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510 on top of the La Scala help dialing this in


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14 minutes ago, Chief bonehead said:

You have a 904 lf and a 904 hf (510 horn, b&c de75/k 691 and bracket?  Hmmm…..let me see. 

I use to..I sold them when I sold my house. Now I have 1978 La Scala that im thinking of adding 510/de75 to . I have a line on buying 510/de75 drivers. I’m wondering what my options are in terms of a crossover that would work with them (passive if possible )…Thanks 


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On 11/6/2022 at 11:07 AM, Islander said:

Also, as Coytee pointed out many years ago, La Scalas make excellent speakers for a guy in university, for a couple of reasons.  First, they're too big to steal, and second, they're stable enough for drunk college girls to dance on them safely.


Of all the things I didn't do right in college, this is definitely one of them.


Dang it...

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Maybe these FleaBay crossovers would work ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/324036039661?hash=item4b720d93ed:g:vacAAOSwebheFapu&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoIF9dqMCsYgYH7aYevU5yncLD%2BLvvUPIJ1kAY%2Fz%2BqcVlrYvYYahme7X0fG4Ik8BVQ%2FJ6qYz4CpaRgWmCHl6tUzIy8BhPU5uSPAF1TytNfcm5c46%2F5J15adQh5t7I7pNa1a8%2BVHwq6fnUYqONUyhR0C0hgoWuhmsfSxC7ghKyY7dQ%2BomTJbn5%2BZ2NuDn%2B%2F3LdOgqjW2ogCGszNqUuNao7fD4%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8L0nvqMYQ 


Add-on. Seems these XO's are for dual horns. If the frequencies overlap you cannot use them ... but if they are "separate," maybe you can combine them :) 


You would still need a lower XO for the LaScalas - get it from (NOT ALLOWED TO MENTION) :) 



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11 minutes ago, Heritage_Head said:

I know next to nothing about active xos. What are the requirements? 

At a minimum you want 2-channels in and 4 channels out.  That will allow you to biamp the two speakers.


This is what I did.


What if however, down the road, you decide you want to add a subwoofer?  You can better dial it in if you have an active...


This is also what I did.


This is when I realized I needed another active so got a second EV-DX38 since I had one and knew how to program it.  


Now I have two units, two plugs and decide after a couple years, I really want to simplify.  ChrisA was reporting good things about a Xilica active crossover.  So having blind faith in his opinions (which are usually good and safe bets to follow)


I bought a 4-in, 8 out Xilica.  Now with one unit, I can do what otherwise had taken me two units.  Save some space, simplicity....  but the values that the DX38 uses do not purely change over so if I recall, I had to do some estimations on what the EV required and how it equated to the format of the Xilica.


Roy, unless it's changed, used at the time (I presume he still uses) the DX-38.  It would be nice if he'd "curve" some actives so they could be literally plug & play.  If you get an EV unit, I've already posted the parameters that you'd use (with the K69a driver).


Once you change drivers, then you're tweaking a bit.  Some have that experience and/or tools handy, I don't so I rely more on plug & play.

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