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Where do YOU work?


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On 12/3/2004 5:46:51 PM DeanG wrote:

I'm in Kettering, Ohio -- I'm a Network Design Engineer (Cisco). Presently working out a plan to have popbumper assassinated so I can continue pimping my lame work unmolested.9.gif

Dean, leave popbumper alone. He is a customer of mine.

Russellville, Arkansas

Retired, now. Have done most everything at least once. Last job was as a test engineer with Raytheon. Heck, I have even worked at the so called "area 51". Don't tell anyone.

Bob Crites

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I'm a full-time forum member and part-time bank vice president (Strategic Planning) from Maryland. Live just south of Baltimore but commute to Bethesda (20 miles, 1 1/2 to 2 hours each way14.gif). I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. Maybe retire.

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On 12/3/2004 9:03:46 PM DeanG wrote:

2 hours to go 20 miles? Have you considered commuting via horseback?


I've been doing it for 18 years! Listened to about 500 books on tape, about a million CDs, about 400 different talk show hosts. You name it.

BTW Dean - Just finished the Dark Tower series. #7, "The Dark Tower" was the last. Took me 1 week of commuting to get through the 24 CDs. Which book are you on?

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Well, it looks like I'm the only one. I'm in the Air Force. I'm currently stationed in Tucson, AZ, at Davis Tucson Air Base. Everyone that responded to this post is an engineer, or owns a business of some sort, so it makes me feel good knowing that serving our country bought me my system!!

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Born and raised in Louisiana now live in Picayune,Ms. Wife and i own and run a landscaping company,about 12 years now. One thing about having your own company is the more free time you have the less money you make. But after working alot of hours at different jobs before doing what i really wanted to the free time to do what we want is PRICELESS !!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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I was raised on a farm in SW Missouri. Dad kind of had his heart set on me taking over the family farm, and it WAS a good life, but my heart wasn't really in it (And believe me, if you're gonna farm, your heart needs to be in it!) Anyway, I farmed till I was about thirty or so, then after getting married, I kinda started getting out of it. By thirty-five, I had taken a job in a nearby 3M plant, sold my land, cattle and equipment, and moved to town. And I've pretty much never looked back.

I've now got three kids, ages 6, 9 and 11; a great wife, and a nice peaceful life. We'll never be rich, but we have enough. (Well, except for my audiophile cravings, which are NEVER satisfied!) We're in Nevada, Missouri (100 miles S. of KC).

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I am in High River Alberta Canada.

I am oldish and have had several careers:

I hold a Master of Social Work degree and my career progression since graduation will therefore seem reasonable to most in the Social Services area:

1.) Child Protection Worker

2.) Mental Health Therapist

3.) Community Mental Health Therapist

4.) Child Mental Health Therapist

5.) Community Mental Health Therapist

6.) Car Salesman

In the last phase of my career as a Mental Health Ttherapist I came under the control of She Who Must Control All Things In All Times for a few years

( yr.one evaluation ...This man could walk from Ireland to Honolulu without getting his shoes wet...yr.two evaluation... Good worker but all too often fails to understand the needs of our agency and our clients....yr.3 Must be supervised closely when using toilet paper)

6.) Wound up in therapy..Insomnia,digestive issues...Fantasies of particularly gruesome lingering death for She Who etc.)

6a.) Applied to agency for funding to get therapy. Supervisor called me into a private meeting and informed me that "The only one who will be damaged by seeking therapy is you!"

6b.) Agency conferred with She Who etc.

6c.) Agency replied that they were pleased to see that I could recognise that I had a problem but that any costs would be referrred back to me or Workmans Compensation

7.) My therapist confirmed I was OK and affirmed my view that my supervisor was a menace ( He knew of her and asked What the Fook is she doing supervising You!! ?) He recommended that for the sake of MY Mental Health I needed to look elsewhere because she was a long standing darling in my agency and would not be leaving any time soon and had a history of driving other therapists completely up the wall. ( The agency shortly thereafter fired her for insubordination ( That was a codeword a that agency for incompetence )

8.) Bought a second hand store and ran it for several years.... Lost my ***!

9.) Went back into Psychiatric Social Work for a time but it didn't work out as the climate had changed over the years and here in Alberta at least the Psychiatric profession had reasserted its Paternity and only Psychiatric Nurses and Psychiatrists and to some degree Psychologists were really welcome.Psychiatric Social Workers regardless of their track records were relegated to the role of arranging transportation,housing,employment etc.These are all legitimate functions but ignore the capability of specially trained social workers to work as psychotherapists. In any event I managed to PO one of the head nurses at the psychiatric facility where I worked and was fired. There were numerous reasons presented but the proximate cause was that I didn't know my place as a Social Worker.

10). Sold cars for a while ( Not good at it ) and then went back to school for formal training as a computer technician. I now spend my days servicing and installing computers and printers.

My wife hopes I will continue at this for another 4 to 5 years. I hope the cutbacks will catch up with me soon so I can have a legitimate excuse to collect a severance and EI and put my feet up for a couple of years before I go TU. 9.gif

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Hey Dean:

I just wanted to let you know that I have already paid Bob - he sent me an email today stating payment had been received.

Wow - to go from being virtually unknown to having an assassination plot being drawn against me within a week's time....don't know whether to feel important or skeered.....

Ummm...do I need to order some parts from you soon, so you, uh, >feel better< ???? I pay quickly.....just ask Bob 9.gif

Popbumper (who has NO intention of "molesting others efforts")6.gif

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