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  1. PWK tested the K-55V with klipsch's various horns and so did the Engineering Team , this " plane wave tube measurements " based on Atlas Sound's testing methods has nothing to do with Klipsch unless one believes in fairy tales
  2. the midrange horn of a Belle is smaller , you're better off with a Lascala , the mids horn of a Lascala is 400Hz , the Belle mids horn is 500Hz because the speaker s not a deep , therefore the horn had to be made shorter ,the quality sound will favor the Lascala and btw , the LS shares the mids horn with the Top of the line Khorn
  3. 850$ sounds great- -modifying / drilling into the Factory terminal cup would affect the resale value
  4. OO1


    Go Chiefs go , 10 points spread 17-10 Ravens
  5. you're projecting a subconscious image of yourself
  6. tx for the great review
  7. the KP-450A are klipsch Pro speakers with casters and handles , your speakers were Made in 1993 based on the serial # you provided - cabs are 3/4 inch birch plywood , the cabs come in 2 pieces , the Low Frequency cab has two 15 inch K-45-E woofers , the HF cabinet has a K-69M compression driver with a K-501 horn
  8. the specs of the 70's -80's K-55V with the original Atlas diaphragm indicated that it extended to 6KHz whether single or dual phase plug and so does the K-55M , but the K-55M was hotter , and we all know that the newer 2001 K-55X , PD5VH including the newer D-20GB diaphragms only extend to 4100Hz .
  9. Jesse , do both passives have the same diameter or is the KD-15-ST a tad larger , does the KD-15-ST fit in the Forte II
  10. great idea , buy an AA kit from JEM + the missing parts , skip the Zener diodes , if you dont like the sound of the K-55M with the AA , you can sell these off and buy K-55V drivers , both K-55V and K-55M extend to 6KHz as long as the diaphragms are Original .
  11. too bad , that the Forte series does not have a 15 inch woofer option , call it a Forte IV Plus or X , but please , give us a bigger woofer
  12. he was favoring the Yamaha AS-801
  13. The Heresy 1,5 were Heresy 1 speakers ,all the H1 series have removable rear panels , the H II 1985 and up are sealed
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