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  1. 640For saw. Two rails at 129 each. Clamps are 39 each. And vac is 475 I thought the 640 included the first 55" rail....................Guess not they nickle and dime you on the accessories - big time - and they are very delicate stuff as well - the saw is as small as they get - but you gotta be careful - as the tracks can bend - the plastic can break - so easy does it - if you want it to last - the vaccum is a neat job , and it works -though -
  2. It seems the hypocrisy is strong in this thread (this is tongue in cheek, don't get offended). Look at how much members here pay for gear. A $750 DAC when your computer sound card will work just as well? Heritage speakers when Synergy's will do the job? Jeesh. You get what you pay for. I strongly Disagree with the Dac comment, However I strongly agree you get what you pay for ESPECIALLY with TOOLS, there is a right tool for the job in every situation I have ever encountered and I have LONG been an ADVOCATE for buying the right tool ONCE, This is one of my peeves with my dad he will buy the cheapest tool to get the job done and wonder why the results come out as they do, I had to stop working WITH him, If I do anything for him now he must leave the area and allow me to do it myself Just watched a 10 minute video on the festool and I can tell you that thing looks like the RIGHT TOOL, Looks like they thought of everything. If I ever get back to woodworking I can say I would get the track saw before I would buy another table saw I was honestly curious about the saw and was not attempting to speak ill of it (I love tools, about as much as audio) finding a good tool always made me Happy here is the video -
  3. the poly are not as harsh as the titanium - IMHO
  4. the tweeter diaphragm is where you should look to see if they are poly or Titanium -- the stock klipsch were poly although there some new titanium units that some call pretty harsh - open them up to see what you got
  5. excellent overall - except that scratch -I figure the cat also likes the speakers
  6. they made these cabs with MDF -and that can go ways into great sound -as the cab is sealed -these cabs can be repaired by only changing the damaged panels -motorboards look ok to me - Chorus are always black in the front -
  7. any older 70's jap amps - yamaha mostly - absoluty awesome
  8. great work - keep up the great work -
  9. you are much better off - removing the dust cap on the other K33 E - and measuring it - then just replace the dust cap -
  10. these speakers can be reconed for much cheaper than replacing the whole woofer - 100$ maybe
  11. betcha , the nurses must be happy of Dee 's improvement -
  12. OR me - really mint shape - for pro speakers - I can imgine these are not sold yet
  13. everything here in California is overpriced. wrong - gas is 2.75 in NY -
  14. you can unscrew the k55v and split the driver whithout damaging the diaphragm - this can give you a look at the diaphragm - you can see if it is damaged or scratched and even dirty - by comparing both , you can also swap the drivers halves and test them that way - -if you can return them - do it before it is too late -
  15. you cant beat rear wheel drive though in the mountains , however that VW can handle good on straights and bends but not mountains
  16. 392 cubic inches is great but it sure must -s--k on gas -these huge pistons can ingest a whole lot of fuel - although that is much better than an R/T 440 Magnum - that 440 must have been 5 miles per gallon
  17. one pair of 2 way Jubilees is not enough for your application - 2 maybe at least and they have to be 3 way - the problem is the warehouse which will sound very canny -these carry 2 12 inch woofer per enclosure - and than is simply not enough - maybe in conjunction - that would give you a better sound - more detailed -but still not enough for 350 people that create a lot of noise on their own - so you need to over-ride that sound and that means 2 twice more sound to deafen that noise before actual music is heard - then again for wider dispersion - you are missing the K402 horn and k69 driver - with that it would be an entire different animal - -figure 2 pairs of jubilees - 3 way on the 4 corners plus the MCM for the bass - that would be really good -but since you already have a pair of Jubilees and 1 Mcm- that aint bad either -
  18. are these the same ones you are selling- Unfortunately, yes but, I have something else that just became available and need a little cash. good luck on the sale - they are a neat pair -
  19. very nice -had you been in my area - they would have been sold - good luck
  20. the Scala 2 Is not made using the same wood than a Scala 1 - the scala 2 uses MDF 1 inch in the side walls and that can resonate back to the chamber where foam is used to dampen the vibrations - -the scala 1 is plywood 3/4 inch and that wood is not as hard - which should be the same for the Belle - adding foam would reduce the chamber size reducing the bass output -
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