No. 4 Oregon's case, it was obvious that the committee valued big wins (Ohio State) over bad losses (3-5 Stanford). I don't care that the Ducks were without their OC vs. Stanford. They were without their two best defensive players vs. Ohio State and that didn't stop them. My gut tells me Oregon won't be there at the end ...
.... Which means there is a path for 9-0 Oklahoma to vault into the top 4 from their surprisingly low No. 8 spot. I thought the committee would overlook that the Sooners have had some struggles against inferior competition (mostly on defense; they've scored 40 or more points five times and over 50 three times) because of the dynamic play they've gotten from quarterback Caleb Williams since inserting him into the lineup. But the Sooners should vault No. 7 Michigan (who will lose to OSU yet again), No. 6 UC, either MSU or OSU and No. 4 Oregon (again, gut feeling) if they can beat No. 12 Baylor and No. 11 Oklahoma State and win the Big 12 unscathed.
Cincinnati is in a real bind. They have no statement games left and everybody else in the top 8 has one or two big games to play to state their cases, not including conference championship games. So it's going to be tough for the Bearcats to move up. They need a lot of chaos around them.
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15 hours ago, The Dude said:

I'd be rooting for Michigan St 1st. 


Please don’t.  The Spartans need to take each game one game at a time.   College football players are too quick to believe they deserve unearned praise.


That said, GO GREEN!

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The Purdue Spoilermakers are a big concern.  I expect the Spartans to prevail, but, if they don’t play well, they will lose, and they would deserve to lose.




The Hoosiers vs Wolverines tilt tonight will be interesting.  On paper, the Wolverines have better players.  Unfortunately for Michigan, the games aren’t played on paper. Year after year Michigan fans pound their chests about their highly ranked recruiting classes.  Year after year their coaches squander that talent.

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1 hour ago, DizRotus said:

Year after year Michigan fans pound their chests about their highly ranked recruiting classes.

You know it Neil!  hahahaha  Ya talk the talk ya better be able to walk the walk applies.  Harb's is a different breed though.  lol  The fan base remains throughout the B1G though just like everywhere else.


Buckeyes today?  I look for a win BUT if you look @ Nebraska's record.  The games they lost haven't been by much.  They could get it together for another upset.  Who knows?


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Here we go w/the AP list.


10. Oklahoma State Cowboys 8-1 1072 (11)

9. Michigan Wolverines 8-1 1072 (9)

8. Michigan State Spartans 8-1 1096 (5)

7. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 8-1 1139 (8)

6. Ohio State Buckeyes 8-1 1293 (6)

5. Oregon Ducks 8-1 1319 (7)

4. Oklahoma Sooners 9-0 1406 (4)

3. Alabama Crimson Tide 8-1 1436 (3)

2. Cincinnati Bearcats 9-0 1440 (2)

1. Georgia Bulldogs 9-0 1575, 63 1st (1)

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Penn State vs Michigan this Saturday at NOON?!


Really?! NOON?!


Not worthy of prime time or even 3:30PM?!


Who decides on starting times? The TV networks?


Sure PSU is 5 and 3 but this is a classic matchup.


Schedulers expecting PSU getting blown out?


Now I have to stay over ibn PA  Friday into Saturday for the game






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