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Where are all the photos and impressions of the Heritage hornsubs?


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If I'm correct, the demo weekend of the upcoming Heritage hornsubs line should have taken place by now. Why haven't we seen any topics about it here? Come on, fellow Klipsch lovers. Spill the beans!!.. What were your impressions? Deluge us with photos. I'm extremely curious about what's coming.

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29 minutes ago, babadono said:

pulling out the :pwk_bs: on that one. Seriously no pictures? Somebody is going to steal some info and go to market before Klipsch?...c'mon man, I would be more worried about the Chinese.


I posted pictures in the thread linked by @82 Cornwalls above. 


40 minutes ago, seti said:

If we took any pictures there was a big guy that took our cameras and smashed them to pieces. The bonehead classes are a should have been there events.


I can't wait for it to hit the plan. Roy has a winning recipe of whoopass.


LOL.  I checked with Roy.  He said we could post pictures of the subs.  Just no posting of the "teaser" item.

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2 hours ago, Chief bonehead said:

That’s why it’s called a teaser. Hopefully another bonehead class on this teaser and what it means to Klipsch heritage. 


Oehhhhh... Can I speculate then please?
Can I?.. Can I??


(speculate mode on) I think replaceable tops for the La Scala AL-5 and Khorn that transform them into a two-way system.

Something like what someone did with their La Scalas here in the Netherlands. (speculate mode off) 


Two of these tops, please, if I am correct  😇




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