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Where do YOU work?


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The stone carving in on Stone Mt. on the other side of Atlanta. It never was finished, as he went on to do the four presidents in the Dakotas.

We all be different here (and most of the time we get along!)


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On 12/5/2004 4:37:49 PM fini wrote:

Dee, what's up with this??


One of our neighbors in England, Arkansas is so charmed with our little church that he put it up on his web page. This fellow is a real fan of Andy Griffith and it just so happens that Andy's church in Mayberry is: (you guessed it) All Souls Church. Scott is kind of like Mayberry, with MOSQUITOES!

I'm needing to get a website together in 2005 as we'll be celebrating the centennial of the organization of this congregation. Already registered the domain name as allsoulschurch.us no page out there yet, though.

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Hey, Tommy! Con-friggin'-gratulations! You deserve the best!

BTW, how come I wasn't asked to be ring bearer?

Hey, post some pictures of the fete! Or, of your feet (anything...the forum has been so boring lately...)

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On 12/5/2004 3:25:10 AM ricktate wrote:

I work in a plastic film printing company that prints film for coffee,popcorn,chips,,,etc i run a machine called a slitter it cuts wide rolls down to smaller rolls. I live in Belton,MO south of KC,MO got three boys 21/17/17. I also work part time in a bicycle shop..Rick


I can relate, been a slitter too, nothing like having a gem razor in your mouth all the time!

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Tom Adams. Live in Richmond Hill, GA which is a sleepy little community just south of Savannah, GA. My addictions are my wife, my step-daughter, my motorcycles and my audio/video - in that order.

I'm a manufacturing engineer working for the only name in business aviation - Gulfstream Aerospace (check out www.gulfstream.com). Presently working as a project person in new product development with a secondary assignment to a project which will enable us to go "paperless" using iBaset's SOLUMINA software. Been here for 20 years now.

Hey dtel - I know where Picayune,Ms is. My parents live in Pass Christian which is where I pretty much grew up. Went to St. Stanislaus. My mom is from Delisle and has a few relatives up your way. I dated a girl from Picayune once and the thought of it just sent a chill up my spine and made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. But that's another story for another time. LOL....small world.


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Stating the very obvious: We Ain't Got No Dummies Here.

I am amazed at the number of Military, Retired Military - Thank You All for your Service.

Dee, That is a Church That not not only looks inviting, but is if I had children, what I would love to see my Daughter come out from with her new Husband.

I am also glad to see the number of very qualified Computer and Software Specialists and others in advanced positions.

If T2K was serious about being a tomato Picker, we in the North East thank you.

This thread is proof that intelligent, informed people choose and buy Klipsch.

But in one way or another it sounds like what line of work each has stated they are in affects us all and a number keepings us safe.

Thank You All,


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Live just outside of Aitkin, MN., site of the only stop light in the whole county. Work in Crosskale, MN., a 33 mile one way commute which can be done in 30 minutes if need be, but usually is 40. Both about 2 hours north of Minneapolis/St Paul. Only congestion we have are the deer/coons/etc crossing the road, or snow, of which we had 2 inches last night and still coming down. This AM took me almost 50 minutes, none of the roads had been plowed yet and my vehicle really isn't what you'd call a snow car, nor does it have the tires for it. However, I will be mounting the 4 snows I have had sitting here for a week before I try and make the trek home tonight.

I own a 9 bay car and light truck repair shop, in our 6th year of business. Nice to be able to take time off when the work load allows, but the employee/business management/customer relations end of it easily offsets that small pleasure. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade it, just had a bad streak the last week or two. Sure it will get back to normal soon though.

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I am a Rocket Scientist. Really, NASA contractor at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. Currently working structural dynamics issues on Expendable Launch Vehicles. At my last job I worked on gas turbine engines for aircraft, helocopters, marine and industrial applications before they sent my job to India, and me to the house.

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