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  2. Let me tell you, the Parasound's 250w/ch is plenty of horsepower for your RF7IIIs. More than you will ever need. A couple of years back at a demo session at forum member @Youthman's home, we drove his RF-7IIIs with my 90w/ch Yamaha A-S1000 integrated amp to ear bleeding levels in his 4000 cu ft room and it was clean as a whistle with plenty of chest thumbing bass. In the demo we could tell the difference between the IIs and IIIs but really came to the conclusion that what the IIs did very well, the IIIs did better. Not a huge difference but noticeable. No worries about the power decrease going with the Parasound. Bill
  3. These two sound great! Unfortunately the balanced input is not true - just switching between two connection options. Here you are http://www.audiolot.com.ua/ Unfortunately I cannot find English version... After having pushed as shown at the pictures you'll get to the old amps they produced
  4. Bought this CD 30 years ago. Still remember the pleasently surprised reaction of the shop keeper. Trippy and already Indian influences.
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  6. the woofers have been painted with black dye , the dust caps have been replaced ,the black cement glue is not centered -there are brad nails all around the motorboard -
  7. My C20 will be paired with a PS modded and upgraded Accuphase P300 which is a great SS amplifier....when I upgrade them. I will be interested if a synergy will exist and if the tube rectified C20 will deliver some punch in the bass. One can hope....overall the pairing should deliver some magic. I have tube amps but I'm going to try the Accuphase first.
  8. @JoeJoeThe3rd Hey Joe, I just bought the parasound a31 to pair with rf7iii. I was really nervous before reading your review. You see i had rf7ii's paired with emotiva dr3. That emotiva amp is much more powerful and really pushes my rf7ii's like i love. I was nervous about going down to 250 watts on the parasound. But if i read correctly, they can drive your rf7iii's to the moon! Good to hear. Cant wait for my new speakers and parasound come in so i can hear for myself. I was worried if I really could tell a difference from the ii's to the iii's and if the lower power rating wouldn't reach levels I was used to.
  9. Fast996


    You have connections for 4 speakers....why not. If it is a active sub use the output L&R
  10. They have new woofers at a minimum. Only people I see keeping Klipsch used prices down are the people here. Let them go up in price.
  11. In theory you could use the pre-outs. Either L or both L/R to use the on-board amplifier on the sub. I can't promise it'll sound all that great though since I don't know enough about how the H/K handles that and if your Klipsch Sub has a high cut to filter out the upper frequencies.
  12. Langston


    Answer As low as possible, such that your system is just able to achieve the maximum volume you want to hear. Background Your playback system will sound better if you set the "gains" correctly. This is more accurately called optimizing "gain structure" of an audio system. Well designed electrical audio components output two things, (a) noise, and (b) signal. Noise is bad and at a fixed and low level, the signal is the good thing, the music. The signal is not fixed in level and can be very low (near the noise) or very high - it can even be so high that it starts distorting. The goal is to run the signal as high as possible so that the distance between the noise and signal is greatest. Example 1: Some people say you should set your amplifier gain at maximum for it to sound best. This is false because it forces you to turn down the downstream components, such as your preamp, to achieve the listening level you want. By turning the preamp signal down, you just pushed the music closer to the noise floor. Example 2: Turn the amp gain way down so that you have to turn your downstream components at or near their maximums to hear a low sound level out of the loudspeakers. If that sounds distorted, turn down each downstream component until the distortion goes away, then turn them up again until you find the "just beginning" to distort volume settings. During normal listening, you should be close to those maximum volume settings. THE LAST STEP is to turn up your amp gains so that you get the sound volume you want out of your loudspeakers. This is the ideal. Example 3: If you're into measuring things, this is how you optimize gain structure with little monetary investment. God bless you and your precious family - Langston
  13. I'm not sure of all the choices. We got Samsung. My wife had an iphone a while back and it was so completely worthless we will never get an apple product. Putting a little down gets you "upgrades" but the A71 5G works fine for us. If you have been with them you probably are eligible for a newer phone.
  14. Joe, I'll take it. I'll call you tomorrow.
  15. RandyH


    you can but , the amplifier is only 40wpc , so a smaller sub will work and no other speakers at the same time
  16. Well good luck, I'm sure those are awesome speakers.
  17. We’ve been on the $70 geezer plan for years, nothing to complain about with T-Mobile service. I need to look into their plan that provides new phones. Are these iPhone plans for two lines at $70?
  18. you can alsopurchase klipsch OEM caps, same factory parts as new klipsch speakers crossovers , the pricing is akin to aftermarket caps --
  19. wuzzzer


    There are two answers to your question: Yes. No. Please give us more information. 🙂
  20. Darn you caught it. I'd NEVER put my feet on that cherry coffee table. Only way my feet ever go up is in a recliner, which I don't have. lol Thought John might catch it but knew you wouldn't miss a shot! hahahaha!
  21. JohnJ

    YouTube Spinning

    The man was a master guitarist. Not actually sure how to define that but it seems to fit!
  22. Frank loves that tough close work.
  23. I fed 3 of them here for years then I went to my Doc, got an MRI and then 4 big bone spurs removed. Moonwalkin now on a good day. Mooooo... Take your lunch in there with you when you tackle it. Take a whistle in and blow it hard and someone will come get you out if you really get lost. Maybe
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