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    WOW , the Chiefs have a Dynasty , unbelievable , seconds from losing and they win the SB
  2. OO1

    Heresy HOR $800

    1984 , last year of production for the Heresy 1
  3. used klipsch parts can sell very fast if the price is right , for top dollar Ebay.....USAaudiomart.com
  4. did you take out the tweeter ? we can do a few tests
  5. nope , 2 dB less efficient if that
  6. grab the good tweeter and test it on 2 crossovers with music playing at low level , does it work ? yes both networks are A1 - if the good tweeter does not work on 1 of the 2 networks , you have a bad network you can do the same test with the 2nd tweeter to confirm. - However....... if 1 tweeter fails on both networks , you got a bad tweeter diaphragm https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-k77f-127126-diaphragm/
  7. no affiliation https://www.ebay.com/itm/325823258608?hash=item4bdc945ff0:g:yesAAOSwo71lDdjc&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA8FORaIgEinx9ZqKtBYNZCkzxsioc39jB15FfefHc4oVKJ2mRTfzXtrIcoCxALJ5rwEGK%2Fvq0uXw6CGHIV%2FvQBPXX13Y6v%2FPAEKc6yaHC6dSUkpDAVUt3bh%2Bm11M10lSZib%2BRK%2B0WAMwxKsVC%2FdmRnADFEsvw9xKlT6d1vdfJTqRKuC7kZv2F8RG8Txq38miCPufsfT2JUNL9N0DSAxMypYLTHpG%2FoOckjd2v0ZwJnGt2CpTC3PGOHChw8JxmsytFE34BfFsarGWFzUfF4iXj4I1s3xYV0ckw8z3%2BlMg%2B%2BkyNMFC8yl6pr%2FWCz%2BcFVhc36g%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8yikIeyYw
  8. if you have good corners , enclosed backs on Khorns will not help to increase the LF , the enclosed backs will allow you to move the Khorn out of the corner for toe in , but , you still need a corner in close proximity .
  9. I hear you , you can post the Golden Ears Triton 7's on the Garage Sale section of the Forum -new H IV with lamb's wool grilles sell for 2600$ a pair on Ebay , https://www.soundseller.com/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/295983798509?hash=item44ea0258ed:g:tRsAAOSw6JdlRqOr&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4NGXI5XAoWJwlHdpyGgGX%2B1WyxHQsP2o3Fg8g7sElMQb96w0Gl4%2BZMqrbzXEkNmyYMKfMp3DXtB3CGwqDTocogM0Pbx9uGrgiuDIyfzhknHf1f2WoxBpd%2BevZXUQt%2FBz5nor2MrTcHII2jMO3dUh90Af8L3rpbIXS1gJJlM0wUmI2xv3%2FJ%2BezWIfxolPPo588stBTeViP4OoYrPrWwpIyDLUb3v6HSt2HrtiVzF%2Fpx2unai6prHomIMMjo9pbtC%2BNp%2F1ZjSWwOggVzztGiWORNn64omlxeJaEMsYgFbBzVa%2F|tkp%3ABFBM-NLitbFj ,
  10. Henning , for the Palladium tweeters , Klipsch parts replacements were sold as a complete tweeter assembly
  11. make em an offer...... 1500$ for the used pair
  12. Cornwall IV are exceptional speakers , but here 's a really great deal in Nashville 2/3 off the price , yep 700 miles away from Des Moines , 1 Pair of MINT -BRAND NEW Cornwall III for 2300$ , once these are gone , they're gone
  13. less than 1k$ for a pair of used Heresy IV wow , how can that be possible ?........., run dont walk
  14. stick to buying a pair of klipsch K-79 or K-75 or the newer K-107 Ti tweeters , steer away from cloned aftermarkets
  15. You wired the new Power Supply incorrectly or you may have a DOA Power Supply or a bad main board,
  16. OO1


    beautiful , GLWTS
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