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What musician did you grow tired of quick?

Audio Flynn

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That you initially thought was pretty cool. And then felt deceived.

For me it was Tracy Chapman.

She started off sounding cool and then the more I listened to her she just became so depressing I felt like I needed to shoot heroin or someting.


Pablo Cruise

Atlanta Rythym Section


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Dave Douglas.

First one I bought was this and I was mightily impressed:


But by the time this one rolled around I my interest was starting to wane:


Caught him live at the Jazz Bakey earlier this year and he left me luke-warm at best. I KNOW I am SUPPOSED to like him (know what I mean?), but I just don't seem to be able to get there. I dunno. He sure can blow the SH!T out of his horn, though.

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On 12/10/2004 11:40:54 AM picky wrote:

Guitarists, Joe Satriani & Tom Scholz (Boston)

Also: Mike Oldfield, Thomas Dolby & Alan Parsons


Joe Satriani? oh well,to each their own.I been listening to Joe for 15 years,while everything he ever done is not the ultimate his good stuff(majority) remains very good,imo only.

Dave Mathews,I really thought it was ok,for about 15 minutes.

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On 12/10/2004 10:17:22 AM garymd wrote:

Norah Jones/Diana Krall.


I can understand Norah Jones but Diana Krall? Gary! Gary! Do have "Stepping Out"?

For me it was Kenny G. I heard about him, bought a CD but never made it through the entire track list. Later, after joining the Forum and hearing what Allan Songer had to say about him, I ran over it with the John Deere and threw the pieces in the trash.

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