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3 minutes to Miller Time


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3 minutes ago, babadono said:

I change it to Smelly Horse in my neck of the woods...Cheers🥃


Smelly cat, smelly cat what are they feeding you?
Smelly cat, smelly cat it's not your fault... Flipping funny 🍻


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So, we moved to Victoria from Calgary.  Have owned our house in Victoria for 8 years, but never spent more than a week or two here, so still getting to know the local merchants.  Turns out there is a really good brewery and award wining scotch (they aren't allowed to call it that, but I will), distillery a few minutes drive away.  My fav beer ... bourbon barrel finished, called Parting Kiss.  Very smooth.  Their scotch ... yikes, really nice.  Thursday is never too early, neither is any day ending in "day".  Thank you Miller Time.

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On 5/21/2021 at 5:57 PM, MyOwn said:

Indeed it does. I sit in front of my rig playing music and throwing down a few... Okay after work on Friday and sometimes on Sat / Sun

I haven't been dancing in an eon. I still got it when it comes to live Blues 🍻

Screw the younger bucks...They have nothing on me "not yet anyway" 😀

Yes went to the local haunt last weekend  Too much Karaoke. Been dancing a little. 

Hope you are well also.

Sounds like it. Lol. 

Pooped after tire change.

Volvo scewjack tuckered me.

Keep up the good work.


May pop one...95 today...🐓

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