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  2. oldtimer

    The Last Reply Wins

    Done? BS? Never. It's what the thread is about. Or is it alien influence that started this thread. Maybe the only explanation is that extra-terrestrial intelligence is involved as a way to contact us stupid humans and perhaps distract us from their real purposes?
  3. Iceberg62

    RC-64lll with RP-8000f?

    I haven't decided on power. I was thinking about a 7ch Monoprice Monolith or just rolling with a new AVR and seeing if that did the trick. I had a Denon AVR-x4100 that I liked but I"m not in love with any one brand. I was thinking something similar? I figured if the 4100 could drive the Martin Logan 50xt, SLM XL (x2), ElectroMotion IC (x2), and FX surrounds (x2), then the newer version should be sufficient for a more efficient Klipsch setup. Thoughts?
  4. PrestonTom

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    If the problem is "harshness", swapping in new capacitors is not going to solve the problem. Yes, you are correct, it is a crapshoot. At this point we are relying on the mantra that "capacitors must be replaced ....." We need to think about that one
  5. MyOwn

    The Last Reply Wins

    Why?????? I say toast the toast, the toaster, and the toasters family...Be done with all this BS...
  6. Zen Traveler

    Chinese Playing ***-for-Tat

    He almost has to given how much they cut the State Department's budget and personnel. 😕 Otoh, it doesn't look like our president will serve his entire full term and China will use that to their advantage. {EDIT: BTW, who funded that video piece?}
  7. Albatross

    PWK's K33 parameters

    I had saved a bunch of threads from the Klipsch forum from around 2009 but it looks like they don't link up anymore. There was a thread that explained the specification parameters that Paul Klipsch used to determine if he wanted to use a particular woofer as a K33. Does anybody have a link to that? Much appreciated.
  8. Ceptorman

    Outdoor setup

  9. oldtimer

    Moody Blues Days of Future Passed.....Live

    Existed in the studio. Don't diss good union musician jobs.
  10. oldtimer

    The Last Reply Wins

    Never toast a toaster.
  11. thebes

    Dang. These DC area Cornwalls are Pretty.

    Love those grills. Dang. Where's my smoking jacket and my pack of Camels.
  12. Ceptorman

    5.1.2 Speaker Placement with sofa against wall

    I'm with Shiva, I like option 2 also, they're closer to your seating position. You might trying placing the sub in the corner, see if that makes a difference.
  13. thebes

    leftovers for sale

    Oh, I thought these were turkey drumsticks and stuffing. Sigh.
  14. thebes

    Moody Blues Days of Future Passed.....Live

    Now that's cool! Saw them four times but that was a long time ago. So are they borrowing orchestras as they go? I seem to recall that "the London Symphony Orchestra" on the album never really existed.
  15. babadono

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Gall darn it! HAPPY FRIDAY
  16. MyOwn

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    just a different path...lol Age is awesome...😊
  17. CECAA850

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

  18. Marvel

    Tube Preamp recommendations - Pics

    Francis, MH hasn't been around for years, and this thread is 16 yrs old. I don't think he will be replying. But someone else surely will. Bruce
  19. MyOwn

    The Last Reply Wins

    What the hell...I'm in Is he toast?
  20. Today
  21. Madman1

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    I was told the same thing about resistors which is why the stock ones are still there. But I do trust Deans opinion. Mark
  22. Madman1

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    So my expert audiophile engineer description is they just sounded better, ha. Smoother and more enjoyable. Those caps have nearly 30 years on them and they were junk to begin with. I was reminded that I did some of Moray’s mods with the dynamat on the baskets and horns, a bit of poly fil and I used new gasket material on all speakers and passive. I had no idea those quicksilvers had that type of power. I actually had an amp with kt88 tubes at 60 watts a channel, crazy thing is I considered it bright with my chorus ii which have the same squakers and tweets as the forte ii. Enjoyed an el34 amp BUT love my el84 amps, low power warm and sweet. Mark
  23. Yesterday
  24. MyOwn

    Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

    Life is truly scary.... Perhaps in the holder of the mind, what is scary?
  25. Haha ... blame any "bad" sound on the kid's toys
  26. I like option 2, you will have more envelopment from the surround field, with them closer to your sitting position.
  27. Rivervalleymgb

    Moody Blues Days of Future Passed.....Live

    Watched mine several times. Saw this tour while visiting my son. Great show and great venue at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA.
  28. I have a 21 x 14 room with sofa against the wall. A Samsung mu8000 65 on the other side of the wall. Speakers: Klipsch: RF-62, RC-52, RS-42 for 5.1 SVS Prime Elevation for the 2 ceiling speakers. I have hard time decide where to put the surround speakers. They are bipole speakers, so they can be placed directly towards the seating area without creating a hot spot. In the attachment, I marked their location as option 1 and option 2. I am trying to get some opinion from someone who experienced this problem before.
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