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Where do YOU work?


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Good response Picky. An other way is to apprentice, like Grandpa said "learn on someone elses dime". Get the advantage of someone who has made the mistakes, have a mentor, learn what they don't teach in school.

Of course I can't imagine running my photography BUSINESS without a Business degree from IU. The artistic stuff came from Dad, seminars, and my early mentor. Ok, you need all of the above to really make it.


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I am a soil relocation engineer. I am also a multi lawnmower operatoring engineer as well. Ok ok, I work at a golf course. I move and lay grass(sod) and dirt. I have done a little bit of landscaping. But during the summer my main jobs are taking care of sand bunkers which includes raking the sand, edgeing and weeding around them. I also cut surrounds which is the outside hills of the greens and tees. I also cut the tees, collers, approches and around tress and mulch leaves in the fall. About a month ago I did some aerating and seeding to all aproches and tees. I have done some cutting to greens. As much as I hate this, weed eating. I have done some work to the irrgation system. Thats about it.


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Born, raised and Live in Rochester, NY Married, for now, no children

Roadie started at 15 years old


Sound Tech

Sound Engineer

Recording Engineer: Live and Studio

Trained 3 years as Chef

Assembly, Set Up at Eastman Kodak

Process Server: Subpoenas, Summonses, Complaints, legal papers

Coordinator: Police And Citizens - Together Against Crime (PAC-TAC)

Various Units Local PD

Western NY liason for Victims Assistance

Public Relations Chair: International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners, Finger Lakes Area Crime Prevention Practioners Association

Board Member: New York State Crime Prevention Practitioners Association

Certified Crime Prevention Specialist

For a few years an American with The Crime Prevention Association of Canada

A number of these are volunteer positions.

A few other things relating to Audio and also Crime Analysis.

Originally , my desire was to be an English Instructor. Number of people claiming status as candidates for teaching, made me re-think. Business Adminstration, specializing in Personnel with a Minor in Marketing. Also Criminal Justice. High experience in Civil Law due to being a Process Server.

A lot of what I do in Sound is in tribute to my Parents. Also can paint a room, ceiling and walls without spilling a drop.

Now Medical Retirement, with some sound work, Custom Audio and Crime Prevention through Crime Analysis, tossed in here and there.


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40 degrees! That must be nice. On my way to work this morning it was 33, and we haven't even started to get into the "cold" season yet! Wait until about January 15th, ah Picky? Now that'll be cold!

Yet I do envy your view! I'm currently in the back of the office... with no windows. 8.gif

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Live in Richardson, Texas (suburb of Dallas);

Work as a Test Engineer at a small electronics firm (60 people) - just left a stint of 9 years at Texas Instruments, and it has been a GOOD move!

I also have a "side job" of repairing vintage pinball machine circuit boards; you'd be surprised how big of an interest there is in the arcade hobby, so it's like having two jobs. I'd do it full time if it paid enough, but hey, then it would not be a hobby!!

Multi-platform configurable Klipsch crossovers in the works.....


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On 12/3/2004 6:16:10 PM Jon Anderson wrote:

Portland, Oregon - Financial Reporting Manager for world's largest non-bank ATM provider.


We are neighbors! I live in Forest Grove, Oregon. I'm a Paint Supervisor for Panasonic.

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See my sig line as to where I am at.

I am a software engineer, and had been at my current position for nearly 12 years now.

Image of myself standing aboard one of the cool toys (DDG-79 Oscar-Austin) I sometimes get to play with (and check out that mullet I had then 6.gif )


And yes, that is the USS Enterprise in the background.

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Washington, DC suburbs-Virginia-painting contractor-reverse Peter Principal-started my working career as a congressional aide and gradually worked my way down to paint brush drone.

PS Dean, I don't know what they've been putting in your oatmeal lately but you are turning into one funny dude.

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