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  1. Excuse me for hopping in, but if by " leave it or black in the openings" you mean to paint openings of bass bins in black and leave the rest of the boxes intact, I would go for that. Having a two color combination, black 402s and black openings in bass horn would make a hansom combination.
  2. Yes, now is a great time to buy CDs. In 10-15 years we will probably face the situation that we have now with vinyl, the resurrection of CDs 🙂
  3. Very windy, we remember such wind a decade ago. Downed trees, roads are full of branches, garbage containers and all the junk that wind pick up and toss around. Hope it will calm until the evening. Electricity breaks, public transportation works only in parts of the town.
  4. It was a dome shaped hall made of concrete that serves as a venue for smaller concerts and bigger parties. There is not much furniture. Only a DJ bridge at one part of the hall and the stage at the opposite. Walls are covered with wood panels. The diameter of a hall is about 140 feet and the height at the apex of a dome was at around16-20 feet. The rectangular console with synergy horn speakers was at 1/4 of a room. TH subs were in front of SH speakers, maybe a few feet. The audio rack with all the controls was placed at about 3/4 of a room opposite to the speakers. We were listening one SH at a time, then with added TH sub(s). All sorts of music. Visitors had a chance to play their own music from whatever source. In short, SH 96 sounded the best and was most tonally accurate. SH96 needed a sub only occasionally with deepest bass. All other SHs benefited the sub. SH 46 sounded very sweet but not necessarily most accurate. All SHs sounded a bit hot in the treble. If I had to choose to use or not to use the sub, I would play without it.
  5. And how is the integration of point source speakers with TH subs? I ask because of a presentation of Danley I attended locally. There were SH 46, 60 and 96 with TH sub(s). I was impressed how clear they can play in high SPLs. However, the integration of TH horns worked a sort of OK only when one of them were involved. They had two more stacked and engaged them occasionally just for us to hear the difference. No 2 and 3 were in most cases too much and boomy.
  6. parlophone1


    I am not into horology but also admire the Grand Seiko. Way out of my league. But always wanted to try one of their automatics. There is something that attracts me to them. So finally settled for their lower presage line https://www.seikowatches.com/global-en/products/presage/srp763j1 Love it so far. Stainless steel, sapphire glass, shows date and day in a display and easy to read the time.
  7. I had similar problems with my pair of RF42 II. Plugging the rear ports only killed the bass that is very shy in small stand mounters anyhow. Of course this is not the case with 83s. Changing the speaker wires between upper and lower set of connection points at the back of the speakers also made a change. On the upper connectors the bass was a bit milder/subdued. I noticed the most improvement in bass by changing speakers position in the room and taming the early reflections in front of them.
  8. I would have a question regarding point source. Not entirely sure that I understand it. Real music is not poit source, meaning when musicians are on stage, every one of them is emiting its own sound from diferent direction. What is the "point source speaker" regarding that fenomenon? Of course it has to be connected with reproduction, but how? Poeple are talking about point source "behaviour" of speakers. Is this where the catch is, and how?
  9. Medium format digital with more than 51MP? If so, that must be a very good camera.
  10. I would agree with that. It works for me when listening music. I also have problems with room acoustics, which I can not help unless doing extensive diffusion. So I try to listen at the lowest level that still provide for most of music information. This is also the level that provide for best music dynamics and lessen the ear fatigue.
  11. parlophone1


    My neighbor build custom made e-bikes. Very impressive. The good motor and the modern high-capacity batteries cost much. But after I tried one without the limiters, I was left with a big smile on my face. The feeling when my arms were puled away from my shoulders while accelerating was awesome 🙂 And the thing is silent except the buzz from tires.
  12. And do any of you listen the mono recordings with a mono cartridge?
  13. Better phono stage might bring some improvement, but I would definitely try it before buying. If you have a hifi shop nearby, depending on their policy with customers, they might lend you new Phono to try at your home.
  14. Nice setup with tubes. How does the music sound through turntable? Is that beginner OM cart? Maybe to make a step-up to Ortophon 2M Red or blue. It should be noticeably better.
  15. parlophone1


    Knowledgeable people yesterday said that a lot of time will be spent just to thoroughly screen the status. Restoration itself could last for 20 years. An initial offer from a German company was made which recently restored one big cathedral in Germany. This was the shortest - only 10 years for restoration. Firemen responded very quickly but they used water, which ruined the hot stone inside the cathedral more than some other means for fighting against fire.
  16. I do not know about that particular one, but have heard some other Vincent equipment hooked in a system. They produce good stuff. You should be ok with their Phono.
  17. Room acoustics to my experience proved to be at the top of issues with any speaker I had or have. None of them are expensive stuff. Playing only stereo. Of course one can not disregard how the speaker is designed. I am well aware of small Klipsch (RF42 II). It was pretty good performer in audio shop in a small listening area, almost near field. However, when I brought them home in my room, the real problems started. First, they are no-no for bigger rooms (anything bigger than 250 square feet is out). They proved to be really picky about room placement. Eventually they ended up in my bedroom (around 200 sq feet). I managed to get the placement so when my ears are at tweeter level or slightly bellow that, the sound gets good and could be said the "holographic imaging" appears. But when I stand up, the sound gets worse. Tweeters can get a bit too bright sometimes, but mid-range is spot on. Not much time has past and I got interested in bigger horns 🙂
  18. Machine that has vacuum cleaning, like Okki Noki and the rest. You want to suck up all dirt that has been dissolved in the grooves.
  19. I remember an old documentary where a classical music expert was explaining what Beatles borrowed from classical pieces when creating their own music. That was enlightening to me at my young age.
  20. Chris, would you explain how can electrical crossover network work to an advantage and simplifies the equalization of the speaker? I think got a few of your explanations above, but can not quite put it all together.
  21. I am beginner in this field, but it took only one recap job to confirm that. My ribbon tweeters on Infinities with enry-level Mundorf M-cap capacitors certainly show exactly what Dean is saying. Ordinary midrange drivers have responded acceptably. Ribbons seems too picky and I will try to use better caps on them.
  22. Price is what was on my mind. Bottlehead is arround 200-270. A20 also that price or may be a bit more. Plus customs duties and other expenses if import from US to EU. Second hand I may find but I was thinking about new. Nothing against going for second hand except risk if somthing would be wrong and no guarantie. I like to try second hand goods before buying and that narrows my choices considerably.
  23. I have had Beyers DT990Pro 250 ohms for a few years now. Would like to buy the matching amplifier. One reason is obviously to use all the potential of cans. The other is my tube stereo-amp and my CD player do not have headphones output, so I have no place to plug in the Beyers. Was thinking of various solutions to the problem, from little Ifi amps or Fiio, desktop, portable etc. However, most of my headphone listening is connected to the stereo rig in my room which include record player, so finally the choice would be regular headphone amp or maybe combo amp/DAC. I read a lot of good stuff about tube Bottlehead Crack build kit. I believe I can assemble the kit myself. OTL tube amp seems to be appreciated by many for this kind of headphones. And at the same time, dedicated transistor Beyerdynamic A20 can be much easily get here in Europe. If I would have that kind of cash, my choice would be Woo audio amp, but obviously that is no go. Any advice what amp should I get, any experiences among forum members? Thanks...
  24. If I buy a wristwatch, I buy it at the authorized dealer. If second hand, then from a person whom I know and has the watch from new. I opted for a Seiko automatic and of course did not want to spend a fortune. So I bought a cheaper model but original with certificate and all.
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