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  2. Here's some more research reading for you, morry. https://hypertextbook.com/facts/2003/ChrisDAmbrose.shtml
  3. So why are you getting so defensive? I asked a simple question. Its not an argument, its discussion on an internet forum. But you must be special.....no doubt. Reliable articles state humans can hear down to 20hz, and that in itself is exceptional. Like unmolested, undamaged hearing. 10hz is considered infrasonic. I guess this is why you go on the defensive so quickly, humans can't even hear a 10 hz test tone. Maybe YOU should do some reading..... https://www.audiocheck.net/audiotests_frequencychecklow.php
  4. https://f072605def1c9a5ef179-a0bc3fbf1884fc0965506ae2b946e1cd.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product-specsheets/KG-4-Spec-Sheet.pdf great loudspeaker, install some new Bob Crites Titanium tweeter diaphragms along with a fresh set of new crossover capacitors and maker them sound much better than new. welcome to the forum. If you are looking to sell these loudspeakers Ebay will yield you the highest possible profit.
  5. I'm pretty sure that's how they all do it.
  6. Bosco-d-gama


    I too use and appreciate Amazon........and have placed several orders since this episode went sour. But - when a box is marked ‘fragile, handle with care and do not drop’ and is dispatched with obvious damage there’s a problem. As for my reviews a few of mine have been declined and ‘no’, they were not acerbic. They were accurate. I received a sail shade that was torn and holed. The packaging was fine and my review simply stated ‘sail shade came with a hole in it’, with a photo of the hole. Amazon declined that review. Anyway..... the Amazon business model allows customers to return items and no doubt TONS of things get returned. How they get managed once returned should matter to every Amazon customer. When I buy items from a brick and mortar store I will dig for product whose packages appear pristine, or I will inspect the product. Can’t do that with online stores. At Amazon they offer customer reviews to bolster consumer confidence. If that information is biased then it becomes blatant misrepresentation. I was especially dissatisfied with this situation because it seemed quite certain that this product was likely damaged from the start. I shared the event here. Benefit from my experience, or not. It is your choice.
  7. what is you point? If you don't believe this is a possible task to perform that is on you. I am lot looking for an argument. It might benefit you to go do some research of your own. I owe you no proof of anything. With frequency extremes you will find much unusual research. For example when Sony decided to make a reference archival digital recording system they set the parameters so that the high frequency response had to extend out to 100KHz.. Do some research and you will find that while you cannot hear 50KHz the way you do the speech range for example you do have perception that high up, enough so that when people were played songs which had lower frequencies filtered out they could both recognize the song and perceive the lyrics to the song. At the low end extreme response you will find if you do some digging that as you go lower you have to move massive amounts of air to maintain the impact you would feel higher up in frequency. Perhaps read some of Tom Danley's papers on bass loudspeakers he is the King of bass reproduction.
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  9. The current drivers should be in the plans ans sub woofer plate amps work well as they have the needed controls built in. You'll have to mount them externally as there's no way to mount them in the sub like a conventional box sub. As far as wattage goes, I have a TT with dual 8's and a BASH 300 driving it and it's more than enough. Drivers are wired at an 8 Ohm load so the amp is probably only putting out (guessing) 180-200 watts.
  10. Looks like maybe a 5 year old stabbed at the left 510 with a butter knife!
  11. P/N 09000231121 KG4 OAK OIL S/N 72583 (other speaker is 72582) W/O 14238 Both speakers are pristine condition. I would appreciate any information on these! Thank you!
  12. So how do you know it can reproduce a 10hz signal? Are you claiming you personally can hear a 10hz signal/test tone?
  13. I'd also be interested in possible trades, specifically one of the NOS Valves VRD Stereo amplifiers. I have an NBS just longing to be paired with one of Craig's amps.
  14. The buzzing wouldn't have anything to do with the K-400 horn gasket? If so, those are easily replaceable from Bob Crites.
  15. sure I have a set of Stax in ear electrostatic speakers which can reproduce 10 Hz. Size has nothing to do with it. Obviously you do not get the same physical effect as if you had a room full of massive bass bins reproducing 10 Hz.. With the in ear device you can perceive the frequency but you do not get the physical visceral you might with a stack of loudspeakers capable of playing the same frequency.
  16. @jason str When you purchase these plans, are the most current woofers recommended listed with them or are they outdated? I'm about to get rolling on this as I'm about to start building cabinets and countertops for the garage so might as well cut the wood out for a Table Tuba at the same time. What amp is recommended? Do I need something specific to run the sub? I have a couple of Carver amps, including an M-200t that's fully rebuilt, that is 120wpc stereo/350 mono; I would just need an electronic crossover to go with it. Or maybe it would be better to get something with everything built in.
  17. You don't need to post the ad (but speaking from experience here. No ones going to jump in on you).
  18. 60 and rainy again in MI. Governor is trying to get a National Emergency declared because the farmers can't get the corn and soybeans planted in the fields. I have not had my A/C on yet this year, but my furnace came on this morning!
  19. As far as what to get. I say sell the klf (not that they are bad just will be harder to match everything). Put that money with the 3k and start looking on CL and garage sale. I wouldn't censor myself to one set up when looking used. Look for good deals is where to stat. When you find something post on her for opinions on what your looking at and value.
  20. I just got an email from tube depot today. They have vintage Tung-Sol 6550 tubes and Mullard 5AR4's on sale. Not cheap, though.
  21. 3k Is a good amount but can go fast. Used is imo the way to go. You can stretch 3k used like its spending 10k buying new. And the great part is that the performance will be as good as your spending the 10k new. Draw back is its not as easy as clicking buy now or walking into a store and pointing. Also you will have to put in the work finding things. Wont happen over night. But I promise 2-3 months from now when your all set up. Lookin back doing it like this will be what you'll be most thankful for. And if you ever want to sell anything you won't lose a penny. If your like 90% of the people on here thats all but certain.
  22. My K-Horns are in a 12 x 17 foot room. I can run a Decware EL-84 amp putting out 1.8 watts and reach loud listening levels with no problem. I also have a 60 watt/channel Latino ST-120 amp that I have used. My preferred amp is my Dennis Had Hot-Rod single ended amp that puts out 6 to 8 watts per channel, depending on which output tubes. The only real difference is how much I have to turn up the volume knob on the preamp. None of them ever have to go over half way. Most of your listening will be using the first watt of any amp. I would concentrate more on the quality of that first watt, not the quantity of overall watts.
  23. Auction ending in ~ 11 hours. Local pickup, doesn't state which model or year but looking at the tag pic appear to be vintage. S/N is readable. Pics indicate mint condition. Auction starts @ $599, no bids at this time. Seller has 100% feedback rating on ebay. Maybe one of you guys in FL might be tempted. I have no affiliation with seller or listing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-FORTE-SPEAKERS-2/113785095597?hash=item1a7e1ec5ad:g:rw8AAOSwYpVc1eAc
  24. Thanks HenrikTJ. I will look into it. My KLFs are in perfect condition.
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