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Where do YOU work?


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ADDRESS: Willmar, Minnesota

OBJECTIVE: To spend the money my wife makes on creating the ideal Home Theater and Entertainment House (for my kids of course.)


2003- present. Caring for 1.5 yr old twins boy and girl and 4 yr old boy.

97-03. Agronomist, Certified Crop Advisor, Agricultural Sales. Herbicide Fertilizer, Seed, etc...

93-02 in the Army National Guard.


RB-75's x 3, RC-35, RB-25 x 2, RW - 12

Stay at home dad is tough work. But Finding Nemo has never looked and sounded soooo.. good. Keep em Coming Pixar.

Other fringe benefits include checking out the soccer moms, OOPs I mean Hockey moms . I forget I live in Minnesota too much time in the HT.


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Well, it seems I am a little late to the party but I work for "a major aircraft maker" in the U.S. who has plants in all over the U.S.A. and the world. I am a tooling inspector and my tollerance is +,- 0.007" most of the time but sometimes it is half of that. I am an ex army serviceman and a part time blacksmith and blacksmith instructor. I live in Riverside Ca and work in Long Beach ca and commute the 60 miles between each and every day.

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Reside in Elkton, MD. Retired two years from MD Division of Parole & Probation (music helped me maintain some of my sanity). For the past year I've been working at Wal-Mart in the electronics (at least that's what they call it) dept. It's a mile from my house (trying to keep life simple). I keep hoping that someday soon a Circuit City or an even more up-scale a/v store will locate closer to my home so that I can work with better quality toys. I haven't been the same since the Fab Four landed on our shores many years ago and yes music is still helping me maintain the rest of my sanity.9.gif

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Let's see...


Door-to-door strawberry salesman

Chicken wrangler

Tobacco cutter, spearer, and hanger


Air Traffic Control Radar Technician (USAF - Ramstein AB)

Navigational Aids and Communications Management Officer (ditto)

Haberdasher (again)

Production Expeditor - AC/DC Electronics


Imported Car Parts Salesman (Beck/Arnley dealer, Santa Cruz, CA)

Racecar Crew Chief

Teaching Assistant - Environmental Studies - UCSC

Veterans Affairs Advisor - UCSC

Pre-Legal Advisor - UCSC

Assistant Director - Vorpal Art Gallery, San Francisco

Two Term Past President of the Redwood Region of the Porsche Club of America

And, for the past 22 years - Attorney.

My specialty is civil appeals, but ambulance chasing pays the bills - that's where the Porsche comes in handy :)

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, but moved to California in '72 (I'm now considered a native). Currently living in Wine Country - Sonoma County, California.

As we say here, "Sonoma is for wine - Napa is for auto parts."


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I work at Gemini, we make sign letters out of just about any material imaginable, but my job is designing and editing the customer's sign, then I operate high powered lasers which cut the job out of acrylic "plexi-glass". You should see the Klipsch logo signs i have made for my room!!! As well as some signs for DTS, THX, and Dolby Digital. Ill eventually post pics.

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I am a computer tech for the #2 high school district in CA. My home school is now the #5 school in the state. I also run the sound system for the newly built theater on campus, & am in the process of building sound systems for the rest of the school, of course using all Klipsch speakers!

Before that, I spent 12 years as a mechanic at different Ford dealers specializing in computer control & fuel injection. After I hurt my back, I was teaching auto technology for about 4 years.

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I'm an audiologist, I own my own practice in southern New Jersey.

Father of 13 year old twins, husband to a still-sexy woman.

I do photography as a serious hobby, but I refuse to go pro in spite of the urging of friends. I feel that the best way to ruin a hobby is to turn it into a job.

I also enjoy amassing and listening to rare music (bootlegs), especially since they're easy to grab for free off the internet in lossless formats. I also really dig listening to surround-sound SACD's and DVD-Audio, tho there's not many titles left I want to hear, and the format seems to be dying off. Sigh.

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EARDOC! any advice for us lovers of tunes at moderate-to-high volumes? Yes we already know to turn it down a bit and wear EAR hearing protectors when operating lawn and shop tools. But what else should we do to insure years of good hearing?

Thanks and welcome to the Forum!


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