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OT: Who is going to the Superbowl?


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10/26/2015: OK, half way through the season and time to start paying attention! My favorite teams, Patriot and Denver and Green Bay, because of their quarterbacks, are ahead. But, who will go to the Super Bowl? Also, do what do we subsidize more in this country? Religion (with tax free status) or college and professional football (with grants and stadiums)? http://espn.go.com/nfl/powerrankings

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Never thought of it that way, now I am having flashbacks of fast hairy engineers, and it's not pretty.  :unsure2:


Don't know why, but I'm finding this NFL season rather boring.  Especially difficult for me to be a fan of a team that are serial cheaters, and that have a coach with the personality of a grumpy rock.  Not naming names though.

Just guessing but it's the only team i can't stand, besides the failcans, and Seachickens.

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Steve and Elden sittin in a tree......................................

Now don't scare Steve off were trying to talk him to visit the south one day, were just trying to figure out when it's the perfect temperature, humidity and no rain, not sure yet if he prefers a certain barometric pressure ? It's not looking good, there may be a 20 minute period sometime in the spring ?  :P



ok I was just trying to kiss up to Stewman


You've been doing a lot of kissing lately.

crap...i gave a like to that post. For the record, i have never been to the South or whetever that kiss took place.


It's the south to most people, even considering we drove 7 hours north to get there. :lol:  


See I told you I wouldn't tell, good story  :o


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Now don't scare Steve off were trying to talk him to visit the south one day,


I'll be disappointed if he doesn't make it to Hope in the spring.


i may need a ride, can you swing by and pick me up on your way?



I'm sure there's a tour bus somewhere, headed east around then, you could stow away on.

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i can handle the rain…love storms actually.  just can’t take hot & humid.  i guess i could get one of those bubble suits and have my own climate.

Temps and humidity should be fine in April.


Totally agree with Christy on this....I'm not a big fan of the heat and humidity either, but April in Hope last year was very, very comfortable.  And if I remember correctly, bugs weren't a problem either.

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