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The Speaker Formerly Known As Klipsch

Racer  X

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serious question regarding the whole "not klipsch anymore" thing.  klipsch builds/designs a certain speaker, then it gets changed over time due to better parts or technology,  is the updated version better than the prior version?  usually yes.   ie: Ak2 to AK3 to AK5 or 6 & beyond... exponential horns to tractrix, then tractrix with mumps, forte to F2, F3, F4, etc etc.  but if a guy or 3rd party made or used a horn with mumps before klipsch did it, we would all hear how its wasnt klipsch anymore...     


its a fact there are better components than what is used by klipsch or most any company/product & if a guy updates or upgrades them whether they are caps, horns or drivers, they are criticized or scolded for deviating from the original stock design.  same applies for the car analogies people use,  if i upgrade the stock restrictive exhaust designed to meet emissions & approved budgets on a (insert car make here) it is definitely still that car... only better. 


some like to keep things original or exactly as designed & some like to experiment or improve things, neither one is wrong & most the time the improvement is just that, an improvement over the original design. 



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2 hours ago, geezin' said:

No reason to wander around proving that. Refusing to tolerate brutish behavior is sensible. If you return the favor you're branded as (what does this mean exactly?) butt hurt. So what?

So you've never heard the term butt hurt before?

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On 8/30/2021 at 6:35 PM, Marvel said:

I'm thinking that the forums could go away quite easily.....

This will never happen, because a brand related forum with which the members identify and exchange is one of the most important marketing tools.

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18 minutes ago, MicroMara said:

This will never happen, because a brand related forum with which the members identify and exchange is one of the most important marketing tools.

Have you beed reading Willie? Regardless, digging the pos vibes!



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I thought I would check in with some thoughts on when I need to remove the Klipsch nameplate and refer to my speakers as formerly known as Klipsch.  Perhaps y'all can help or an authority or two will chime in.


0)  Finish or Refinish the cabinets


1)  My cat had it's way with the grille, so I used some other non Klipsch issued grille cloth.  I think it was a different color also.


1.5)  Removed the speaker grilles when I was feeling discoey.  (This may be a moot point as the nameplate is attached to the grille)


2.4)  Added a 2 x 4' as a cheap tilt stand.


3)  A crimped spade lug fell off a 18 ga stranded stock wire, so I used another wire and went bare wire to terminal.


4)  Recapped as an abundance of caution and used caps not JEM.  The options here are bewildering, from Dayton Audio cheapies to uber expensive Duelund Audio.


4.5)  New different crossovers


5)  Braced the cabinet and added a better attached heavier rear panel to the Heresy I.


6)  Stuffed the cabinet full of insulation to enhance the bass response some.


7)  My speakers were shrill with no bass to my ears in my room, so I added L-pads to adjust and balance the voicing.


7.1)  Moved two wires on the crossover transformer taps.


8.  Could no longer stand the funny looking K77 tweeters and went with one of the oft recommended other options.


8.5)  Super Heresys sound cool, so....


-----------------  ? ? ? ? 


9)  The speakers I found had torn woofers and no mid drivers, so used Pyle drivers to replace the woofer and mid horn.


10)  Added a piezo super tweeter


Maybe a line or a points system can be suggested so I can be sure I'm compliant.


Thanks in advance,



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I also own a pair of original Klipsch RF7 MK II cabinets, each with original two 10" Cerametallic mid/bass drivers and the original  KG 701 mid/high driver for the original Tractrix horn. However, the crossover frequency of 1200 Hz is unchanged. Everything else has nothing to do with the original RF7 MK II. I have named them RF7 EvoTec ( Evolution / Technology ) .



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1 minute ago, DizRotus said:

Roy @Chief bonehead would say that any modification makes it something other than Klipsch.  I wonder if putting NGK spark plugs in a Corvette makes it no longer a Chevy.

We have all known that for a long time .. Once he said....." it´s your speaker " not a Klipsch anymore " .....

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