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Open Baffle Speakers

Joe Carter

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On 2/8/2024 at 2:44 PM, rplace said:


I had Khorns for 14+ years with various "improvements" like High-Zoot crossovers, also had Chorus/Heresy/Forte II/Heresy II/La Scala LSI/KG-4/etc.


Once in a very great while I miss the though of my Khorns sweet spot, it passes quickly.


Pure Audio Project is the real deal. You owe it to yourself to give them a listen. I was on the fence with their horn center baffle. I recently passed on a pair on US Audio Mart. Kind of regret it just to see how they might give the "horn thing" along with open baffle. Some day, maybe.


From This:






To This and don't think I'll ever go back to box speakers:




These are with an older set of center baffles/drivers Audio Nirvana. They currently have a set of Voxativ AC-1.6


They work great with HT too! Here you can see the Vox drives (white cones not black)







What are you using to power yours? How is their efficiency?


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OB won't have the thickness or meat on the bone without subs. Also, several businesses are now capitalizing on the open baffle popularity because it used to be such low cost but it's clearly obvious now that the market is being taken advantage of because OB speaker prices are becoming ridiculous and one might as well just go with the Klipsch Heritage at this point if they're gonna spend that much money. As much as I have experimented and use open baffle speakers, my feelings about their exploitation in abusive ways has changed since 2022. It's not a very cost savings option anymore with the inflation of material costs. 

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On 2/10/2024 at 3:53 PM, CWelsh said:

What are you using to power yours? How is their efficiency?


I'm using a FirstWatt J2 to drive the two mid channels and have 2 NCORE Hypex mono blocks, one channel per driver, for the Pure Audio Project proprietary 15" bass speakers. I have no idea about efficiency. I'm sure that can be looked up on-line. They get plenty loud.


Pretty safe bet most speakers/rooms would benefit from a properly set up sub or two. Ported, bass reflex, horn-loaded included.


All the generalized talk about :


On 2/11/2024 at 8:18 AM, Idontknow said:

thickness or meat on the bone




you get into the Blose reflected sound "stuff", stealing focus.




@the real Duke Spinner

The Music was not kix d on that kind of Speaker - Decoder ring needed for most of his/her posts (typical)


I'd be willing to bet they have never heard a pair of Pure Audio Project speakers (Kudos for you @CWelsh for giving them a go at AXPONA 2023). Lumping all Open Baffle speakers into the same bin or ones you heard 25 years ago or slapping a couple of spare drivers on a plywood board and calling it a day is about as closeminded as  you can get. Are the white van box speakers from the 70s/80s the same as a Heresy? Remember all the cupped hand over your mouth, megaphone, honking comments from Klipsch bashers 20+ years ago? Same thing....different day. 

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