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  1. Schu

    Art Work vs Value

    it's a wonderful story... but it doesn't add to or subtract from her artistic abilities unless her travels were specifically driven by artistic endeavors or learning. art galleries are kind of like arseholes... everyone's got one. Whether or not they are successful or if they have profitable traffic patterns is something else. it's a relatively nice looking piece and has some size to it... so I think my personal impressions as fairly spot on in terms of valuation... it's a 'Decorative' piece in the 900-2500 range in a gallery setting. I think they pump these art pieces out by the boat load from China and India... In which case it would be worth SIGNIFICANTLY less.
  2. Schu

    Art Work vs Value

    Nope... but it's doesn't hurt.
  3. is anyone looking for a pair of Cornwall B type Crossovers? I purchased them here and never used them... aesthetically they look great, I can not verify function because I have no way to test the sonics, but I would be willing to bet they are fine. Shoot me an offer...
  4. An oldie from my Memphis days...
  5. Schu

    Internet sleuthing

    Stalking is great fun and a family past time... awkward
  6. I have NO interest in changing from the Professional Jubilees to the Consumer Jubilees at this point, regardless of their capabilities... I find something VERY endearing about the the Original folded horn Bass Bin over the modern Ported design even though it's less capable. UJ has been tough to wrestle with, and its been trouble to get right... but it's been a cool journey.
  7. No Corners... No Walls... And most certainly, NO ROCK!
  8. Seriously... they are your Speakers, do what you want. Just don't expect anyone else to admire or agree with what you've done. :/thread
  9. Hey Craig... can the NBS be modified to Balanced input outputs if I am only using one or two inputs? I am just curious
  10. Schu

    Food Porn

    Lot's of that Home Made Sauce... that's the only way. We are still trying to perfect the recipe, and there is still some finesse to go but it was Delicious for sure. The hardest part is finding the Goat supply on a regular ongoing basis. We're not like Mike @Thaddeus Smith over here
  11. Schu

    Food Porn

    Made some Birria using Chivo for home made taco goodness
  12. I am not clicking on ANY link in this thread...
  13. Can you two get a room please... no one wants to see you two bicker and then kiss to make up.
  14. I didn't know where both Compressor and Limiter came from in terms of audio playback.
  15. I had a less than stellar pairing of a Hattor and my VRD's... while it was fine, it was not stellar. I found the sound as lifeless and flat... even though the unit was CLEAR.
  16. Ive actually found the tube effect counter to yours OP... I while Vinyl was awesome, I also found that with Digital, Tube's take the edge off and makes it MORE palatable.
  17. What are the 'Advantages' of a 'Stereo' bass? Bass and low frequencies are not directional and the 'snap shot' of the output and phase issues I posted are indeed of one frequency... not ONLY indicative of One frequency. they are a snap shot after all... But I would have thought that would be apparent. comb filtering, phase issues don't change or reduce with frequency, they still occur... what changes is the shape of the interference patterns... but they are still there
  18. Buy a new amplifier that costs twice as much as your speakers... that should be good enough.
  19. I hope, given your ability to build a network and replace a diaphragm, that you didnt think that room placement and clocking would solve a distortion issue... The idea of horn coloration is a non sequitur in my humble opinion when it comes to the La Scala or Klipschorn.
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