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  2. Anyone else here super excited to hear the announcement of the newest Klipsch Heritage speaker to get an update? Can't wait to get all the details. Hope we do get all of the details on 8/23/19. I will post links to the media announcements as they get posted. I am sure we are many months away from any official reviews though. I know I will be visiting my Klipsch dealer for an audition just as soon as they get their hands on a pair.
  3. Agreed on the price to performance ratio. They have a couple of smaller iterations that seem a bit more interesting, but it's all still in the spectrum of "I have a random $400 and nothing else to spend it on, so might as well."
  4. Now remember, the DC resistance is only about 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the drivers impedance and the horn adds 50% to 75% more impedance. A K-33 has a DCR of 3.2 ohms, is considered 4 ohms nominal and runs an actual 6.4 ish ohms in a La Scala bass horn. I'm sure it rises as frequency rises above 400 Hz. If you haven't, check the DCR of each (I didn't see where you said you did). Then, you can safely double it for total impedance in a horn. Four ohms with both woofers in parallel is a very fair number.
  5. Do these newer bookshelf speakers compare to older quality Klipsch or Polk Monitor 5 or 7 speakers .......powered by a quality 1976 Pioneer SA8500 Amp or Luxman R115 reciever
  6. I owned a pair of 4.2...paired with a quality 1976 Pioneer 80 WPC Amp & Onkyo CD player ....they kicked ***!...after they were upgraded with Crites tweeters ......but always wanted to hear some regular KG4 also
  7. I write the above not to be dismissive or flippant to other experiences. But, I do read a lot of gentlemen stating the measurable variations on replacement components. Replacing all the replaceables has brought a great music listening experience into my living room.
  8. I owned a pair of 4.2...paired with a quality 1976 Pioneer 80 WPC Amp & Onkyo CD player ....they kicked ***!.....after Crites upgrade.....
  9. I really appreciate your offer, but it’s not necessary... I think I will contact them tomorrow.
  10. Ive owned both. The Sig is a super worth while upgrade... The addition of the heavier motor housing and stiffer chassis. The bigger question should be if you should go gimble or unipivoit.
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  12. They are joined where the notches are cut on the corners. I did try them in series. At the moment I'm using the passives from my LS and at 8 ohm the balance is a little off. I'm currently using
  13. You could be right, but If he could identify the single bad channel after a couple of power source swaps, he wouldn't have to post this problem. I have to modulate the balance to get the sound right, but with each change of volume comes another change in balance. You can swap speakers and mess around with that for a while, possibly still scratching your head with random outputs continuing....or hookup another powered source and put an end to it right then.
  14. I tried them a couple years back. Good sound you are right. But require a little modification to ensure they don’t top out on the motor board. And they can’t handle the same level. The idea of this project was to use ‘off the shelf’ Klipsch upgrade parts. My conclusion is... go for it.
  15. I thought they were separated, one layer of wood between the top horn and bottom horn all the way to the back ? Like two singles with one less layer between two cabinets ?
  16. Were you hearing this resonance sound when using the AL crossover..?
  17. Smaller and that one looks smaller than the ones I have seen in the La Scalas from the 80's and 70's. It looks more like a true equal leg triangle.
  18. How does the splitter size compare to the one in the La Scala AL5...?
  19. 3.9 ohms DCR indicates about a 6 ohm impedance using frequency sweeps, So it looks like about 3 ohms in parallel. Most pro amps can drive this, especially in a home environment where you are NOT likely to use more than a watt or two. Also, since the inputs are separate, why not just wire them in series if you are concerned? What's the big deal?
  20. Great to read about you getting these MWM's. ONE of those Crown xli800's was enough to run my three way stacks with OEM crossovers louder than I could listen to without hearing protection.
  21. If someone out there has a pair of AK6 Klipschorns that are pushed into the corners (even if toed in at something slightly different than a 45 angle), and sound good, I'd be very interested in seeing some frequency sweeps done on REW (free) with a calibrated mic, with both 1/3 and 1/6 smoothing, with the mic placed at the Main Listening Position. I don't have AK6s, and I'm no longer set up for doing sweeps (my mic needs a mic preamp and aux power, and the little box that provided both has conked). Based on my old results with an AK4, without EQ, I'd expect about +/- 5.5 dB from about 38Hz to 15KHz, and bass extension, highly attenuated, of course, to 25 Hz with REW (and to 16 Hz with the Diapason disk -- I'm suspicious, but I can hear/feel it clearly). With EQ (Audyssey Flat), I'd expect about +/- 2.5 dB 32 Hz to 15KHz. Everything stops above about 16.5K Hz, but that's with the old tweeter (K77F). All this nonwithstanding, smooth frequency response doesn't loom large among my favorite speaker attributes. Whatever combination of attributes makes a speaker sound good to me ... makes a speaker sound good to me. Whatever makes it sound plausibly like the orchestras I've played in, or the orchestra concerts I've heard ... is whatever makes a speaker sound real to me. Etc. I strongly suspect that it has little to do with frequency response, and a lot to do with plausible dynamics, "speed," low distortion, and the like. Some of the worst speakers I've ever heard were the very flat "acoustic suspension" (not identical with "infinite baffle," regardless of what some catalogs now say) type, a big deal in about 1959 (Consumers Reports), and still hanging on today. As an orchestrally sophisticated youngster visiting his first Hi Fi fair, it was clear to me that the lauded AR 1 with an electrostatic tweeter added on did not sound natural, but the Klipschorn, the EV Patrician, the JBL Ranger Paragon, and the like, did. The AR3A, a few years later, was no nearer reality. Sure, the AR3A had "fuller" bass than the Paragon, but the Paragon made it sound like the instruments were playing in front of me, both individually, and the whole Gestalt. The other horn loaded speakers were also not all that flat, but reach out and touch it real and very, very "musical." As far as I can tell, there has been astoundingly little change; the best speakers I continue to hear are "fast," highly dynamic, relatively undistorted with a surprising clarity, i.e., horns. Too bad the are so hard to find.
  22. @glens I will repeat... The literature says the K43 is 8 ohms, but in fact, they are 4 ohms. At least the DCR is about 3.9 each. Everyone has commented before that they are 4 ohms each. Default wiring is parallel, so the label should say 2 ohms. I could replace all 4 with 8 ohm drivers (don't want to spring for that). The chamber for each does open from one to the other. Although I have connected one driver to each amp channel and it is pretty nice sounding. I would like the gain from the second woofer, of course.
  23. What it means is that from the factory it is maybe 1/3 as big as normal. I have been in the guts of many of these and I have never seen anything like this before. No it has not been replaced there are no signs of glue or stuck remnants of larger pieces of wood removed and the little bitty put in place. Guys look I don't understand why there is even a question as to whether it is way small or not. As many of these as I have been into I am telling you it is and that ought to be sufficient. When I have time to fiddle with this again I will get a picture and until then you just have to decide I know what I am describing or I just cant see what is in front of me. I have pondered doing this very thing and it would be the easiest quick way forward. It is very tight though and might be impossible to do without removing one side. I am leaning towards forgetting this problem for now and dealing with it when I have time to do a rebuild of the cabinet with 1" sidewalls. closest things and it reminds me of taking an orbital sander and going to the front of the sidewall and that lovely resonance you get then. K-55-M is not the problem as K-55-V's do it too an easy quick test done tonight.
  24. High Fidelity did a "review" of the LaScala in the 70s, I think. The published curve was really bad. PWK was able to closely duplicate the curve by putting a LaScala on a stool away from walls and putting the microphone behind the system. He raised so much hades that HiFi withdrew the review.
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