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  1. What are you guys doing for center channel in the new set up?
  2. Wonder what those will start off at? I bet quite a pretty penny. I am still using my Panasonic VT series plasma, which I still think looks great. I have a smaller Hisense 50" that we got when we got our new mattress, and it's pretty good, but I like my Panny picture better, even though its 1080p. I know Hisense is not the Cadillac of brands obviously. Some of the pictures on the new 4 K almost look too hyper realistic if that's a phrase that makes sense. It doesn't quite look real world. Where as my Panny plasma looks more warm and normal to me, and is very detailed to me. So I haven't made the jump to 4K on my main TV I watch most of the time.
  3. Same here. I have a 65" Plasma from Panasonic, and then a 4 K smaller tv. And to me, my older plasma just looks better to me. More realistic to me. GLWS.
  4. Kemah is a nice place to see! Of course I am biased. Can throw in a boat ride around the bay too of course!
  5. I live here in Houston. I'm waiting on a sale of property, which if it happens soon I would love to get these. Don't hold them quite yet for me if you have a good solid offer otherwise, but I am hoping that the property sells and if it does and these are still available I would love to grab them.
  6. What are you using as an amp for these? Are you using them as a desk top speaker for computer use? Whats your set up as far as DAC (using DAC in the computer I imagine?) And then what do you drive them with. And how have you found that works?
  7. In the listening room in Hope, I too thought the Forte 3's sounded better than the F7II's. And I would have to say they gave the Khorns a close race. My son and I both thought they were very close to the Khorns, and we would be happy with those any day. I have the Jub's myself, and my son has my old Khorns. I also have a pair of Forte 2's in my bedroom system, and I have always liked them better than some Cornwalls I used to have, my LaScallas, and they sound close to the Khorns. The Jub's top them yes, but that's a completely different animal in terms of money and size etc. All of that to say, is that my Forte 2's are one of my all time favorite speakers, and I have most all Heritage speakers or have had them in the past. And the next speaker I would be buying at this point will be some pairs of Forte 3's, they are simply that good. Until then, I do love my Forte 2's and am thrilled with them, and will always keep them around.
  8. I think you will love that combo. I love how my McIntosh gear with my Oppo sounds.
  9. This is Me Loves Khorns, his father who started the audio madness!!! The Choruses are industrial model ones. We found them at a pawn shop at a great price couple of years ago. His Heresy's are spotless and in better shape functional and visually. So he has been experimenting using the two different speakers with both his Yamaha SS Integrated, and then also using the Yammy as a preamp for his ST-70 amp.
  10. Or, to throw another variable in the mix, the Forte III is almost out. It would have very similar footprint of the 7's. I don't know what the price point difference would be between the new Forte 3 and 7's II or III. We heard the new Forte's in Hope recently, and they were amazing. They had Forte 3 and 7 II's and then Khorns all hooked up. To me, the Forte's were amazing. I found them more balanced and full sounding than the 7's. And darn close to the what the Khorns sounded like honestly. Of course the Khorns sound great, but they quite a bit bigger and have less WAF etc. But if I were you, I would wait until you could get a chance to listen to the new Forte's and the new 7's back to back and then decide.
  11. If I changed mine I guess it would be Me Loves Jubs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I have been thinking about using some older Heresy's I have too for this use, I look forward to seeing how you get them put up there!
  13. My first Klipsch were LaScalla's. Found them in news paper, got good deal. The guys wife was making him get little Bose speakers instead. They went into a small apartment, but worked great. Now, 21 years later, still have them, still sound great.
  14. Congrats!! Be sure to put up pics once they are in!
  15. The ones on the site look to be their 'entry' level gear. I am glad to see the brand 'get out more'. Like yall said, companies have to conform to the times to keep going I suppose. I love my Mac gear. Klipsch and McIntosh are my ears perfect combo. That being said, I have never bought a McIntosh amp or pre/pro new. And the ones I have I know will last for decades to come, and still hold their value, very much like my Khorns and other Klipsch speakers will hold their value too.
  16. Very interesting mix of the various eras of Klipsch speakers. I'm almost the opposite. Jub's in front with Palladium for center. Love that too.
  17. Now that is cool, love the idea. I have thought if I ever switch from the Forte ll setup I would do similar, just a single mwm bin and maby a 510 horn for the center to match the 402's. The rears is where I would have a big problem, unless I could get by with the fortes, that's all the room I have for the back and they even have to be up my the ceiling pointing down. I am using Forte II's as rears with my Jubilee's up front, and they work great back there.
  18. I like the look on the wall. They are rather shallow in depth, compared to many others.
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