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Where do YOU work?


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Mine is self-explanatory heh. Just a student here, in New York City.

Hoping to get a position at the NYU free clinic over the summer (in addition to a research post... yeah I know - I have no life).

In the end, I am leaning towards specializing in Infectious Diseases. After all, someone's gotta cure AIDS, heh.

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Im Chris from Birmingham, Alabama. I'm auditor for Deloitte & Touche LLP which is a public accouting firm. I bought my first Klipsches on December 27 1994 and the collection has grown ever-since. Im living in a apartment right now and hate it because i have to treat my klipsches gently. anyone else from bham, drop me a line.

thanks everybody

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On 12/3/2004 7:15:12 PM Hallwalker wrote:

I work in Holt Michigan , I am a full time classic Corvette & Muscle car restorer www.holtautosales.com


You've probably been in my neck o' the woods, Bowling Green, Kentucky... where those lovely corvettes are currently being made.

Over the years I've been

Rock and Roll musician

Guitar instructor

Martial Arts instructor

Small engine mechanic

Automobile mechanic (automatic transmissions, mostly)

Piano teacher


Choir Director/Cantor

Country (pop) musician

currently, to make $$, I

teach taiji

own rental properties

direct the music program at the Unitarian Universalist Church

manage the textbook department at Western Kentucky University

play weddings, funerals and the occasional bar gig (sometimes they are one and the same, honestly)



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I work in a plastic film printing company that prints film for coffee,popcorn,chips,,,etc i run a machine called a slitter it cuts wide rolls down to smaller rolls. I live in Belton,MO south of KC,MO got three boys 21/17/17. I also work part time in a bicycle shop..Rick

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Retired Air Force NCO now an IT specialist working for public school system in Jacksonville, Florida.

Yes, it went down to the 40s last night and the spouse is freezing.

I don't think she would have liked it when I was stationed in Nebraska, I remember 45 below wind chills. First time I ever sat in my car to go to work and the cushy leather seats felt like I was sitting on a 2 x 4.


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Spend 14 years in the Navy, 10 of those years on subs and approximately 6 years under water. After 14 years was discharged with a broken neck, literately. Now I work for Intel working on the Lithography equipment and training.

What I like about my job, I get to go home every night and sleep in my own bed 9.gif

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I know a lot of you can't post pics of where you work, but this is part of my workplace.

It was originally a hotel, built in the 1930s on top of Lookout Mountain. This pic was taken in the late '40s. The building houses administration and dorm rooms, the dining facilites and bookstore. There are a lot more buildings there now. It is being refurbished to bring back some of the gloss of its earlier years.



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Marvel, VERY cool building and photo. Lookout Mountain Georgia is a spectacular geologic formation and the confederate carving a wonderful piece of art. We visited there when I was in Boy Scouts (who would believe that).

It's a very eclectic, intellectual group here, no matter what your occupation. That's what makes this such an interesting Forum. Stay tuned for more philosophy and madness.


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