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  1. no need to cut anything , just mount the tweeter on a bracket on the outside , what kind of tweeters do you have
  2. 1 more Canadian added to the list , Welcome @alan-bc
  3. your speakers were made in 1983 based on the pictures
  4. the LS II 2 piece cabs are a serious improvement over the 1 piece LS , and the AL-5 is even better
  5. you're better off locating a set of blown k-77-M ferrite square magnet tweeters , and transfer the diaphragms , but the job is delicate
  6. I dont think you can re magnetize an Alnico magnet with the diaphragms connected to the magnets , the original EV T-35 diaphragms are unobtanium , the aftermarkets are not the same quality , you can unsolder the diaphragms , and transfer them to ferrite square EVT35 magnets , you'll need a pair of blow k-77M tweeters , then comes the delicate work because you'll need to solder on an extension to the leads using flat copper leads ,
  7. OO1


    you can share payment and tracking information via a PM , pm's are private messages
  8. please add your location , city ? this would allow forum members in your area to get in contact with you .
  9. Willy , keep up the good spirits , stay focused better days are ahead , Prayers sent
  10. klipsch stopped punching the serial no around 1983 , your Heresy 1 speakers could be made in 1983 or 1984 the serial nos are 061 / 059 ,are not consecutive but very close .....basically you own the 59th and 61st Heresy1--from 1983 ,or 1984 only way to find out if you own a 1983 or 1984 is by looking at the drivers , let's start by removing the rear access panel
  11. you can try these guys ....give em a call ahead of time , EXCEL AUDIO 4678 Campus Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660 949-933-1599
  12. some real lucky dude , saved 50% off a new pair of CW IV , betcha he got em for 3k$ flat
  13. Dean's email dgwescott@gmail.com
  14. you're not looking at the right place , you'll find a punched serial number at the back of the speaker ,,,,,,,,, top panel , at the center of the panel ,
  15. OO1


    sales tax 🍁 is 15% on top
  16. OO1


    new Jubes in London Ontario Canada ,
  17. Jose , these CW IV are in Denton TX https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649961962-klipsch-cornwall-iv-expertly-packed-all-details-available/images/4365786/
  18. Rob , my mistake ... you'll need 5 posts to activate the PM . Private Message feature
  19. klipsch switched to Class D amps ,,,,,chip amps ?
  20. mailto:info@indyaudiolabs.com https://www.indyaudiolabs.com/about-us
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