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  2. I have a old buddy from High School days who used to custom make hardwood cases, in the wood of your choice, very reasonably & quickly for the older Marantz, Scott and Fisher Amps. All I had to do was provide him with the case measurements or model number after the first few. I feel really lucky to own several of his cases on my Scott, Fisher and Marantz amps/receivers. He is an electrical engineer by training and wood working was his hobby. He is about to retire back to an acreage in Alberta from Washington via Montana, but not to Calgary. He sold all of his wood shop equipment off before moving from western Washington to western Montana. As he is a instrumentation wizard he can fix anything I've ever owned in Audio Equipment tube or solid state and like most good engineers meticulously. He just does not feel the need to do this kind of work. I plan to help him build a new shop at his acreage here probably in the spring. I'm hoping he decides to work on audio equipment in it but I have not asked him what he is planning. Most shoemakers don't like to work with leather as a hobby and I guess most instrumentation engineers avoid work too similar to their day job. Wb
  3. I don't know how I missed this comment! I am becoming more and more convinced of exactly what you are saying here. I have been making upgrades to my system and the most significant ones have come from improved circuits, not "better" tubes.
  4. Yes hoping so to. Who was time to post here when exicting events are in progress! Wb
  5. Then you will never know if I was the builder, will you? I built the vast majority of all the Cornwalls from 1977 until fall of 1983....FWIW!
  6. HDR, I'm not trying to convince you what to do. And It's not for your benefit that I persist in my defense of MDF as at least an equal and perhaps a BETTER material for speakers. As for drop tests... For goodness sake, I don't make my component choices based on what will best endure abuse or accidents. ..As I've pointed out time and again, over the past 30 years I've had speakers from Boston Acoustics, Polk, Spica, KEF, PSB, Vandersteen, Paradigm, and now Klipsch and precisely NONE OF THEM has ever been dropped, or the unfortunate victim of an in-house water catastrophe. And every one was made from MDF - just like pretty much EVERY wood speaker these days. Speakers are not houses.
  7. https://www.svsound.com/blogs/glossary/speaker-baffle "A speaker baffle is the front face of the a speaker...and is often an under-rated aspect of speaker engineering." FWIW, I've only seen the term "motorboard" used by Klipsch. ..Nonetheless, they are the same. And the fact that Klipsch choses MDF for this "under-rated aspect of speaker engineering" for nearly ALL of their currently available speakers is interesting to me.
  8. my 30 yr old stepson got a couple of glider and rubber band models for Christmas stocking stuffers. No idea of price. Think they we a couple bucks ea. I dunno. I got mine at AceHardware
  9. Claude, Way to go Mr buss kill... this was getting good.🍺🍕. And you know as well as I do, the best Cornwall is just south of Montreal but I am not sure what year it was built.
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  11. My 15 year old son recently told me one of his inspirational bloggers commented that if you were to produce anything nostalgic that has gone out of production it would make money. I bought “Thrills” gum not too long ago, for only the second, and last time in my life. “Gold Nuggets” gum was a hit with the kids though! I wonder if you could take out a drone with a Jet-Stream?!
  12. Yes.....I had many of them.........They didn't last long..... George
  13. No worries, I was just thinking that others had not noticed the original thread was from 2003...and were posting to that section...maybe expecting replies from some people who haven't been on the forum in many years and may not even be alive anymore. As for "an MDF fight"...again, no worries...some people like to troll others, but they end up becoming ignored sooner or later, get frustrated, and eventually look for somewhere else to play their games. Otherwise they get banned and are forced to leave! It is what it is.
  14. That depends on the model. I most likely built them. What is the model? It is written on the labels! If CB(X) models, then the panels for the cabinet were custom-laid Georgia-Pacific 7-ply plywood. If they were veneered in fine veneers, then the substrate under the veneer is poplar-lumber-core plywood....also custom laid up and finely-veneered by Georgia-Pacific...those will have mitered corners where the box panels meet each other. The motor-board was still made from that birch plywood though.
  15. I'm guilty of bumping the thread and bringing it back to life. I ended up here after going down a google rabbit hole after recently acquiring my Cornwalls and saw that you may have built mine so I quoted you. Didn't know it was going to start a wood vs MDF fight 😆🤷‍♂️. And I'm just going to assume you built mine since it seems most likely and it can't be proven otherwise, due to Frances' excellent sanding haha.
  16. Skelt


    My kids think the picture doesn't work.
  17. Whichever pair you happen to own are the best year.
  18. Too bad he doesn't have a pause or stop button! My father sure knew how to pause and stop things!...He would just look over his glasses at you, act like he was getting out of his chair, as his right hand headed for his belt buckle...at that point you had better have already paused/stopped or the rest of the routine would not have been a pleasant experience for you!!! Trust me!🤣
  19. This one is green. I just went to check. It is a Jet Stream.
  20. I like this one though and think he is quite entertaining. He has an autoreact button that won't quit.
  21. Should be a very nice match between the two. I believe that Thebes has either an 8 or 8B that he runs with his speakers, so he could probably let you know what to expect. With a unit such as that, I would recommend installing the best NOS tubes you can afford. @thebes
  22. Yes Pete, I have used them quite a bit in the last year. The owner is a perfectionist and highly skilled. He's got a great shop. You are welcome to call him and talk, and be sure to tell him I referred you. They are only open on Friday and Saturday from noon to 8PM, the rest of the week he is working on units in the queue. He is a vintage JBL aficionado, and is also particularly fond of vintage Fisher and HH Scott units, but I'm sure he would work on your Sansui. Prices are very reasonable. https://stereorehab.wordpress.com/
  23. I am almost ashamed to say. It was 6.99! I had to have it. But I don't know why.
  24. I have a pair of Forte II paired with a Marantz 2325 and absolutely love the sound! I have been thinking about diving into the world of tube amps for a while now and finally bit the bullet and picked up a Marantz 8 from 1959 and it seems to be in great condition (I will know for certain next week when it is in my hands). My question to the group is whether or not my Forte II would be a good speaker match to stand up to the Marantz 8 and fully obtain that warm amazing tube sound that all of you talk about so much? I plan to use my 2325 as a pre-amp until I can afford a tube pre-amp. Look forward to hearing from the group. I will post some photos later tonight. Bharat
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