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Former “Klipsch Lifer?”


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Just now, geoff. said:

Travis, there is great similarity with our shared passion here.


The “DF factor” (restriction) of the lines is critical to the resultant pour. 


I may try splicing polyester capacitors into some of the competitors problematic installs, lol




Teflons are better, LOL 😉


I don't think the conflict is irreconcilable, at least if you consider that one just cannot use it for some certain prior purposes. It would be irreconcilable if it were all about those certain purposes. It's easy to get wrapped up in that, especially one like myself who pretty much arrived where I am today because of those specific purposes. But it is too a fact that nothing stays the same, and he who owns the gold makes the rules, as certain as death and taxes.


The said, the place can and still be good for other approved purposes, it might be a bit before a lot of us adjust to those new realities - some of us in fact have been working on things as a result of these new realities for some time now. There is a such thing as cup half full if we wish to drink from that which IS provided.......or not. So I try to not step in it too much, as much as I am attached to those old concepts there's still another aspect to the place that is still useful, just not on those certain subjects. It WILL take some getting used to for a lot of us.

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On 1/17/2023 at 9:52 AM, DizRotus said:

For more than twenty years I’ve belonged to these Klipsch forums.  I presently own four pairs of Klipsch speakers.  Before and while being a forum member I’ve owned Khorns, Cornwalls, La Scalas, Belles, and innumerable Heresy variants.  


I’ve restored La Scalas and Heresys for the band rooms of a local high school and a local middle school.  Thousands of young musicians have been exposed to the clean low distortion high output sound of Klipsch.  


None of that would have happened without the Klipsch forums. More important, none of it would have happened if the forums then had been like the forums are now.  Apparently, it’s a sacrilege that I refreshed the La Salas’ crossovers with parts that we’re not from Klipsch, or that I modified the bass bins with reinforcement to address a known sidewall flexing issue.  


I met many friends through the forum.  My DIY tapped horn subs were brought to my attention by a post from Carl @CECAA850.  My “Supered” HIPs were modified into existence with the assistance of Claude @ClaudeJ1.  Countless other friendships started here. I sold a Harman Kardon receiver to Bruce @Marvel.  Another member, whose name escapes me but the gratitude remains, sent a Dual turntable to play 78s.  Sadly, many of those members have drifted away from this platform.


I just donated $60 to the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association to pay it forward for the kindness of @billybob, who sent me an equalizer so that I could play 78s.  To the best of my knowledge, Klipsch does not make such equalizers.


I’ve been an ambassador for Klipsch since the 70s .  The forum in the days when the mention of a non-Klipsch product was tolerated was a welcoming place. Unfortunately, that is no longer true.


 I’ve lost track of the number of Klipsch products friends and family have chosen upon my recommendations. Clearly Klipsch can do as it chooses with its forums.  If the mention of things other than Klipsch is precluded, then my interest in following the Klipsch forums is greatly diminished.  The phrase, “biting of your nose to spite your face” comes to mind.


Is Klipsch in danger of losing more business by driving away me and others, or by allowing the mention of things non-Klipsch?  I suggest alienating long term members is more problematic than any perceived “competition” from the mention of non-Klipsch modifications.  Ultimately, it’s up to Roy @Chief bonehead, and others at Klipsch, whether to allow the forum to return to its former collegial atmosphere or to continue on the off-putting parochial path it appears to prefer.


Change is inevitable and usually resisted.  In my opinion, unnecessary changes have made this a less desirable neighborhood.  It does no good to tell me and others that we’re wrong to feel alienated.  Whether or not that is the intention, that is how I feel






Amen. And so it goes, the collapse of every great civilization is first preceded by the collapse of its great institutions.

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7 hours ago, Islander said:

That makes three pairs of speakers that I would have neither heard of nor been motivated to buy without the Forum.  That may be a piddling amount of sales in the big picture, but not to me.  Thanks to the Forum, a member saw my mention that one pair of Heresy IIs wasn’t getting any use, so I might sell them.  A couple of weeks later, he was on his way back to his home farther north on Vancouver Island with his new acquisitions, and a few days later I got a message that he “was in Heaven when I listen to these speakers

Statistically it is insignificant to KGI in terms of sales and profits, it is significant to them that you had a place to come to share your Klipsch story, learn from others, share with others and a multitude of other things others have benefited from your posts. 

That is why they spend the money to host the Forum, a landing place for fans, 

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18 hours ago, Travis In Austin said:


Recently there was a shift away from DIY, mods, clones, “mods” topics to simply technical questions and restoration type topics. For the diehard DIY builders (Klipsch inspired or not) that was going to be upsetting. Some left to DIY audio related forums or other audio forums, which is fine. Many participate in both. What’s surprising is that they think their latest greatest DIY speaker project is of some value to KGI. Or that it fulfills the KGI mission of providing a place for Klipsch fans to meet and exchange ideas. It does neither. 


Some companies ride and enormous success from people buying their products and modifying them (Chevy, Ford, Harley Davidson).  I can understand how it can be annoying for an engineer to hear from some person who has no real skills claiming that they have done better, but that will always happen.  On the flip side, modifiers are probably the biggest following of the Heritage line.  Seems short sighted to just stop it here rather than use it for market advantage.



16 hours ago, Marvel said:



I've been on here more than twenty years and I'm still learning things about Klipsch and Klipsch products. 


This place is a veritable database of info, a lot of which you can't find in the regular Klipsch online presence. Sure things are sometimes labeled incorrectly, given wrong info but there is also help given to folks that they sometimes can't get when they call Klipsch support. We do have goofballs on here as well. A small price to pay. I might be one of them... 


I do like the technical discussions, and even though this seems to have REALLY diminished lately, the answers to other technical questions on this forum (woodworking, fabrication, etc.).  This was always my go to because we had so many skilled people here. 


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7 hours ago, Islander said:

Did the Forum veer so far from its original purpose that it was necessary to eliminate and prohibit any mention of 3rd party components?

It was the 3rd party peddlers who started getting into the speaker business. Some even used Klipsch derived trademarked names for their speaker names. Last year the culture with regard to peddlers became divisive. Remember that word, divisive. It defeats the primary purpose f the Forum, a friendly place for enthusiasts to gather. I am a pretty simple guy, if a peddler is causing factions and divisions, remove the peddler from the equation.

The audacity of Klipsch to consider the peddlers’ involvement, mention, discussions unwelcome on their Forum. It goes back over 20 years. It was just the way it was addressed has changed.

(I’m a stickler about it and handle it proactively. I don’t wait for it to simmer or fester, I nip it. Occasionally I ask for clarification from Chad, Roy, others, but haven’t needed to for 4 or 5’years). 


I have been working on changing the name of Technical to remove “mods”’for 3 years, but Covid hit, etc. So blame me for that transition. When Roy got more active in moderation a couple of years ago he started to see the amount of utter bullshit being tossed. Around that coincided with a dealer complaining about the sound of a 3rd party cap supplier/speaker peddler’s kit changing the sound. That brought back authorized cap kits, and crossover rebuilds. Then the games, a race to post a link to JEM, Dean or a peddler. Like this is a place shill peddlers. I just started deleting the gratuitous peddler posts. Again, blame me. 

I have seen posts on here Re the changes that say it’s Voxx, it’s Corporate, it’s bean counters, it’s Roy. Nope, it’s one guy with a little knowledge of IP, r&d costs and how they need to be amortized for a company to survive, sticking to the primary goal of making this a warm friendly place for enthusiasts simply calling balls and strikes the best he can and passing major calls to

Chad and Roy for feedback 

All that being said, I have always welcomed input. I get 10 to 20’ PMs a week regarding the Forum related to policy,’terms of service, etc. There are about 20 here who will reach out with suggestions, thoughts, impressions or questions on why this or why that. I respond to each and every one. Sometimes the response is they totally agree, sometimes they adamantly disagree, respectfully. Where it’s uncharted territory I always bring in a KGI person so it’s not just my point of view (which I known is heavily biased and so I account for that). Regardless of the outcome, invariably a myth or misconception that is floating in the Forum ether is corrected and/or a note of thanks for responding.


The Forum has been in existence for so long there there is now Forum Folklore that has emerged. You will see one of those folktales corrected in my next post. It’s common and natural for the folklore to develop because 1) we all have cognitive bias, we see what our brains want to see and filter out the rest (this is hardwired into our brains for survival, all we can do is be aware of it and actively seek to minimize it). The other is 2) the historical point in which people enter the Forum (or how far back they can actively recall past events in the Forum. 

So yeah, when 3rd party peddlers started getting into the speaker building business it diverts, substantially, from the original primary purpose. 




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  • Klipsch Employees

Bottom line, if you want to talk about mods and your own “upgrades” then please go somewhere else. There are plenty of other sites. By the way I read the posts on other sites so I see the complaining. 

there should have never been a “modification” section on the forum. Back when a forum was being discussed, I strongly opposed it. Paul W Klipsch was NOT in favor of modding his speakers and I wanted to make sure that a forum bearing his name would not have a “modification” section. 

I know that the forum went ahead with the “modification” section but here recently, this has gotten out of hand. So if you don’t agree with this, sorry. Mods and so called upgrades are not allowed on the klipsch forum anymore. I’m locking the thread and please don’t start other threads on this. 

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