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  1. If available: Traffic ZZ Top Best of ZZ Top Tres Hombres Neil Young Everyone Knows 10,000 Maniacs Steppenwolf Birthday Ten Years After A Space in Time Thanks, Kevin
  2. kevinmi

    Speaker Covers

    I had this company make me some turntable covers a while back.http://www.customdustcovers.com/
  3. The bass bins will not come apart, except for the trap door for the woofer. Everything else is glued together. The tops are screwed together, so they can be disassembled easily.
  4. There's a pair for sale up by me in MI that I'm thinking of picking up. Probably too far from you though.
  5. POR 15 is very hard when dry, so painting over it without the paint peeling might involve scuffing up the POR 15 before painting over it. It also contains isocyinates, which isn't good for your lungs, so wear a respirator when applying
  6. I went that route on my K-Horns years ago, but ended up using a single tube amp for everything, which I think sounds better.
  7. I sold off all my Mac SS stuff and went tubes 10 years ago. No regrets!
  8. Probably the best they ever sounded!
  9. What's next, K-Horns at Wal-Mart?
  10. One reason I decided to go to work for GM was because of the insurance and pension. It pays to think about the future.
  11. I have no experience with Jubes, but I always prefer my K-Horns on the long wall.
  12. What Glens said. In simple terms, it optimizes the needle to be perpendicular to the record grooves
  13. I have always preferred a 3 way system over a 2 way for music. I think the Reference line is better off for home theater use. My opinion only.
  14. kevinmi

    What I Got Today!

    You mean you didn't pardon one?
  15. I own one of those amps. Best sound I've had in my system. Someone needs to buy this, you will not be disappointed! GLWS
  16. kevinmi


    I'm looking for a cabinet like that. Unfortunatly, distance is our enemy here. GLWS
  17. I like some of Cary Audio's stuff, mainly their preamplifiers. The founder of Cary Audio, Dennis Had, sold the company and makes amps on his own now under the Inspire name. Might be something you would be interested in.
  18. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/113765-finally-done-210hz-kevhorns-pics-added-1-30/?hl=kevhorns
  19. With my old ears it would definitely be a waste of money. One always wonders where the cutoff point is between cost vs results.
  20. I've been interested in what a cost is no object set of crossovers would sound like. Someone have them built so I can come over and hear them, please!
  21. I usually switch to wine, but it's a tad bit too early still.
  22. I found this place a while ago, don't know anything about them.http://www.speakerworks.com/speaker_grill_cloth_fabric_s/25.htm
  23. 4 different blood pressure meds, 1 prescription generic prilosec. Plus temporarily on muscle relaxers and 800mg ibuprofen for back pain (degenerative verts).
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