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Members Weekly Music Recommendations-May 2


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Great thread. I've already got a wish list based on the replies! Hey, and it looks like it pulled Duke out of hibernation! That's worth it without the music suggestions!

Here's a few from way back:

Jazz: Keith Jarrett, "Koln Concert" The best improv piano ever, however I'm biased since I was there. (ECM records)

Pop: Rickie Lee Jones "Girl at the Volcano" This is worth it just for her rendition of "On the Boardwalk". DYNAMICS to knock your socks off and the best version I've heard. This one will dispell any questions about the ability of vinyl to deliver dynamics. It's woken up countless non LP listeners to what they are missing. (this is a 7 inch LP record, 331/3)

New Age: Oregon "Out of the Woods". I hate the term New Age in the context of Oregon. They're so much more. This is in the Paul Winters Consort vein. Awesome musicianship and a great journey! This is NOT like so much contrived blather that later defined the genre. (Elektra 6E454)

Alternative Folk: Ferron, "Shadows on a Dime" The recording is just average but every song is great. (Redwood Records LR 004)

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You are right Thebes, this thread is the bomb if not for finding new music but just reminding me to pull out that old Frank Marino album or one of my favorite Tull albums "A Little Light Music" just in case Grog don't have it he needs it and I need to pick his 10 year favorite up[:D]

So much great music, so little time[:(]

As I was just telling Colter I have 3000 sticks of vinyl and 1000 CD's and I just keep finding more[:o]

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How about Donald Fagens' other album "Kamakiriad". Didn't get much play or reviews but this is a classic story-telling album about the Volkswagen Beetle (even though it's never mentioned by name in the lyrics.

Sonics are wonderful and I believe they rival the highly touted "Two Against Nature" album.

Media Format: Redbook CD

Genre: Comical(?) Jazz


Another would be Phil Manzanera / 801 's recording of "Now Listen". Front their rendidtion of "Flight 19" to that music you heard slow dancing with that cute little brunette in 7th grade (can't think of the title track right now).

Media Format: Redbook CD

Genre: Rock/Fusion


If you can find a copy of "Will Power" from Joe Jackson this is a true diamond in the rough. Joe takes a side trip into the world of Classical music and does a wonderful job of it. It's not the Classical that most people relate to but it does lean towards "mystical". Almost touching on Andreas Vollenweider.

One track in particular ( "Solitude" ) is to die for. This a mostly instrumental album and the only voice heard is a tenor chior boy singing only a couple lines that are bearly audible but tastefully done.

Media Format: Redbook CD (if you can find a used copy)

Genre: Fantacy / Classical

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Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians ECM 1129-2 on CD.

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Its difficult to classify this piece. Its on a jazz label so it often gets shelved there in the stores. Some consider Reich new age ( what an insult IMO ). Its definitely in the minimalist category. Reich is part of a small group of modern composers, like Phillip Glass, John Adams or Terry Riley. As far as Im concerned, hes the Beethoven, Brahms or Bach of our generation.

Warning: Do not listen to this whilst driving down the highway at night, especially on an unlit road. You will surely be mesmerized into another state of mind possibly resulting in your demise.

I saw this piece performed live, in a very rare appearance by Steve Reich himself with his ensemble, to an audience of not more than a couple hundred people. When you first hear this piece you will surely think some of the sounds are synthesized. They are not. These are all acoustical instruments and human voices, non amplified, no electronic effects.

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Janiva Magness/ Bury Him at the Crossroads/ blues/cd I picked this up after hearing a couple songs off of a local college station blues show. My favorite track is Wasn't That Enough. Not normally my regular listening, but this woman has one hell of a voice. Definitely going to order some more of her albums from Amazon.

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"Voices of Light", this is music created from the early black and white silent film "The Passsion of Joan of Arc". Its really phenomenal music if you enjoy singing and baroque-ish classical. There is only one recording available that I know of, a high bitrade CD from sony music. One can easily find it on Amazon.com.

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Daryl Hall and John Oates: Our Kind Of Soul Live

DVD 1.78:1 Widescreen 16:9

DTS 5.1 Surround

Dolby 5.1 Surround

81 Mins.

Posted Image

01. Standing in the Shadows of Love

02. I'll Be Around

03. Used to Be My Girl

04. Soul Violins

05. I Can Dream About You

06. Don't Turn Your Back on Me

07. Fading Away

08. Neither One of Us

09. After the Dance

10. Rock Steady

11. Love TKO

12. Let Love Take Control

13. What You See Is What You Get

14. Can't Get Enough of Your Love

15. You Are Everything

16. I'm Still in Love with You

17. Ooh Child

Bonus Tracks

One On One

Sara Smile


More than a live concert by Daryl Hall & John Oates of great soul classics, this once-in-a-lifetime video pays tribute to the duo's Philadelphia roots while recreating and rearranging some of their favorite songs into the "here" and "now." Our Kind of Soul is a collection of unbelievable performances by one of music's #1 duos - a reminder to the world about the timelessness of great music.

I picked this DVD up at a local shop that was closing. For 70% off I could not pass up giving this DVD a try.

I was suprised with how good this DVD not only sounded by how good the Hall and Oats concert was. I am really digging this DVD.

This DVD is a good buy even without the 70% off! This is one concert you will enjoy listening to over and over again.

Greg's pick: Track #06 - Don't Turn Your Back on Me

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Great thread Thebes!

I choose Gov't Mule's "The Deepest End"..2 CDs and a 3 hour DVD to boot! I got friends lining up at the door to see this concert after showing off one cut! The CDs have the same music, and convey the same sound when you don't have a widescreen nearby.

Warren Haynes never ceases to amaze me..

it's rock/CD-DVD


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Care-Charming Sleep

The Dowland Project/John Potter


ECM New Series

Classical/Early Music (with saxophone!)

Stunning recording, brilliant performances. Hybrid of early music and jazz sensibilities.

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right now..

female jazz vocalist... jacintha

cd title... autumn leaves , the songs of johnny mercer

her second album , 1999

groove note. label .. *GRV1006-2*

includes :

tenorsax t.edwards piano k.akagi bass d.oles

drums l.marable j.labarbera guitar a.wilson

trumpet w.miller hammond B-3 a.butler

produced by joe harley

give a listen especially if you are new to jacintha and/or johnny mercer.


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Man, I got to save some more money. The selections are great this week.

I always go back through these weekly lisiting before buying new music. Keep it in mind as a great resource.

To all the regualrs here, thanks for hanging around through the "lean" times.

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This probably isn't up the alley for most here, but I can't get enough of the new Depeche Mode. The type of album you listen to at night with a candle burning. It's interesting to me how they construct these songs and blend the album together. This album is just plain gorgeous to me.

Depeche Mode - 'Playing the Angel'

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  • Like Minds

  • Audio CD (November 3, 1998)
  • Label: Concord Records
  • ASIN: B00000DGXN

Gary Burton, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Roy Haynes and Dave Holland: "a no-frills, straight-ahead jazz album, crisply recorded, full of energy and imagination."

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