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Where do YOU work?


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Way to go, Tom!

Presently I live in Lakeland, FL (between Tampa and Orlando), and am a warehouse manager at the local Guitar Center.

Previously I was a staff artist for 17 years with Rubio Artists Company, a small firm subcontracted by Walt Disney World to provide specialty artists to produce silhouette cutout profiles, pastel portraitures, and caricatures for the theme park's guests. During this time I was also a freelance wedding and portrait photographer (a 1989 graduate of the New York Institute of Photography).

Did freelance pipe organ facade designs for Foley-Baker, Inc., a pipe organ servicing firm in Bolton, CT., and for Klug & Schumaker, Inc. (a Lakeland based organ manufacturer, now defunkt).

Spent 6 years in the US Army as a draftsman/graphic illustrator, stationed at Ft. Dix, NJ, Lowry AFB in Denver, assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division at Ft. Hood, TX, and spent nearly 3 years with the 51st Signal Battalion (the oldest, continuously active signal group in the history of the Army) out of Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Was a paper boy for 5 years delivering the nation's oldest newspaper, The Hartford Courant (in East Hartford, CT).

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Good educational thread here. When reading an informative or especially spirited post, I find it useful to know the location and background of the writer. Is anyone cataloging this post for further study? If not, perhaps I'll tackle distilling down the essentials, so keep on posting!


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I'm in the Atlanta, GA area.

I split time (alternating semesters) between studying at Georgia Tech working on a BSME (mechanical engineering) and working my internship/co-op job at Chart Industries in the Bio-Medical department basically as a test engineer of sorts. We build liquid nitrogen freezers used for the cryopreservation of living tissues. By tissues I mean feet, blood, sperm, infectious diseases, etc. or Ted Williams. We build the big storage vessels that hold the ebola virus and all those other nasty things in CDC. I'm also getting pretty decent at Tig welding now 1.gif.

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Live in Seattle (suburbs), Wash.

Systems analyst/programmer on business systems (boring!).

Being here on the forum is FUNNER when I'm supposed to be working...

My company won't lay me off, and I wish they would so I could start MY own company! Dang!


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On 12/7/2004 2:02:21 AM TBrennan wrote:

1stCav---Guitar Center, eh? Have you tried those KRK ST6 monitors you carry? VERY good little speakers. I mean as small direct-radiators go. Very good indeed.


We can't keep 'em in stock! As soon as a delivery of ST6s come in, they're all sold within a matter of days. I've heard them in our Pro Audio Dept. and they're remarkably clear and dynamic!

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