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  2. All right! Now we're cookin'! Have you seen current Parts Express sub kits and drivers? They have a lot interesting options for do-able amounts of money. And since they're in kit form, sky's the limit as far as finishing them to mate well with Heritage. Here's an example: 18" driver, 4 cubic ft. sealed enclosure, no amp or x/o.......app $509.
  3. Today I spent on the last of the segments for the mid horns. Yes, I know the outer edges are not very good, but I have something in mind for that. This horn usually mounts from the rear into the baffle board & you usually veneer the rectangular shape of the baffle & so you see the rectangular shape of the horn & you also see the cut out where the horn fits through the baffle, just like my last build of JBL's with the copper coloured horn. What I'd like to do this time is fit the horn in to the baffle & veneer right up to the lip of the horn, so that the horn looks like it is a part of the baffle. Doing it this way, you won't be able to remove the horn once it is fitted, but I don't intend on changing the horn, so it's not a problem. To achieve a clean line where the veneer meets the outer curve of the horn, I need a 90 deg angle around the horn perimeter, so I am going to set the router up & route a 6mm 90 deg cut, approx. 6mm deep around the outer edge of the horn flare. I'll have to do this freehand, so have been practising on some scrap & I think I can pull it off. Will post some pics when complete.....wish me luck, as once I adhere the veneer there's no going back.
  4. Dave Great work as always Question, what wood is best to use for a horn? Either a mid or high range horn. Are a soft wood like Cedar-wood or for a horn lens ? I live the smell and easy to carve Thanks and great work Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Interesting read so far. Here's more fuel for the fire... It would be neat for Klipsch to build a cosmetically matching sub for the heritage line. I'm thinking several models, perhaps one with a 15" , a double 15" and one with an 18" . Direct radiating speakers in a rock solid cabinet! Then, you could decide if you want one or two...or more to match your needs. I would opt for an external dedicated sub amp/processor to match with the subs. Maybe something in the 500-1k watt amp range. This way you could add your own brand of amplification and processing if you so desire, making for an extremely flexible system that would appeal to the tinkerers! For those that swear they need a horn loaded sub...why? Horn loading for tweeters and maybe even mids are great if done right, but for a sub, it's antiquated. Sure, they are supper efficient, but they are huge, and not practical unless your room is the size of a small gym! Back in the day you needed the horn design to get concert level volumes because both amplifier design and actual driver design were nowhere near where they are today. So, you had to squeeze every little bit of efficiency out of a system you could. Now, we have amps with tons of power and driver designs that are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were when horns were being commonly used. Just look at your live concert sound. You used to have horn loaded sub scoops that held 2 15" drivers that were the size of a small car! Then, came along more powerful amps and better driver technology... Think EV MTL 4 concert subs and crown macrotech amps. You had 4 18" subs in a 3' by 3' by 3' enclosure that totally killed the sub scoop at a fraction of it's size. Much better for sound companies to haul around... and even for permanent installs. The last concert I went to used all line arrays.... no huge horn subs. Now, on to home use. Sure, you could build a horn loaded sub, but why? It's size would be ridiculous! (Not to mention it's size would be the equivalent of a guy in his 50's buying a vette....compensate much?) But I understand, to a point at least, dudes like to showcase their equipment... but when it takes up a whole 40ft wall, it's just tacky! I want something to look good too! Furthermore, the material and labor needed to build the enormous cabinet would be expensive. Therefore, a company would have to charge a lot more than a competitor whose direct radiating sub that puts out the same SPL and sound quality at a fraction of the size. Who do you think will sell more and stay in business? Thoughts?
  6. Very nice work. Is that cut from a solid piece or made up of individual segments? If it's segments, there sure are a lot of them.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/745728549310315/ I offered $40, seller is firm at $50. Never had a turntable before. My receiver has a phono input. I have a handful of records that I bought over the years that I'd love to listen to.
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  9. So...I guess nothing but a horn-loaded sub the size of refrigerator will be acceptable to some Heritage owners. OK, that niche within a niche within a niche market would appear to be served satisfactorily by commercial horn subs that are available. But for the rest of us, what is there? SVS, HSU, Rythmik, REL, JL Audio and no doubt others. But none look like Klipsch Heritage, and that is the point. I'd like for Klipsch to build me a high-performance, non-horn sub that would look and work well with Heritage speakers. Yes, I know I'm talking about a product that doesn't exist, and that is precisely the point. I would love for it to exist.
  10. Okies time for ni ni here. Stay safe everyone!
  11. Been in and out of both places many times but with someone else driving. Then again that was LONG ago and today? Ummm, nope not me. Has to be a nightmare. Last time I was in LA I couldn't wait to get outta Dodge. LF I know has a place in some "Tower's." Nice but small but the highlight of my stay there was bumping into porn king Ron Jeremy. Seems he also has or had a place there. That's been years ago. I backed away from him verrrrrry slowly watching his every move! lol
  12. ah, the fabulous forum, one of the iconic concert venues. Have been to MANY a show there. Was talking to Brian May of Queen several years back -- he loves the Forum. I do too; but for different reasons. It is easy to get in and out of and fairly simple to get back to the freeway (you really don't want to make a wrong turn and go deep into some of neighborhoods of Inglewood). I prefer the Hollywood Bowl; but that place can be a total pain in the butt -- especially after the show. Irvine Meadows was another good one -- an amphitheater, right off the freeway, easy access and I always preferred outdoor venues.
  13. I received my CW IV 2 weeks ago. It is clear that they haven't had time to play much since I took them out of their boxes. I mainly listen to CDs. I'm not looking for huge bass but balanced bass that is not behind. Even my JMLab electra 920 speakers (26 cm woofer) play better (but they are also older .. very older). A long time ago I had onken speakers (big boxes with 15" altec 416 like woofers) with altec 1505 horns - 290/291 compressions and jbl 2405 tweeters in multi-amplification, there, it played really well but it was very bulky. I thought I would find in these Cornwall speakers capable of reproducing the whole spectrum in a balanced way without taking the lead. I also think it takes a little time to break them in. Finally, it is possible that my listening room is too high. I'll let some time pass and let the 15 inches soften. For the grilles, it is true that I find it not cool for speakers at this price. I would have preferred grills of the CW III type, prettier for my taste. Good day to you on the other side of the planet. Thank you for your welcome.
  14. I tend to agree with you Zen -- nobody is saying that masks are foolproof; but it doesn't take an Einstein to see that a mask will provide some protection. the argument against wearing masks has zero credibility in my opinion. I'm more cynical than many; but I'll take the vaccine when available. Having chronic asthma, I've spent many hours lying in an emergency room not being able to breath comfortably -- if more people actually experienced struggling to breathe, they'd probably want to do whatever it took to not be in that position again even forfeiting their "right" to be unmasked. To me, this isn't an issue of government control, it's just common sense -- and even more, common decency to those that share this world with us. Peace.
  15. Slipping into this box now. Eagles "Live at The Forum" with Deacon Frey playing in place of his Dad. Recorded in 2018 and just released I felt it was going to be special. I heard it was one of their best ever shows so yea... For a $90 4-lp investment initially it was a little disappointing. Regular old printed paper jackets for one and secondly lots of white/pink noise in the lead IN/OUT grooves. Come on man! Sonically though the first side and now the second side sound great. Nice and clean, crisp and detailed with an open sound stage. If you're not full after a 2 hour play and still need more you're in trouble. Sounds great though!
  16. what have the romans ever done for us?
  17. My pleasure. Not including the used ones left, here is a list of the (13) remaining mint condition factory sealed movies I have for sale for anyone else new to the sale. Mama Patriots Day The Road Warrior Friday/ Freddy/ Freddy vs Jason Jurassic World Apocalypto The Jungle Book (live) Maleficent Coffy (region "B") Life The Incredible Hulk 4K Spider-Man Homecoming 4K Spider-Man Far From Home 4K
  18. Stay well Buddy. Good luck with the move. I'm right there with you .... I haven't eaten out for seven months and that's a world record for me. I do admit the cans of chili and cans of Chef Boyardee Raviolis are getting old. My sister in LA gets home delivery from restaurants most every night and they've not gotten sick. I'll venture out on Tuesday to get my flu shot and hopefully will be brave enough to hit the liquor store on the way home. Need some tequila and bourbon as I'm getting tired of beer & wine (which is all that is sold at grocery stores in this pathetic excuse for a state). I order my groceries on line and drive up and they put them in the back of the truck for me ... haven't been inside a store since March. was a bit discouraged earlier when the tv news came on before I could get a chance to change channels and they said that the virus cases are rising at an unprecedented rate. Sucks to think that after seven months, we're in no better position yet. Give Dawn my regards and you two stay well. Steve
  19. Listening and yea I'd buy it again but if you hit youtube and listen to "Bad Trick," "Drink Til I See Double," "Outlaw Blood," "Fast Left Hand," those are all from his "Co-Starrring" LP that I have. Soooo shop 'em out brother! I'd love to spend your $$ but.... Your $$$! I like it though. Some renegade country imo! It'll fit quite nicely!
  20. you're spot on that myriad things affect the final sound ... type of wood, strings, pickups, amp. are you asking if, for instance, all Rickenbacker 330s with the same strings, same pickups and all ran through the same amp with the same settings will sound similar? Most likely. I have a VOX amp that has pre-set tones that many famous musicians use ... i.e. if you want Brian May's sound click this button. However, if you want to sound like Brian exactly ... are you using a treble booster? Same gauge strings? Even stuff like Brian uses a coin and not a pick, he can use the serrated edge of the coin to get a particular sound that a person using a pick or their fingers won't get. Personally, I RARELY use a pick -- I use my thumb or finger. I like the feel of the string on my finger; but you won't always get the same sound. A lot of variables go into the final sound. Some things are a constant ... mahogany wood is mahogany wood, maple is maple, rosewood is rosewood, size is size. Construction does present some constants.
  21. I was staying at Alona Beach on Panglao Island in Bohol province, one of the top ten scuba diving destinations in the Pacific! Over the past few years there has been a HUGE influx of Korean and Chinese tourists to that area, and while I was there it was NO EXCEPTION! They were everywhere I went there! It was also the height of the tourist season at the time! Many were wearing masks, too! It wasn't until the last two weeks I was there that the news came out about a virus ravaging areas of China...and right before I left, two very ill Chinese tourists went to the hospital, but returned home before their test results came in...both turned out to be positive for the virus! Within two weeks after I got home the entire island was locked down in addition to the rest of the province...but strangely not one single positive case was contracted there according to testing results...only people who had been elsewhere contracted it...and none of the POI (persons of interest) ever showed positive for it. Very weird to me! Manila has had hundreds of cases, but the only cases in Bohol testing positive were OFW (overseas foreign workers) who were returning from elsewhere and had to be quarantined upon arrival! Panglao's entire economy is ruined, and remains ruined today until it finally opens back up in the future. No active cases there and still shut down...no deaths due to it at all! Maybe the people were lightly exposed to it enough to have asymptomatic cases and never really get sick? Who knows? But if I was a scientist, I would go there to find out WHY nobody has died from it, or been extremely sick from it...they might actually find a CURE there...again...who knows?
  22. Just doing what I do... Luckily we've had work at the shop... (our state considers us "essential") .....actually quite busy when our state was 1st shut down. I thought we'd have no work. But customers just dropped off cars that they've been putting off repairs, they were not using their cars for work, I was surprised. Changes coming... The Boss and I are looking for another house. Want a smaller house with some land.. just looking for a few acres... enough to build a nice shop on. I finally convinced her that we don't need a five bedroom house, it's just me and her. We might not have a shop this time next year.... my landlord just passed two weeks ago. don't know what's gonna happen. just the property alone is worth a ton of coin. so his kids might just sell it off once the estate is settled. Don't Know if the use car guys next to my shop will buy the place, they have deep pockets. But they haven't been moving any cars. So the plan has been for us to relocate, build a shop and take my best customers with me, people that are just more that customers. People that have been coming to the shop for years, I've got some that I've known 20+ years...... So maybe get a part time gig.....something like trimming cannabis plants in a grow house and work on cars at my house part time.. This has kinda been the plan for some time, but the boss didn't want to sell the house. We were thinking about putting a building here but she's finally onboard with moving...it makes more sense. So plans have been moved up. So if you remember the boss's mom past couple years back and we still have stuff from their estate. The boss wasn't ready to get rid of things but we have a new plan....everything goes, we list crap on market place every day...I'm selling all kinds of stuff... I'm even unloading a bunch of my Klipsch and my JBL's might also be going. We have acquired quite a hoard over the years....and it can't come with us. But we're ok... we are strong. Since covid hit all we do is go to the shop and come home. We haven't been out to eat and will not do so until the "mask" thing is done. We've only got carry out food three times since covid hit....and this has nothing to do with the virus.. I'm just not spending money.. Anyway.... The Boss says Hi to all I'll be back😉 MKP
  23. The overall depth is just a hair under 5" and it is the perspective that may be deceiving to you. The stack-o-wood was appx 12.83 pounds and for you I will see about a picture.
  24. He'll draw ya into side two... Side one highlight is the first track then the rest is good but when ya flip he kicks it into his mic'd up voice and sounds a lot like Dylan to me and it all just meshes so well. Lemme give it a second listen now and I'll fill ya in a bit more.
  25. I wonder if the Flu will be less dramatic this year as a direct result of (many) people wearing masks. That would pretty much put an end to that “debate”. ...or maybe we will just reach herd immunity for the flu, too I can’t wait until we reach herd immunity from the herd...
  26. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-face-mask-protection-vaccine-cdc-director/ Redfield said if Americans wore face masks for several weeks, "we would bring this pandemic under control," because there is scientific evidence they work and they are our "best defense." "I might even go so far as to say that this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against COVID than when I take a COVID vaccine, because it may be 70%. And if I don't get an immune response, the vaccine is not going to protect me," Redfield said. "This face mask will."
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