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Members Weekly Music Recommendations-May 2


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Nice to see people posting here. This has been a great source for me to get new music.

A CD that I bought I think last month that I really like is:

Larry Carlton "Fire Wire" I thought it was going to be smooth jazz, but it is high energy and makes me so glad I have Klipsch speakers. Larry plays Guitar and he has a great backing band. Great CD to drive around town with.

Last weeks purchases:

The Flaming Lips "War at the Mystics" Hard one to discribe for me. Reminds me of early Who, Moody Blues and Prince. Lot of effects, but the more I listen to it the more I like.

James Hunter "People Gonna Talk". R&B. A white Sam Cooke from England. Also reminds me of New Orleans.

James has a smooth voice and a nice little backing band. To me the CD starts strong and by the 5th/6th song I'm wanting to hear "Darling You Send Me".

Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris "All the Roadrunning". Who would have thought these two would blend so well. I like both of them seperately, but together WOW.

MK wrote all but 2 songs on this and if you like DS or his past works you will not be disappointed. You can tell his guitar style as soon as he starts playing. This is one of his better efforts in years. I like this better than his last 2 releases, which I liked, but this CD is the reason I look forward to new releases by him.

Emmylou is her usual sweet sounding self. She wrote 2 cuts and they are very good. Doesn't matter if she's singing lead or harmony, she is just awesome.

The stand out cuts on this to me is "This Is Us" and "Red Staggerwing". Out of the last 15 CD's I bought last month this has to be in my top 3.

The only thing I don't like about this CD it's only 12 songs long. I am still wanting to hear more when its over.

A CD to stay away from, which I never thought I'd ever say, is Van Morrison's "Pay the Devil". What a waste. I have every album/CD he has done and some have been weak in the past, but there was always at least a song that made up for it, but this one doesn't even have the one song. It was like it's 2006 we need to put out something. I know let's try country.

May every song you hear be your favorite tune.


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I have been stuck on a couple African Jazz artists for a while. My most recent fave has been the Ethiopiques Vol.4. A curious blend of soul-jazz and R&B with just a smattering of Ethiopian roots breaking up the stabbing horn lines, wah-wah guitars, and simmering electric piano.

Listen to the samples at this link on amazon.com


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My favorite new rock music this year.

Arctic Monkeys - 'Whatever you say I am ,that's what I'm not' Much hyped new U.K. punk-pop. Great stuff.

My Morning Jacket - 'Z' Great band, spacy with a lot of jams but not noodling (if you know what I mean).

Flaming Lips - 'At war with the Mystics' Great follow up. These guys are strange but I love their music. 'The Soft Bulletin' is also a must-have.

Built to Spill - 'You in Reverse' Excellent, excellent rock record. Christian Hoard says' " a collection of front-porch melodies and buzzy guitar jams, with Neil Young and Frank Black as spiritual godfathers." I agree and it keeps getting better and better every time I play it. If you like good rock music, please go buy this album.

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Man, it's nice to see this place hopping again.

For you who are new here, this thread has beeen running for about 2

years now, and it's a great place to just fill people in on some music

you think they might want to listen to. Chat, of course, is

always welcome.

Now to the the goodies. Once a month, yes that's once a month

there is a random drawing from all people who offered suggestions

during the month from which a winner will be selected.

For example, if you offer up one suggestion a week and 96 others have

only offered one selection you have a 4% chance of winning.

But please folks just don't drop in anything just to increase your chances.

The whole point is to share good stuff . You get to point out

what you like and may find something that will help you the next time

you want to go record shopping.

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The new Tool album is about to melt into my cd player.

Some new ones I haven't purchased yet.

Pearl Jam- Pearl Jam ( rock)

Ministy- ( i'm not a big Ministry fan, but I heard this new one is kicking some arse) ( Industrial metal?)

Rebel meets Rebel- ( David Allen Coe, and Dimebag Darrell) This one seems interesting I just may have to buy this one. Country collides with Metal!

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Jethro Tull - Two great CD's to enjoy

A Classic Case: Music Of Jethro Tull

London Symphony Orchestra

Featuring Ian Anderson

01. Locomotive Breath

02. Thick As A Brick

03. Elegy

04. Bourree

05. Fly By Night

06. Aqualung

07. Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll; Too Young To Die!

08. Medley: Teacher - Bungle In The Jungle - Rainbow Blues - Locomotive Breath

09. Living In The Past

10. War Child

Posted Image

What made Jethro Tull stand out was the flute playing of Ian Anderson. Seeing him stand on one leg was also something to see.

So when the London Symphony Orchestra decided to play the music of Jethro Tull how could they capture this unique feature of that wonderful groups sound? Simple, they included Ian Anderson in their creative work. This CD is one you will enjoy for many years to come. This is one CD I have enjoyed for over 10 years now!

Greg's pick: Fly By Night

Benefit - Jethro Tull

01. With You There To Help Me

02. Nothing To Say

03. Inside

04. Son

05. For Michael Collins, Jeffrey, And Me

06. To Cry You A Song

07. A Time For Everything

08. Teacher

09. Play In Time

10. Sossity; You're A Woman

Posted Image

Benifit is still my all time favorite work of Jethro Tull.

Greg's pick: Nothing To Say

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Wow Ministry has a new one! Stigmata used to be my alarm clock as it was the only thing that could wake me up in the am back then... How many bands rehashed the ministry sound after they left the scene. Also there first album is comicaly as it is very wimpy techno but not as wimpy as soft cell.

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The Tony Rice Unit.. "Backwaters"...Picked this up at the thrift store a few weeks ago, just got round to playing it. Man can this guy play guitar. Maybe i'm preachin to the converted, if you like acoustic guitar you gotta check out this Album...

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MTV Unplugged - Greatest Hits Volume 1

Picked up this CD on eBay a few days ago. Its very interesting to hear acoustic versions of songs that rocked pretty hard. Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz, Somebody to Shove by Soul Asylum are just two songs that take on a whole new life on this disc.

Paul McCartney's We Can Work it Out shows off the humorous side of Paul. He starts the first verse and accidentally sings the wrong words. So he stops everyone and makes a little joke and then starts completely over. Reminded me somewhat of U2's Rattle & Hum when the drummer screws up at the beginning of Angel of Harlem and everyone has to reset and start from the beginning.

Other noteworthy performances are by Don Henley, R.E.M., John Mellencamp and Elvis Costello.

A great disc to show off your Klipsch!

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Alison Kruass and the union station live. DVD. Bluegrass/countryish. Many things to list. She has a voice like an angel. Doesn't have to put forth an effort to sound loud and crystal clear. She is very easy on the eyes. Everyone in the band is talented on many instruments. They all sing. The DVD doens't bore you because they all sing a variety of songs. Good recording sound and video. Most of all, I grew up traveling with my family and going to reunions and such playing bluegrass and listening til the wee hours of the night. I brings back good memories.



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