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  1. Reminds me of a dixielander.
  2. If it is hidden and not seen doesn't matter. Vetor cans are my fave. They come in round and square. I also dig these tube socket turrets.
  3. I had some spare pieces of high quality MDF leftover from project. I left them out on the side of the house in a scrap pile for 2 years. They got wet frozen baked in the sun. I only tossed them in the trash last week but not bloated ot deformed. They were discolored. Not sure how or what the crap I bought but I can't say MDF is inferior. As for material use just use what is best for the project.
  4. I knew a guy who made absinthe locally. Crazy stuff.. This was in the 90's. Not sure I would take the risk today...
  5. I've done this three times now. I've also started using vector cans but they are rare so I use on special projects only.
  6. Same thing in Little Rock. The trader joes freezer section was emptied.. I thought it might be a good idea to limit exposure to restauraunts as they may be the last to send someone sick home. The good news is flight prices are at all time lows. I can get to Bahamas or CostaRica for 300. I believe some forum members owe apologies for over reactions to Klipsch closing Pilgrimage 8-)
  7. Need better pics but I'd hazard to say shorthorn or rebel... More pics please!
  8. How silly is not what my friend in Italy is saying right now...
  9. This is a bummer but better safe than sorry. I had three concerts to go to this spring and every band I planned on seeing has cancelled their tours. This seems to be in line with current trends.
  10. seti

    Can’t sleep

    Valerian root has a terrible smell. My wife won't let it back in the house. Actually not anecdotal. There has been alot of research and with the uptick in use even more research to continue. Where I agree with you on an ecdoital is the magical cure all of CBD oil on its own. They think it can cure anything. I have had some luck with EmergenZZZZZZ not for staying asleep but for getting to sleep. https://www.emergenc.com/products/sleep
  11. seti

    Can’t sleep

    Funny you say that but I went to a local dispensary grand opening. I spoke to a doctor who was there about my issues sleeping and he said he had a combo of cbn cbd and small amount thc that would make me sleep all night and wake up refreshed. Very interesting all the conditions they can treat. Still thinking about it.
  12. Sounds like the place to be for that line of work. Don't have to stay forever. Make the money and run 8-) I've had a few friends live there and love it very much. The driving and traffic is what made them leave. It is rediculous.
  13. Yeah but that cinema top hat is awesome. I'd use it in my house.
  14. They can but maybe tube amps if active. I can't remember if there is a three way passive crossover out there. That is the hard part. If there is then no problem.
  15. Such is the level of denial of the reality some live in... Thoughts and prayers 8-)
  16. That is awesome. I don't understand why they add that awful green glow when you have the beautiful glow of tubes.
  17. Very cool... The only thing that bugs me is the LED lights under the tubes... Disgraceful.. Can they be removed??
  18. That one is pretty small but could have good stuff in it. Post some guts pics. .. I'm currently restoring the first stereo console ever made an Ampex. The hard part is that it is chock full of electrolytic cans but I gotta plan for that.
  19. It is absolutely worth it. I prefer big speakers in small rooms to small speakers in small rooms. If the room is a compromise why compromise the speakers? Turn em up 8-) I think that looks great... Your scott is a great match and much much better than any trends tripath or class d.
  20. Terrible way to go for such a sweet person.
  21. I pinged Travis so he will chime in. I've seen Ian Moore play a few times over the years and it should be a great show.
  22. I'm bang'n yo! I concentrated on speed triangle for years then went to the recorder.
  23. Couldn't disagree more. Have you listened to it? I've spent a massive amount of time listening to George Wright amplifiers and preamplifiers. I've owned just about all of his 2a3 amplifiers especially these monos and they sound superb. As they say if it measures wrong but sounds right your measuring the wrong thing.
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