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  1. Since you guys know all about this, I'll ask a question. I've been considering (for a while now) upgrading from my 5-7 year old Panasonic dvd player to Bluray, and I've decided the player will be an Oppo. I'm pretty sure I can get by with an 83, but I'm not sure. Price is a big concern, and my wish is for a region-free player, good (not necessarily the best) audio, going into an old Denon 3300. Would the 83 suit my needs? I have a cheap LG LED tv, a year old. Oh, and 3D is not desired.
  2. It was a Koetsu, rookie. ;^) You probably had to play the video 3 times to remember that. Koetsu. Isn't that Japanese. Aren't they another nation of poxy wankers. Speaking of poxy wankers, I've emailed twice with a question about my Ortofon RS 212 without a reply . Has your email changed? Nope, only saw the video once!Check yer PMs...
  3. Very cool! It can only go up in value, I'm sure. Plus, you've got some great music to listen to.
  4. I'd say toed-in. You want the horns pointing at you when you're in the sweet spot. Have you heard Just a Little Lovin' by Shelby Lynne? If not, pick it up and give it a spin. If you like female vocals, it will knock yer socks off!
  5. So basic, it's unusable for anyone setting up a turntable at home. She adjusts the tracking force for one cartridge, then swaps the cartridge. I understand the time constraints (I HATE having someone watch me while I'm fiddling with gear), but come on...
  6. I've got to agree with bhendrix et al, regarding not protecting my ears. Why are we so d@mn stupid when we're young? I've been able to keep most of the good audio gear I've acquired, or at least sold it for respectable prices. That, of course, created a storage problem. It also is causing my wife to go nuts. Reading these tales is making me want to clutch this stuff closer! It's a real problem, especially since this personality glitch of mine applies to all sorts of objects. I don't mind getting rid of stuff, I really don't. But I have to get a decent price (or see that it goes to a deserving person). The regret comes in when I see something I sold/gave away has substantially increased in value. Bruce, 25 years ago I found, at a garage sale, a beautiful, mint condition mid-60s Gibson L4-C. I already had a '73 D-28 (which I still own), so I sort of fancied myself a beginning guitar collector. Maybe 10 years later, with the kids small, and needing dough, I took the Gibson down to a well-respected guitar shop in Palo Alto (Gryphon Stringed Instruments) to consign it. They put a $1100 price tag on it, and it sold fast. I pocketed around $880, which was decent at the time (no eBay or Craigslist yet!). As they say, that money is gone, and I know that gee-tar is worth a whole lot more. I try not to think about it!
  7. Bent stylus? Drown your sorrows in some Bent Fabric!
  8. When I bring ladies home, the first thing I do is oil them up. I understand the sheer joy you're experiencing. That will happen again when you upgrade the crossovers! For now, enjoy the sweet sweet sounds. Merry Christmas!!
  9. fini


    The first one I bought with my own money was "A Session With Gary Lewis and the Playboys." I always liked the photo on the back of the cover, where Gary's Dad (comedian Jerry Lewis) was seated, checking out the records, while Gary stood by. It seemed Gary was really craving his Dad's approval. Before that, I'd received Chipmunk albums ("AAAALVIIIIN!!"), The Sword in the Stone soundtrack, etc. Of course my older sister was buying Beatled albums, while my brother leaned toward folk (Dylan, Pete Seeger, Peter Paul and Mary). I still love 'em all!
  10. So guys, ask for help lifting, don't try to be a he-man, take safety seriously.
  11. I feel your pain, Smith, I truly do. I fell 16 feet, my head right next to a big chunk of concrete. I got the same beautiful backside, with the addition of a lovely hematoma. How old are you? Look for this one to rear its ugly head 10-15 years down the road. That's my life, and I fight the pain 'n' stuff daily now. I wish you the best, truly.
  12. Let's Get a Physical--Dr. Olivia Newton John
  13. Be careful ordering Chuck's "three finger stuff," especially today. Might be three real fingers. Congratulations!! I think you're doing the right thing. Do you get to keep your health insurance? That's a huge issue for us. Cathy buys insurance from work. Expensive, and doesn't cover s#it. I'm expecting an enormous bill for Saturday's ER visit. Great. We haven't brought in more than we've paid in a month for I don't know how long. Is it too early to start drinking?? ;^)
  14. I had a fun weekend. Saturday in the emergency room. They say I had passed a kidney stone, but I didn't notice it, at least where I figure I should have. I DID feel it in the kidneys. Man, I could not get into any sort of comfortable position. Finally my wife took me in. Got some pain medicine (hello, morphine!), had a CT scan, peed in a cup and gave probably 1/2 pint of blood (not too bad, the phlebotomist was super cute). A round on me, chums! Time (and 2 more Giant wins) have got me feeling way better!!
  15. Ahem...You still there, Marty?
  16. OK, to really make this attractive to heavy K-heads, the internal amp would have to be an exact replica of a Brook 12A , with a Brook preamp. THAT I would LOVE. from our friend seti's fabulous site: http://itishifi.blogspot.com/2009/12/brook-12a-and-pwk-mod-12a3ki.html
  17. It's impossible to choose! I guess the ones that don't go over my head...
  18. Thebes, you're close. I was putting the final touches on my fish shop, The Rage of Aquariums. Actually, I'm in the last year of my third 19 year old cycle (NOT 57). One more year and I'm 1 again! Thanks all for the birthday love!
  19. Thanks for the help, guys! Marvel, I will look into the Garage Band thing.
  20. Wasn't "Hot Sauce Fairy" a song and album by Ted Nugent?
  21. Heh, that was fine for 2010, but I'm trying to improve on the audio quality this year!
  22. I was thinking if I knew more about AM circuits, that I could hack into the thing and somehow replace the internal tuner with the Sony's, but tuning with the Radioshark is done digitally (using the computer) so it's not so simple (or even possible?). I think the direction that would yield the best sound quality is to try and get some outboard delay processor with RCA inputs and outputs. Even if I had to rent it for a month...
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