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  1. Row the boat you betcha! Now the Gophers beat somebody.
  2. It’s on its way to Bethesda, MD. The Bluetooth transmitter I meant to order should arrive today.
  3. Lovey Smith and the Fighting Illini come to East Lansing today as a 14 point underdog. What are gamblers smoking? The Spartans will be lucky to score 14 points period. I do not predict Sparty covering the spread, if they manage to win at all.
  4. I’ve seen heavily camouflaged C-8s on the streets around here a few times.
  5. I met PWK one time only. It was approximately 1975 in Lansing, MI at a demonstration of 3-channel hosted by The Stereo Shoppe of East Lansing. After the very enjoyable demonstration, PWK was kind enough to speak with me. I asked him why the Heritage squawker and tweeter horns are mounted to the rear of the motorboards, rather than flush at the front. “Doesn’t make a dime’s worth of difference,” was his reply. I next asked him about the history of licensing patented designs to Electro-Voice, Brociner, etc. He explained that the inability to monitor and control the quality of licensed products made him uncomfortable associating his name with something Klipsch didn’t make. He suddenly asked me if I know what a patrician is. Before I could reply that it’s an E-V speaker, he said, “A patrician steps out of the shower to take a leak.” The members of his entourage rolled their eyes.
  6. Now that I think of it, both outputs were out of phase. One output was wired with reversed polarity.
  7. I used 4 Speakerlab Skhorns in a mobile DJ biz in the 70s. If I were to do today as you describe, I’d get 4 Heresy, HIP, KP-201, etc. and build four tapped horn subs to double as speaker stands.
  8. Must’ve ordered this pre-caffeine. I needed a Bluetooth transmitter to let my Pono players connect to boomboxes. I have no need for another Bluetooth receiver. Comes with power supply and patch cord. Yours for the cost of the postage to get it to you.
  9. According to the site below, the motor is a Lingenfelter LS2 and the drivetrain was fabricated; it’s not a Cutlass body on an S-10. Apparently, since the Huskers suck, Nebraskans have too much time on their hands. https://www.lsxmag.com/news/necessity-is-the-mother-of-invention-brian-kings-awd-1982-cutlass/
  10. Although fundamentally conservative, he could be persuaded to change his mind. After all, he switched from Presbyterian to Episcopal.
  11. People have always asked the same questions about each other’s hobbies/passions. My friends and family shake their heads when they see my audio setup.
  12. Agreed. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/ele/6987840749.html
  13. Sgt. Ray Lambert is 98. He’s one of the last D-Day survivors. He is interviewed here: https://ondemand.npr.org/anon.npr-mp3/npr/atc/2019/06/20190605_atc_d-day_veteran.mp3?orgId=1&topicId=1124&d=480&story=730126155&siteplayer=true&size=7671549&dl=1
  14. I’ve had Khorns, and loved them. That said, I would not try to build them. IMO, the complexity is not offset by the benefits. I would build horn or tapped horn subs to supplement your La Scalas. If you haven’t seen the Volvotreter site, I suggest you check it out. IIRC, a set of Khorn bass bin metric plans can be downloaded at the site. http://wp.volvotreter.de/projects/th-2/ He built a Khorn bass bin years ago to use as a subwoofer but has since graduated to tapped horn subs. Another longtime Khorn lover who would never make one, or even own one, is the forum’s own Claude @ClaudeJ1. He may offer useful advice. I admire anyone with the skill and patience to build a complex Khorn bass bin. It makes some sense in your situation where used Khorn bass bins are relatively scarce. It makes no sense to me in US. Whatever you do, please share your process and results.
  15. It’s a middle school now, the Bulldogs. The Royal Oak high schools were combined at what used to be Royal Oak Kimball. Now it’s just Royal Oak and they’re the Ravens. A few years ago they named the small street to the south of the Dondero, now Bulldogs, building, “Glenn Frey Dr.”
  16. I like it a lot. Welcome to the forum.
  17. DizRotus


    On Hollywood Squares, when told that scientists discovered new evidence indicating human evolution was much older than previously believed, Jan Murray replied, “They found a tube of Preparation C.”
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