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Where did the love go?


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After seeing this post I've gone back to some of mine in the subwoofer section and I've come to the conclusion that I might have gotten my point across in a more positive way. In fact, I think that I might have been stoking the fire. That was not my intent. I was only hoping to point out the need to be up front with what was being posted. Who the hell am I to annoint myself BB police?

I want to apologize to the BB for what I posted.

The sarcasm was not needed and I'll keep that in mind in the future. I'm new to this whole BB thing and sometimes don't realize how things come across.


Primary System:

Main KG-4

Center KV-3

Rear RS-3

Yamaha HTR-5250

Sony DVP-S560D

Panasonic PV-9664

Sony DBS system


Main KG-3

Sony STR-AV920

Pioneer PD-4351

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I am certainly not an old timer but somwhere in the middle. I have noticed things getting past chippy to the point of being personal.

Personnally I am never going to be in the financial postion to buy Krell, Wadia, Mark Levinson or anything along that caliber of spending $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 per component. If I was I would buy a house on a lake in northern Michigan, retire early, and fish and hunt every day.

The people that buy really expensive gear used to be intimidating to me years ago. The blessings I enjoy in my life have very little to do with money. I try too get 80 % of the way to the sound quality at 20 % of the price of "high end"; the research to acheive this makes it a great hobby. Information off of this site gives me great ideas every week to consider. I will post a "2 Channel" review of my Sherwood Newcastle separates I just bough as demo closeouts on that thread.

The best music has very little to do with the gear. The most awsome sound is when my frisky wife loads a jazz CD into the $ 100 Phillips CD clock radio in the bedroom; nothing sweeter than that music regardless of the artist.

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so true flynn. a big problem is some guys use their equipment as an extension of their you-know-whats.

if someone questions their "extensions" they get overly

sensative. maybe we need a list of forum golden rules like: just because someone thinks their equipment is better does not mean yours is a piece of crap.


go forth & hump the world

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For the amount of people on this board..(it has grown a BUNCH!)....It's not too shabby! So many willing to offer help or advice here. Definitely one of the better bulletin boards out there without a doubt.

Thanks to all..........and, well said there Ross!

Take care

Mike (The Yamaha Underdog)

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Well I hear you all,TheEAR(s) is a vicious poster who has no business on the Klipsch BB.

I have to say I will tone down the "attacks" on TVodquote(where did I attack him? please remind me).

I always said SVS Ultras are great subs,since I heard a pair.The SVS Ultra are true High-End subs.Did I ever said they were NOT great or sub par?

So I dont have anything personal against TV from SVS,to your surprise I may end up owning a pair of SVS Ultra subs.There is no hate in my posts,just a bit of clownish sarcasm.Read most of my posts,I dont spit on SVS(never have,and will not start doing so).

I own Klipsch speakers(many Klipsch speakers in fact)and like the Klipsch sound.Why would I buy Klipsch if I did not like what Klipsch makes?

The Promedia line is simply not my cup of tea,while great for DVD and games there are better(to my ears)PC speakers out there.

Some seem to turn red when Dynaudio comes up?Why?

I Am a Klipshman and Dynaudioman,I like both brands.The Dynes outperform many High-End speakers and are also a good value.As for Krell,I admire the quality of their amps,the MRS sub is overpriced and I said before I would not buy it(even if I win the lottery).

From now on I will tone down the colors,I know sometimes when I read myself its a bit...HARSH.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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I too am in the daily habit, for I love the repartee as much as any verbal swordsman. But when insults and name calling surface, then the line has been crossed and civil conversation degrades to shameless flaming.

Lines have been crossed in this country of my home, and tensions run high. Let us not degrade ourselves in so peaceable a forum and only cross lines for retribution that is legally and justifiably deserved.


horns & subs; lights out & tubes glowing

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Must be a guardian angel protecting me somewhere cos I always miss these alleged flame wars.

This is the politest BB I have ever been on and I for one intend to stick around.

In fact at some point in the recent passed I quietly slipped from newbie to member without even noticing.

Any of you guys ever visit AR? If you think its rough here I would avoid it - blood everywhere!!!

in the meantime I'll be a postin' whenever I can contribute something.

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Just one additional voice from a 'Klipschless' section of the universe:

Like many other poeple I have a look at what's going on here almost every day. What attracted me in the first place was/ still is the vast amount of expertise when it comes to the reproduction of music. Where else do you get help when it comes to blown tweeters, matching amps, various subs, pros and cons of expensive cables, excellent CDs etc? What I also enjoyed was the fact that you 'met' people who didn't seem to need a ludicrously expensive amp to enjoy the thrill of music. Now there is nothing wrong with expensive gear (and expensive is a very subjective term anyway), but I for once have not yet come accross a piece of very upmarket equipment which has given me the thrill of the first song I have ever encountered via a La Scala. Well, but I am about to lose track...

Living in a part of the world in which the name Klipsch does not generate a very favourable feedback, I am very glad to have come across a group of people who share my enthusiasm for Klipsch and music. I would certainly find it a pity if the defense of certain brands became more important than all the useful information of how to get the most out of your Klipsch gear. Had it not been for this board I wouldn't have discovered the wonderful sounds (and looksBiggrin.gif) of Diana Krall, Holly Cole etc., the usefulness of rope caulk and, best of all, the smashing engineering of Al Klappenberger. So let's discuss other brands too (and why not Krell; SVS - what are the latest on a powered Ultra?Biggrin.gif -; ML) but the main issue for me remains the glory of the Klipsch sound.


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I like the BB, almost as much as i like my Klipsch, were all good people, just caint be to houmorous!

I think its great, that we help each other spend money!


Ive found an academy, at a really great price, also the chatting on the BB, influenced me to buy another set of cornwalls!

Get into digital theater, ETC!

I just got out of a high bid on e-bay, if i had won the bid, i was ganna have to drive 1,100 miles one way to get the speakers! WOW

Also, im still going to ALK these cornwalls, next year!

Im in the search for K-horns, and am really not sure why?

Prabably just to have them, they are on the borderline of the wife factor, so if i get some, ill more than likely have to be done, so i think ill wait a while!

Well, have to go to work soon, enjoy, and have fun!

Regards Jim

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I am in agreement with Ross, or at least can appreciate the worry.

For the most part, the forum has been a civil exchange of information on technical aspects of Klipsch speakers and surrounding areas of music and technology.

This has been done with civil language; predominent in the past.

However, we are occasionally visited by those using sarcasm and vulgarisms. Also, diatribe as a substitute for organized thought.

While the thoughts trying to be expressed may have merit in their own right, the mode of writing is indeed crude. By its nature, counter productive in communication.

It is somewhat like "shock radio". The shock gets attention; as does bad language on the playground. It is empty of wisdom. Concise, articulate insights get attention - - in the schoolroom; and worthy of study. But they are not the same in the long range attention they deserve.


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Yes I have had disagreements here on this BBS. I have tried to post my views and have been taken to task about it. I have defended my views, and I believe some users have found that offensive.

I will keep posting because I know I'm right!cwm4.gif

I have found much wisdom here. I have found some eccentricity here (this is a good thig). I hope the newer speakers will spawn modification ideas like the old ones have. I hope to offer my views and have them taken seriously (but not in a tone of anger).

Overall, I have not found the Klipsch BBS to be filled with anger like some would believe. The occaisional blowout is not unheard of, but most users are well intentioned. Most users here are capable of forgiveness.

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I did see most of this in the pro media section!!

Now that you guys got my attention, i even e mailed amy requesting dicontinueing the 5.1, because the quality was embarssing!

I can see there point, in some cases, and the problems, make the people not as nice!

Now, in all reality, beside the B-M statement, i do watch what i post very closely, its really easy on the internet, not knowing anyone face to face, to just say anything you want!

Some things ive said, and talked about, i more than likely wouldnt do it in person!

I know who the good people are!

You know what, ill say this honestly!

After 2 months, WHY

is there still such a great deal of complaints about the pro media 5.1s?

I wonder, but thats ok, i dont have them!

But thats the only place ive seen unhappy posts!

Well, im happy here, i like my hobby, and stay out of most situations!

Right now im more worried about the world, and the future of my children, does my daughter have a future?

Does my unborn have a future?

Am i bringing children into a world i wouldnt want to live in?

There are a lot more serious things for me to think about, most of the time, i come here to get away from my everyday thoughts,!

If i am one of the problems, if you tell me, ill find another hobby!

Simple as that, no problem, but thats how i am!

I wish the taliban would say the same thing, are we the problem, if so tell us and we will disentergrate into another world!

I personally think the problems have just now started.

But living in paranoia, also is not the right thing!

Well, ive posted here 3 times, its time to let this one go, ill see you guys on my cornwall hotwired, and other posts!

Long live US

and Klipsch Regards Jim


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It's good to see some thought provoking insight (and humor) as to what's happening lately on our BB. Thanks to my friend Ross for starting this thread. I tend to agree that with the membership surge here in the last year, we are just getting a more representative snapshot of a wider scope of the general population.

Even with some heated threads going (BobG and I had to step in on two recently), a post to bring everyone "back to earth" seemed to calm things down. I look at the few obnoxious posters lately I have seen as "attention cravers" (none of them have posted in this thread yet). Simply ignoring them TOTALLY will make them go to some other board that will argue with them. Try this if it happens again, I think you'll be surprised. As a matter of fact, I haven't seen any of these cravers lately at all.

I want to apologize for myself, BobG and JimG not being here as much as before lately. Bob and I just discussed this and each vowed to spend more time here. No excuses, we've just been busy around here plus I just got back from an involuntarary extended nightmare vacation in the Baja peninsula dealing with a Level 4 hurricane (hey, I'm writing a book!). I'm off to Mexico again tomorrow, this time to train and hopefully will have a more peaceful and productive trip. I'll be back on here next week. I'm sure Bob will too when he gets back the same time. As for Jim, well, the last time I saw him he just kept muttering "subwoofers,subwoofers,subwoofers" to himself. I just left him alone, but when the RSW subs do hit the market, I'm sure he'll be back on.

I am still pleased to report that we have not had to DELETE any threads due to harassment (something that can't be said at all forums). Hey, we're all just plain passionate about certain things, whether it be audio or this country we love. Continue the passion...just don't go overboard, and for those that do and can't take a hint, IGNORE them and let them move on. See you all next week....


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I believe Phil has uttered the golden word, "passionate".As long as people have an 'intense' love of anything,be it God,Country or Klipsch,then you'll find disagreement.We've unfortunately seen examples of all of these lately.

Although I haven't read the sub thread that many have mentioned here I have seen,and been part of,some of the personal attacks here.I blame my ire on my passion for audio.I apologize for subjecting all of you to any of my negative posts.I hope all of you are reading this.

I believe a friendly disagreement is healthy.A person tends to learn when subjected to varying opinions.I think we can all agree that everyone has the right to disagree.You have that 'right' right now.

At those times when I feel the anger building because of something that I've read that I disagree with I stop

reading and get up and listen to track #16 of my "EAGLES/hell freezes over" DVD.It seems to help.


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