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HH Scott 299C with complete NOS Valves rebuild **SOLD**


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Hi folks not sure if everyone is aware but I have been pretty much forced into retirement or at least semi-retirement. So, for the last few years I have been relegated to just repairing my previous customers' gear I already built and rebuilt. I do have some good news most of my health issues have stabilized except the Knee replacement surgery I'm having done on the 20th of this month. If that goes well once I'm rehabbed, I'm hoping to start taking a limited amount of new vintage rebuild work in again.  But enough about that. 

     With the impending medical costs looming I'm going to be selling a few pieces of gear to try and cover some of the cost. I thought offering them to where it all started at a minor discount would be a nice thing to do, If Klipsch finds this inappropriate please delete or close the thread.

   The 299C I'm offering was my own for the last dozen years. I ran this in my Livingroom until about 6 months ago when the original above chassis high voltage power supply can capacitors decided to finally give it up. I had already rebuilt it with all my tweaks including the above chassis bias test points and controls (except the previously mentioned power supply filter cans). Now I have replaced/upgraded the high voltage power supply filter cans. So, it now has my complete deluxe rebuild. The tubes. All the small signal tubes are vintage USA made in top notch shape, the output tubes are a brand-new set of burned in hand selected matched JJ brand 7591S and the Rectifier is a brand new Sovtek 5AR4. Cosmetically I'd say 7 out of 10 only because the bevel around the face plate has a few blemishes/scratches which the picture always exaggerate. Currently this service would normally cost north of $600 plus the cost of the amplifier, tubes it might need and return shipping. It will be treated warranty-wise as if I just rebuilt it for you. Which is lifetime (My physically able to repair it lifetime). One year free of charge and $75 bench fee after a year. The amplifier should easily operate trouble free for many years. It sounds gorgeous! The perfect match for any Klipsch Heritage and even a few not so hard to drive modern Klipsch. 


$900 plus shipping cost. I think if you check eBay you'll find this is an excellent deal. 


Please email, text or call with any questions craig@nosvalves.com 810-287-6135 






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Well, I have to say the total lack of interest in this has surprised me. Has the Klipsch crowd lost its way? I mean the rule around here used to be Tubes and Klipsch are a match made in heaven. 


    I guess I'll have to raise the price $200 or so take it where I hate selling Fleabay.... I'll give it the rest of today around here before doing so! 

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10 hours ago, NOSValves said:

I have to say the total lack of interest in this has surprised me. Has the Klipsch crowd lost its way?

I tried sweet talking the wife, but it was a no go. I still kick myself for selling my 222c that I purchased from you.


Definitely a great deal for someone. 

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2 hours ago, Deang said:

Linking this ad to my Facebook business page. 



Thanks Dean,


 I have a trade secret to ask you. Who makes those Klipsch authorized caps? Wondering if they make them in tube amp values and voltages. I believe those are Mylar? Are they film and foil or metalized? 

          I understand if you are sworn to secrecy ;)

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  • NOSValves changed the title to HH Scott 299C with complete NOS Valves rebuild **SOLD**
  • 2 weeks later...

Well folks thought I'd drop back by to say I survived the Knee replacement surgery better than I could have hoped for 4 days in and I slid the walker behind the door and I'm using a cane, after all my vanity can only stand so much of that crap LOL! It'll be a couple month ordeal before I'm jogging, ;) but I should be taking on a limited amount of work again before spring! In the meant time I might be posting a couple more pieces for sale to get me over the hump. On e already has a first dibs call out on it (Stereo VRD). But the other will be a pretty nice 299B that I have to put an upgraded power transformer in. Which I need to get to ordering.  


Any way again thanks for all the well wishes it good to see this place hasn't lost its friendly nature! I'll be forced to take lots of breaks when I get back to work so I'll probably start hanging out here again. Did I hear right and Mark Deneen is back in the house? Boy it would be nice to catch up with him, What a great guy!  If any of you remember Mobile Homeless (Kelly Holstien) I still converse with him now and then. Funny how true friends find a way to bury and hatchet! Anyway, I'm rattling on! 


                       Cheers Craig

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Glad to hear you’re doing well Craig. I listen to my 222c every week! If nobody’s reached out on the 299 you’ll be working on, I’d be glad to be in line.

Hope the healing goes quickly! 

Rob McLain



Moderator: I’m not receiving the email message I requested to retrieve my password so I am posting with my work email. I have joined using it as a non-Yahoo account. 


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