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  2. That's the latest model out of UW, but it is on a per day basis with predicted peak of 4/16. (It would be S curved shaped if it was on total instead of per day. However, the model is based on these assumptions, some of which may not become reality: Governors that haven't issued statewide social distancing rules will do so in a week. I think the Gov. of FLA has reversed course and issued an Order today. Texas Gov. issued Order on Monday. States will keep the social distancing rules in place through June 1 The current presidential guidelines only apply through April 30. Chris Murray, IHME's director, says the modeling team is working on a projection for exactly "what sort of rebound we will see," if social distancing was eased after April 30 instead of June 1. If and when the current wave of infections is suppressed, the U.S. will remain vulnerable. "Our rough guess is that come June, at least 95% of the U.S. will still be susceptible," says IHME's Murray. "That means, of course, it can come right back. And so then we really need to have a robust strategy in place to not have a second wave."
  3. These look nice...$550. Bremerton, WA "Klipsch Heresy HIP speakers. Pro style cabinets, are stock orig cabinets and drivers. Electro Voice woofer. New Crites HEI crossover built to stock parameters. I have caps that can be used to attenuate the mid and tweeter if so desired (the HIP heresy runs them hot on purpose)"
  4. Label is different but otherwise yes looks the same. These are good drivers though newer ones have passed them up. I am throwing out all my old 1st gen 510's but keeping the DE75's that were on them.
  5. And why we hold the sarong with high praise -
  6. A quick Google check tells me that the Covid-19 virus can stay alive in my deep freezer for up to 2 years.
  7. Iceland has had the ability to test the general population for covid19. Large groups were randomly tested whether they were symptomatic or not. They learned that 50% of those who tested positive for the virus had no/zero/nada symptoms, not even a sniffle. If this translates elsewhere then there’s a huge population of occult infections. In time we’ll understand the facts about the virus. Until then the best course is the empirical one of self isolation. Insofar as actionable data science needs to remove questionable reporting by countries unwilling to vet their information. Like tainted research manipulated data bases mislead conclusions. It is too bad the initial Chinese data base was clearly doctored(pardon the pun).
  8. DizRotus

    Which is it?

    To me, an integrated amp with a tuner is a receiver. The addition of everything else makes their description make more sense.
  9. willland

    Which is it?

    It's a stereo receiver with fancy name. Bill
  10. Hey this gives the Super8 5 or 6 more months to get the banquet room done
  11. Not necessarily, while it does require some set up it is not that difficult initially. As far as cost is concerned it depends on what you are comparing. A stock setup, yes. Aftermarket setup probably not. Before converting to the Heil/wings I was using ALK extreme slope networks, B&C DCM 50 midrange drivers, Eliptrac horns and Dayton AMT tweeters. I will let you do the math. To be fair I am using a MiniDSP HD which is inexpensive by comparison. I am very pleased so far with the MiniDSP HD. I am not experiencing any noise from the drivers at idle as some had reported with the non HD version. The daunting part of this for me is setting up the DSP. @Chris A was nice enough to offer his help to get me get beyond the basic setup. However getting the inputs and outputs assigned, and the basic crossover frequencies for each driver is very straightforward. This will get you listing to these in minutes. This will also allow you to get some baseline measurements. The drivers do break in so the initial settings will have to be revisited. That is where I am at now. I took the plunge and went through the instructions on how to generate PEQ settings in REW for the DSP plugin. It took me about 10 measurements to get a good response from the settings. I will post the curve below. I probably still need to tweak the time alignment a little. There is a good thread started by Chris that I will finish going through to make those adjustments soon. I am sure that there are many other tweaks I can make to my crossover file to further improve the sound, but at this moment it sounds nothing short of amazing. Much better than my previous set up. The best part of the DSP network is you can make adjustments, measure, make adjustments all in real time. I did not have to unplug anything or swap cables around to go from measuring, updating the network and listening to music. I think everyone on this forum has the ability to figure this out.
  12. Start at the 110Hz and listen to see if you hear dialog coming from the subwoofer. If you do start dropping down from there. Welcome to the forum. Bill
  13. I was admitted from me walking into the ER to begin with per my Doc. Didn't take long and they got me a room quickly. Minimum of paperwork. I was told the floor I was on was full, but no way to know since I never saw anyone except my nurses and docs. they are very meticulous about keeping you quarantined. The day I left, all was calm outside. No line for testing or admissions.
  14. This one, no question: https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/marsr5014/marantz-sr5014-7.2-ch-x-100-watts-a/v-receiver-w/heos/1.html
  15. NADman


    Check out the cookie in her hand @ 0:27. To funny.
  16. This below is a very good deal. A bit more than your budget but a lot of AVR for the price. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/onktxrz830a/onkyo-tx-rz830-9.2-ch-x-120-watts-thx-a/v-receiver-new/1.html Same goes for this. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/yamrxa1080bl/yamaha-rx-a1080-7.2-ch-x-110-watts-a/v-receiver/1.html#!specifications Bill
  17. Hey, I just purchased the Promedia 2.1 THX and set it up per the instructions. The sub worked VERY well but neither satellite worked at all. I could control the volume via the right speaker and light was on, but no sound. I had an old pioneer receiver and decided to test out the satellite speakers. They worked great when connected to the receiver. I am not sure what the problem is exactly? It could be the preamp, speaker wires or the 3.5mm jack. I can't really narrow it down since they all work independently, just not as a single unit. Any help would be appreciated. Klipsch has not responded to my service request, which is not surprising given the current climate. Thanks!
  18. Today
  19. Didn't see any Kimchi either, so still pass.
  20. That is mind boggling. I was just getting ready to ask you if they said there was a known false negative rate, but that answers that. Rudy, were they at full capacity at the hospital you were in? How long to get admitted?
  21. Thank You Mike I could not have hoped ask for a better written assessment to my question. Bravo my friend ! Cheers, Listen to the Music and Stay well Jim
  22. “Cohort” is buzzword du jour.
  23. Again I will state only THE LISTENER can determine if it made a difference to their ears/brain. And they WILL be biased based on how pretty the new wires are and how much money they spent.
  24. I assume you Oppo works like my 203, perhaps a bad assumption. But as TSmith says you can simply use the Opps interface. Start at the main menu and click your way onto the Folder/sub-Folders to find the artist/album you want and let them play. There is typical previous/next/paus/play buttons. Should be fairly obvious.
  25. when someone says antibody, I look in the mirror and think... "that body would repel about anything."
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