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    But when everything is right it's really good, and to think it's as old as it is and can be had used for less then many not even average sounding new speakers. The listening room in Hope at the factory is about the best I have ever heard them, it sounds like the whole back wall and side walls are the speaker.
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    So sorry my friend.....glad you are safe.
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    I don't doubt that, maby at one time but things like trucks and health problems tend to make people take a easier route. I am nothing like I once was, probably why I am still alive but it was not from being hit by a truck or health problems it was much more dangerous, marrage and kids. But I feel very lucky for them and to still be here around them. It's all I have really. It's going to be fine, nothing is permanent and all things pass, be happy for the problems you don't have, it's all we can do in the end.
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    BOOM! 7-10-21... Sweet as sugah...
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    Spinning a selection of Alice Cooper LPs I did promise you that I would 😎 Artist - Alice Cooper Title - Million Dollar Babies, Killer, Welcome To My Nightmare, Muscle Of Love PS I purchased a hard to find amplifier and collecting it tomorrow So more on that later 🤘
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    well ...there´s competion in the house .....my external RF7 EvoTec X-Over .....
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    Wet here too. Took the grands ouuta Dodge City to a trampoline trap last night so they could jump and relieve grandpa of $100. Came back into town and there was water everywhere. Checked the gauge and had 2.5 inches. Got ANOTHER 1.5 last nite. Ohio, the heart of it all. hahahaha Day off today so gonna fire up the gear SOON!
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    never worry about that my friend. yes, hopefully it will be better when I'm back around loved ones and by the way, I'm no where close to the wildest in my family!
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    try this one on ...
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    Might be the wrong thread for this but ya better jump if you see it. Hit mine today a bit and it's a double thumbs up for sure. I'm sure EC gave the okie dokie for this one... Amaing rendition! Sold out everywhere I've looked for a second copy...
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    Some killer selection man. Maybe we can get some time in. A cool thanks for sure. Live nice show. Loud, lol.
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    Hate to see that, water does so much damage. For hurricanes here people think of the wind, the wind is bad but the worst damage is from water and tidal surge. Water is very powerfull, it can remove almost anything. Hope the dam holds up.
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    I don't know about the album... but that crossover must be the coolest ever barebone around! 😎👌
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    Absentmindedly my hand decided to pick up this double album Great choice if I say so myself 😎 Prog at its finest Artist - Renaissance Title - Live at Carnegie Hall Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Renaissance-Live-At-Carnegie-Hall/release/2127656
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    I also went to an open air concert for Welcome To My Nightmare Never recovered from that - so bloody good
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    Nice, thanks man. Been looking at the moon lately. Listening now Earth
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    Again recc to :
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    Youtube got me sidetracked: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=EMOk4UuvkYY&list=OLAK5uy_npllXPwmXZuyIZqQpE1OKZI3e4iWe6ZUA
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    Like the green one, have the red one, heard the third a lot not the fourth yet! Rock On and have fun with the new amp, I'm diggin' mine right now.
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    Follow up: Unruly shrubberies beheaded. Five mesquite trees pruned. Three of them savagely. Tomorrow I play the Lone Ranger: 🎼🎶To da dump, to da dump, to da dump, dump, dump!🎵 The tree you can’t see behind the white shed, was dealt with harshly. It had overgrown into two neighbors yards (fouling pool filters with the tiny leaves) and was threatening the shed. It has since learned better manners.
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    Enjoy it Dave: **NO. The lyrics are not directed at anyone here. I dig the jam!!
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    Time to hit something, preach and teach the youngins today. Funny how they watch your reaction. They kinda snicker so ya just turn and grin right back at 'em. Makes 'em realize ya know your Schiit! Then magically ya all become "family." Funny!
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    I've enjoyed your July the Tenth tid-bits @Dave1291 Can't handle the tease right now though. Let me help with the whole darn show: So close to Hotlanta now if I can pick up a clunker and they show up.. I'm there!
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    In the 1980s, a new political movement had formed in Germany. It was the "green" as a political environmental party that already in the early 80s warned against the human influence of environmental destruction and its consequences. The "Greens" were called "politically incompetent" by the German political establishment. A party that wants to make the people believe that humans does not have nature under control? That was the time you´ve been in Bad Goedesberg. It is only in the last 2 decades that awareness of environmental policy has been firmly anchored in society, thanks to the Green Party. Ridiculous ! Now 40 years later , all the predictions of the entire political worldwide green movement have been confirmed , or does anyone still have doubts about climate change ? Canada with heat records and USA just experienced something similar, only with firestorms....
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    FullRange is sneaky like that and I'm soooo NOT buying that absentmindedly crap! Yay, I just killed that fly that got inside! Been driving me nuts for two days. We all know what "they" say about flies landing on ya... 😂 Gonna be cookin w/gas verrrrrry shortly and the pile is huge! Wait!!! It's RSD too. Can I do both? Ugh!
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    Just picked up on this one. Enjoy and catch a couple incredible solos. They're doing it ALL now and NOT taking prisoners! Yaaaas, it's worth it!
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    Same here, because they say 80% this evening but sunny now also 80% for the next 3 days here. It has been a very wet winter/spring/summer, they say were 20'' above normal so far this year, and our average is 60'' a year.
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    a beautiful sunny day. Bluebird skies. I predict torrential rain this afternoon
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    Thanks for the plug Bobby. I'm enjoying the Chorus I got from you with the Fisher tube amp more than I can say. I hope you and your family are doing well, I remember you were having some difficulty. Crazy times.
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    Welcome to the Forum! Well, the speakers you have are rated at a sensitivity of 96dB at 2.83v (1 watt into 8 Ohms) at 1 meter, in a typical room. To translate that to likely AES measurements and to be conservative, call it 92 dB, but that's at only 1 meter away. Say you are going to sit 12 to 15 feet away, still in that typical room. How many watts per channel would you need, with all channels operating at once (which taxes the receiver or amplifier's power supply more than if you have just 2 channels operating) to provide THX's standard 105 dB instantaneous peaks from the main channels, not counting the sound below 80 Hz that will be bled off to a self powered subwoofer? Your self powered subwoofer will need to produce clean instantaneous peaks of 112 to 115 dB. For your home theater receiver, to power all of your main speakers/channels, my guess is at least a real 80 watts per channel, 8 Ohms, maybe 40 to 20,000, at low distortion (less than ~~ 0.08%??) with ALL channels you will be using operating, to properly strain the amplifier section's power supply. No doubt some people will point out the truth that Klipsch speakers are very efficient (sensitive), but given the problem of fudged home theater receiver specs (such as specifying power output at 1K only, or at a more favorable impedance, or at a high distortion level, or using some other deceptive practice, etc. etc.), I think it is better to build in a safety factor. Do you have just the front left and front right speakers (the R-625FAs) or do you have a complete array of surround, center, and Atmos speakers? Any additional speakers you get should be of more or less similar sensitivity. So, 80 watts per channel, with specs as seen above. OR, if you have a rather live room, with lots of early reflections, THX acknowledges that the peak level above 80 Hz can be lower than 105 db, because early reflections, and many of them, fool the brain into thinking the sound is louder than it would measure with an SPL meter, so maybe 102 dB peaks will do. If so, since each reduction of 3 dB in peak volume halves the amount of amplifier power used, a 40 watt per channel amplifier might, conceivably, do. Most decent home theater receivers start at higher power levels, though (last time I checked). You will want an AVR (audio visual receiver) or AVP (audio visual processor, which requires power amp(s) to go with it) with a subwoofer output (or two for expansion), so you can run 1 or more subwoofers. Naturally, your electronics, must have enough channels to support the number of channels you will have, and be set up for Dolby Atmos. You'll need to check the current features of each contender. Decent brands, providing you avoid the pitfalls discussed above (check magazine reviews that have "bench checks" to confirm specs, or come very close to what you need) are: Marantz Denon NAD Rotel and, if you have the money, McIntosh Luxman N.B. Since the sound levels we have been talking about are instantaneous peaks, they are O.K., unless we are talking about continuously loud sound, like some Rock, Metal, and electronic music. Here is OSHA's take: Since music (and movies!) can have a lot of bass, most people would measure with dBC, "fast," to pick up the bass. EDIT: for some reason the OSHA chart didn't come through, so I'll try again:
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    Feeling nostalgic again More from a fabulous Australian band Artist - The Masters Apprentices
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    hope you like prog!
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    Oh yea, just what we need to see... ANOTHER hard to find amp in YOUR hands. Here we go again... More drool to wipe from out chinny-chin-chins... Alice? Sure and now ya got me thunkin on that one... RSD tomorrow and I've got another stinking list. Never stops... Nevah!
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    Just getting closer... Luxman R-117 is in with tech for a full refresh, can’t wait to get it back. Got an Outlaw 5000. 5 channel power amp for the rest of the channels and just picked up a Sony 55 inch OLED tv to finish things off. Now we have to do wiring, wall mount(s), furniture, painting and decorating. Budget is nearly depleted! Oh, and build Heresy clones with son-in-law to be.
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    Okay so update I got back home and plugged the record player into my 600s. I am hearing the same really tweeters and the distortion. So that is being introduced by the record player. I am going to take my grounding plates tomorrow and test out the 280FAs again with proper Klipsch grounding plates and a digital source to take record player out of equation. Unfortunately the serial number checker is down on the klipsch site so no way to tell when they were bought. I will update tomorrow.
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    Any Grand Funk Railroad fans here??? Love these guys https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=eOmoA1b9Nik&list=RDAMVMeOmoA1b9Nik
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    Scott W was such a great R&R singer, it's a shame he left so quickly. STP were a big part of my 90s, yours too if you had R&R radio on!
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    And here's the rest of the Thrifstore bounty... 1) Neil Diamond live, double album... Can't miss with that one! 2) Two Herb Alpert albums... I was intrigued by the fact that the cover pictures were used from the same photoshoot. Same clothes, same people in the picture. Different songs. 3) Tom Jones Delilah? and Frank Sinatra's Christmas album. Wow!!! 4) Then 4 classical albums, of which 2 are particular interesting: those with Eugene Ormandy conducting. Isaac Stern's is mono, but a very convincing performance.
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    Part one of this weeks bounty after a visit to the local thriftstore (I bought about 10 albums in total). These two I'm enjoying all day: 1) Jon and Vangelis, The Friends of Mr Cairo: a very big surprise for me was the song 'The State of Independence', which I only knew from the Donna Summer cover (?). This music is new to me and I'm pleasantly surprised! 2) Vangelis, Chariots of Fire: with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games about to begin, a very appropriate title...
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    The weather is going crazy! Where I live (green provinces) the sun is shining, while in the east of Belgium, severe flooding with people drowning and whole cities flooded. Many casualties, more than 5, wit many missing, in Germany over 20 casualties. Rain will keep falling until tomorrow morning. BBC News - Germany floods: At least 33 dead and dozens missing after record rain https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-57846200 Trying to be connected, without cynicism or sarcasm, put on Handel's Watermusic. Keep safe!
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    Well, I just finished trimming my huge hedge, something I hate doing. See picture. Can't wait until 'hedge trimming drones' can be purchased, I'd call it the 'Hedge Chopper'. @MicroMaraKeep the faith! Hope the procedure will help.
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    I heard Dire Straits "Money For Nothing" today and it said the other F word w/o censorship. I just listened again to be sure and sure 'nuff Mark said ****** several times. And to top it off I went and checked out Country Joe and The Fish's Fish cheer from Woodstock. yep they said it several times...in fact 3 or 4 hundred thousand people screamed it. So my experience is not like yours.
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    Yes. If you've been to orchestral concerts, you'll know that the sound becomes more diffuse--not like "audiophile" recordings that put one instrument/voice in one channel with the microphone positioned within a metre of the performer. Having said that, I do recognize that there is a lot more "dimensionality" of orchestral music in terms of the directions from which the sound arrives at the listener. For instance, when I listen to one of my favorite Blu-Ray performances... ...when the disc loads, it defaults to stereo. When played in stereo, the sound is a bit distant and diffuse sounding, although it is excellent in all other ways. However, when switched to 5.1 mode, it literally comes alive. It's not close...and the dimensionality of the recording space emerges as if you're sitting in the audience (about half way back from the stage). I think you should recognize that the stereo format itself will tend to do this, not the recording engineers' placement of microphones. Yuja Wang is also very easy on the eyes, and is spectacular on the Prokofiev #1 concerto--and the Lucerne Festival Orchestra is composed of section-leading musicians from across the EU, led by Claudio Abbado--who is a superb interpreter of Mahler and late Romantic era symphonies and concertos. At times, you're "in the orchestra" with the presence that I remember when I played in such ensembles. I do recommend EuroArts and ArtHaus Blu-Ray recordings made within the last 12 years or so. I developed the 5.1 experience in my main rig specifically so I could listen to these types of recordings. Daniel Barenboim and the Staatskapelle Berlin Blu-Ray recordings of the Beethoven five piano concertos is simply captivating--in a way I've never experienced from home hi-fi before. EDIT: By the way, if you're ever through the D/FW area, feel free to drop in for a listen. I can't describe what I hear--in words. I live about 25 minutes away from D/FW International in far west Arlington (near the Lake). PM me if you're planning a stopover. In the almost 15 years of starting work on the setup, it sounds pretty good nowadays, especially if you like classical. Chris
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