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  2. Yes, it does have taps. But all the wires on T2A are soldered onto the lugs. A PITA for checking which tap you prefer, but doable, especially after you gain normal access to the backs of those speakers.
  3. Had no idea Budweiser had a chance to have pcb's in it, could have been what gave it that Budweiser bite. Never liked it, others from the same brand was ok just never like the regular bud, well unless there was nothing else, it was the 70's. Back then I was not thinking that far either, I do remember the paraquat scare but that didn't stop us either.
  4. I am the owner of the other "special" serial number Khorns mentioned in this thread. Now I'm interested in peeking at some component serials to get a better idea. Sadly when I had contacted Klipsch Support the response was bad, they based the date off the label copyright stamp. 😂
  5. My ex was concerned and upset with my drinking a Budweiser in 77 cause of PCB's that may have been in there. Had not gotten that far in my thinking at that time. Still drink one at times... Someone said human nature, such as it still is. Cool
  6. I picked the wrong day not to check the forum. Congrats to the seller and buyer.
  7. Mine said NO PCB's on the oil caps, but I don't know if they all were like that ? Like you said, probably wouldn't want to get it on you either way, no telling what's in them, things were different 50 years ago.
  8. That was not me, I was looking into what caps to use and I was going to try it, I can slightly solder, but it will not be pretty. A forum member who is not around anymore volunteered to do it, he said he done a few of his and had many parts left over. He said he liked doing it and to just ship it to him, so I did and he sent them back like that. He wouldn't accept anything for doing them and I never heard from him again, but greatly appreciated it. I could hear the difference immediately, but can't take credit, he even sent the before and after pictures. His name was Arash i think, but I probably spelled it wrong.
  9. Fear of the electric blue jesus is what kept me from DIY. I kept reading the safety articles until I had it down and also met an experienced local tech.. This is brilliant...
  10. Wow! This would be a hard pass for me. You never know what quality of work that has already been done. I'm a firm believer that if you can, do it! If you can't, ask for help and learn how to do it ! (I've seen a lot of "home depot weekend warrior" DIY projects that are a complete nightmare because someone "thought" they could do it!) I would take the $600 he's asking, plus the amount you will spend in gas, time, replacement driver(s) and perhaps lodging and put it towards building a new cabinet loaded with new(or good used) drivers and either a new passive crossover or go for the sky and use an active crossover for endless hours of tinkering around to get your sound dialed in.
  11. I paid $500 for mine several years ago they were mint one owner speakers looked brand new and the first pair I had ever seen local to me. Honestly I was reluctant to pay that for them having had several pairs of RF-3's prior usually only paying around $150 a pair but I tell you what I'm glad I did they really are excellent speakers and easy to upgrade.
  12. Yes, the OP should be careful in any case with toxic material. Read an opinion somewhere on the forum as to no PCB's in some oilcan capacitor. In any case, would treat them as toxic if a leak. Thanks
  13. I saw your recap job ----------looks perfect
  14. Inconsistent but, I have bass enough to piss off a neighbor but, hope not:
  15. Well yea, but with all these opinions if someone would suggest replacing them with oil cans, it might start a war, and should, I couldn't wait to get rid of those antiques. Those are nasty, I had one that always stayed wet, if they had PCB's I'd probably be dead.
  16. Going to not laugh next time if: Uheep !
  17. So @MicroMara you will be familiar with these couple of BS@ Tears. Digging on my CF-1'S thank you, all that sounds satisfying. Band like others ignored until redicovery.:
  18. I call horse pucky. You're rationalizing. I don't care to have it as long as we do. ... and it's gone in a matter of an hour or three. I might not mind it as much, if it wasn't cold
  19. Well...I can think of no better Christmas present!😊
  20. I will search her out on YouTube for a listen 👌
  21. As an audio-pup, I remember being impressed when hearing the different drivers of a speaker (woofer, tweeter, etc.) as distinct sound sources. I thought that was cool. This would probably have been the speakers that came with my first compact, "all-in-one" Realistic stereo...the "Clarinette 85"...or something like that. Now I'm much more sophisticated. I think it's cool when sounds seem to come from outside the plane of the speakers.😆😎🤓
  22. That reminds me of the speed cops who habitually set up at the bottom of a hill or at the exit of a tunnel. We’d call those locations fishing holes, because the cops would hang around there and reel in as many suckers as they could. On the bright side, it made them predictable, which is good.
  23. Appeared to be new, as far as I can remember it came in a box within a box. Came with screws and connectors. Nicely packed. Certainly looked new to me. I'm sure they must be. They sold out within days. They must be partnered with Klipsch.
  24. @Dave1290 Hey Dave, Just want to say I took a note from you. You invited me and my brother-in-law to stop over for a rest when we went to pick up the KPT-904's in Erie, PA. Well, a forum member is coming down from Minneapolis to me, just south of Chicago to pick up my Chorus II speakers. He wants a pair to restore and make "his own" and mine are the perfect pair for the right price. I'm actually losing a little money on them. I just don't have time to restore them myself with all that's going on with my wife, but at least they're going to a forum member who will apprecite them. Anyway, he's not spending the night but I'm cooking him a FAT RIBEYE that he'll be talking about for years! Figured I'll fill his belly up before the 8 hour journey back home. Thank you for the proposed hospitality (though we didn't take it) and wanted to let you know I'm passing it on. Treat guests like Kings right?
  25. I can almost promise you that you will get them before Christmas this year.
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