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Poll: Is Parrot a smart ass?


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It's amazing how one little tweetie bird can cause so much angst in people. [:)]

What are you talking about, Rick? Oh, yeah. That dead horse...

I think you must look at the word differently. Is Parrot *** SMART as he believes himself to be? Hmm...at least he does have klipsch speakers and tube amps.

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Naw...Parrot's smart, but he's not a smart ***. I get a kick out of his SET-bashin' posts, which can make him an ***...other than that, he's an A-okay sort of guy I'd like to meet someday.

Now, THIS is a smart ***...[mo]

wow look at the size if the North Anatolian fault line I had no idea of the scope of that thing!!

Happy holidays

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I happen to enjoy Parrot's posts. I get a lot of entertainment from them in my otherwise boring life. If you don't like what the Parrot types, you have the option to simply ignore it. We're all grown ups around here. OK, so most of us are anyway. As some of you repeatedly point out, this is a free society and everyone is entitled to their opinions, the Parrot included. Those that are overly serious/sensitive relative to what certain monikers type into public forums really should get a life. My 2 cents.

I agree 100%.

Da' Bird's pretty funny, and his posts certainly add some levity around here.

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