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  1. Thanks for including photos in the alert.
  2. Contact Bob Crites @BEC at Crites Speakers.
  3. I would pass on that and wait for a pair within your budget.
  4. DizRotus

    Is it now OK?

    Google is your friend ffs.
  5. You can sue anyone or anything for the price of a filing fee. That’s not to suggest you’ll accomplish anything. Suing is easy; prevailing is not so easy. WARNING: The above advice is worth what you paid for it.
  6. I don’t blame the powers that be from shutting this down. If adults can’t control themselves, then they don’t deserve the privilege of this forum. Ad hominem attacks, name calling, etc., are inappropriate. It’s not necessary for me to know your politics or for you to know to mine, to discuss speakers, music or Chuck’s @Tarheel latest automotive purchase.
  7. Yes, it’s the thing that causes blindness. Quit when you need glasses.
  8. This ended up like George Washington’s axe; five new handles and two new blades, but it occupies the same space as the original. All that remains of the original are the chip amps and some of the wires.
  9. I agree Glenn. No need to count a bunch of “you knows.” Roy’s interview is all substance, and no filler.
  10. The car in my avatar was very low to the ground with wide tires and cornered like it was on rails, until the pavement was wet. If not careful, the rear end would whip around in serious over-steer. With only a single rear wheel, a tendency to over-steer would be real.
  11. This bamboo Pono box solution is going well.
  12. Yes to drill press. This method will work fine. The box will be hidden by the TV. It needs to function, not look pretty. I probably should call this plan D, as I was intending to drill holes to act as grilles, but soon decided to remove the circles totally.
  13. Now on to plan C. Saving that crappy acrylic was a fool’s errand. Despite being just the fool for the job, I elected to re-purpose a redundant Pono bamboo box. The project is stalled due to much needed rain forcing me inside, as well as the need to go to my son’s house for some files with which to clean up the speaker cutouts.
  14. Fortunately, I recently changed the batteries in my sarcasm detector.
  15. After using these briefly, the sound quality became unacceptable. Even my wife complained that it sounded “muffled.” The repair is described in the thread linked below.
  16. The built-in speaker in the small Hitachi TV in our kitchen developed an annoying buzz. Alex Trebeck with a lisp is no good. A solution seemed to be the DIY project speakers (shown below) sold by Amazon for less than $20. What a major disappointment. The ultimate SQ was horrible. Even my wife said, “It sounds muffled.” I ranted about the Amazon speakers in the thread below, so I’ll not repeat that here. A solution for the solution seemed to be a pair of tiny Visaton drivers from Parts Express. They sound way better than what came in the acrylics. This way I can still use the tiny chip amps built into each enclosure. The Visaton drivers more than triple the cost of the project, before adding in the cost of glue and sealant needed to stabilize the acrylic enclosures. My wife just shakes her head at the disassembly of the new project to invest even more time and money. I had to remind her, it’s a hobby, not a business. She admitted even she is growing more annoyed by the TV speaker’s buzz. I’ll add some pics of the completed project.
  17. Typically, but not universally. I used a pair of KEF B139s in DIY TL speakers for years. In this case, I think the 6 x 9s were just lying about after they were salvaged from the Pinto fire.
  18. DizRotus

    What I Got Today!

    Mike @dirtmudd you must . . .
  19. Steve makes Roy look like a fashion plate.
  20. @314carpenter I have neither the time nor the energy to fully reiterate my recommended option strategy, but if a seller can’t, or won’t, take a non-refundable deposit to hold an item for a reasonable amount of time, get out the K-Y cause you’re likely to get screwed. As TS mentioned, “integrity,” no contract will create integrity where it did not already exist.
  21. Do you remember a pizza/sub shop, possibly on Vine Street, almost In Wyoming, called Jodina’s (sp?)? They had a sandwich called the Rocket. I’d love to taste one of those again.
  22. Agreed. These might not be a bad deal for the right DIY Klipsch enthusiast. A a child in Cincinnati, I went to Reds’ games at Crosley Field. There was a line painted near the top of the exterior wall to indicate the high water mark of an Ohio River flood. Perhaps these speakers were used in Crosley Field.
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