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  1. The Heresy 1,5 were Heresy 1 speakers ,all the H1 series have removable rear panels , the H II 1985 and up are sealed
  2. You're confusing the AL series for the Lascala and the AK series for the Khorn
  3. the Altec 19 was not marketed or sold as a studio monitor but it's that good , HIFI Engine lists the Model 19 as a Studio Monitor https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/altec-lansing/19.shtml
  4. it's the other way around
  5. Klipsch had staff shortages during the beginning of the pandemic , but this was pretty much the same in all industries , with the lock down , and people working from home with less resources , but oddly at the same time as the outbreak and social distancing , Klipsch got a boost in sales with products selling out like hotcakes raising the amount of inquiries exponentially .
  6. the Altec Model 19 cant be compared to a Lascala -Khorn or even a Cornwall , it was basically a large 70's studio monitor with veneer and grilles
  7. the Chorus III was never manufactured , how can klipsch skip to the Chorus IV if a Chorus III was never released
  8. the KD-16 was available in 2021 , but quantities were limited ,you can always PM @Chief bonehead as a last resort
  9. Here's the reply from Klipsch Product Support ... Part number/description: 1000595 - KD-16 (M) (NO STOCK) , " we no longer have stock of that item due to age of the product (as it has been discontinued and/or is no longer in production) " ......................... I think the KD-15-ST is an option to consider , previous forum members were impressed with this newer drone 's sound , it fits tight , and minor adjustments are needed to make it perfect with a dremel tool , it's a tad larger on the outer rim but not by much. the pictures are from a previous member's Chorus II installation of the Forte III drone .
  10. it's OO1 , klipsch supplied capacitors are recommended by klipsch , sold by klipsch , and used by klipsch in all their new speakers , klipsch make these products available to Forum members who wish to restore their crossovers at an affordable price . .@JEM Performance https://jemperformanceaudio.com/capacitor-kits - klipsch capacitors restore the original klipsch sound in older crossovers without requiring to replace additional parts regardless of whether the networks are 40-45-50 years old .
  11. the seller has not been on the Forum since Sept 4 -2019
  12. it's OO1 , some people think ( myth ) that the older inductors , wiring ,caps require replacement , while the Original klipsch 40 year old parts actually test better on specs versus new 3rd party parts that do not match klipsch specs , the result is a speaker that no longer sounds like a klipsch speaker .
  13. It aint a klipsch upgrade , but a DIY with aftermarket parts
  14. the aftermarket recones will cost more money after expenses vs new ones , and they may not even sound like klipsch drones .
  15. 2 years working on transport Chinooks in an action zone , now that 's some serious work experience
  16. nope , the AL-5 / LS II do not produce tremendous vibrations , and I will tell you why ? klipsch use anechoic chambers since 1980 to test their designs in order to route out issues such as vibrations , 1 inch MDF is overkill , the LS-II / AL-5 do not vibrate , they are over engineered .
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