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Poll: Is Parrot a smart ass?


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Parrot is definitely an a$$! But a "smart" ***? Hmmm.

In reallity, Parrot does not exist and so is Julie Heart Klipsch.

As I understand this is a smart *** thread; Do you mean that Parrot does not exist and therefore is Julie Heart Klipsch, or that Parrot does not exist and therefore Julie Heart Klipsch does? [:S]

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I happen to enjoy Parrot's posts. I get a

lot of entertainment from them in my otherwise boring life. If you

don't like what the Parrot types, you have the option to

simply ignore it. We're all grown ups around here. OK, so most of us

are anyway. As some of you repeatedly point out, this is a free society

and everyone is entitled to their oipinions, the Parrot included. Those

that are overly serious/sensitive to what monikers type into

public forums really should get a life. My 2 cents.

Very well put PIR.

I second the motion...

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how's the poll comin'?

Looks good but I made a mistake on my vote and can't seem to change it.


Right. Once you vote, it is irrevocable.

However, Julie Heart Klipsch can cancel out your vote. I am sure she does not think you are a smart ***. She just thinks you are smart.

I find it comforting to know that there is at least one decent person like her on the forum.

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I don't know about the smart or *** parts, but he had my vote for the central character in that Gilligan's Island thread. Imagine Amy as the Skipper (I know that's difficult but go with it) smacking him over the head with her hat.

Hey, I took that picture and I don't remember the trees or the hat [;)] (nice Photoshop job BTW).

Some folks take Paul too seriously. He certainly has a talent for pushing the right buttons! I enjoy most of his posts.

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Paul has his moments. Generally he is well informed, witty and helpful . . . . but sometimes he tends to be condescending . . . or outright insulting. Most perplexing, and no doubt what gives rise to the strong viscereal reactions, is that on occasion it seems that he suddenly has an evil twin . . . . or else not enough medication, or perhaps a bit too much alcohol. It is those times where he seems a bit acerbic in his baiting.

I do not know Paul on an individual basis, but I suspect he, like the rest of us, has his good days and his not-so-good days. We all seem to react differently to stress, and we all seek different outlets for that stress and our related frustrations. The keyboard is merely a tool, and how we use it determines the end product.

I do not know why this thread was started, but hopefully it was not done maliciously;None of us deserve that.

Paul, Merry Christmas.

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