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  1. Everyone who listens to my balanced Sennheiser cans prefers the balanced. The choices are made blind. The test subjects control the volume, but do not know whether balanced or single ended. The objectively preferred way is balanced. The subjective comments describe a wider stereo sound stage, greater depth and, dead silence between notes and tracks. When played through speakers, the difference is not so clear. Although not consistently unanimous like with headphones, the majority of the time test subjects prefer balanced. I do not want to return to unbalanced. Using the balanced outputs enables the Pono player to drive the class-D chip amps more easily, thus providing headroom. IMO, my preferences go beyond the ability of balanced cables to be used over long runs, such as microphone cables on a large stage. The runs are not long in my situation. I prefer balanced and I want to have a successor to my orphaned Pono players when they give up the ghost. Yes, to me balanced presents "noticeably better sound." Others may disagree, but I still want a balanced digital player. My embryonic research has unearthed players with balanced output that use a fragile 2.5 mm 4-pole TRS plug, that makes the Pono's dual 1/8 3.4 mm TRS outputs seem relatively robust. I don't require portability. I do require something that can replace a Pono player that functions as my pre-amp, DAC, and digital player. Something larger with a remote and XLR outputs would be great.
  2. I’m addicted to the balanced outputs of my Pono players, whether into balanced headphones or the balanced inputs of my class-D chip amps. What other balanced choices are forum members using?
  3. That worked. If you also attach a photo from the listing the thread will have some usefulness after the listing is deleted. From the listing: "The going rate for these is 5,000 a pair. We priced them at 3,500 to be more than fair." I think the "going rate" went.
  4. Although not HIPs, my DIY Supers illustrate what a round-over bit and Duratex look like when furniture grade veneer isn’t a choice. I like Carl’s suggestion. @CECAA850 As we discussed by PM, I’m interested in the metal grilles, if they become available. .
  5. GO GREEN! MSU 87 UM 69 Sparty never trailed.
  6. Do they still teach hooked on phonics in Ann Arbor? Zavier Simpson and Juwan Howard suggest they do.
  7. SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY at beautiful Breslin Center. #14 Sparty takes on #12 Wolverines at 1:30 pm. Gates open at noon. SUNDAY. Think vintage drag strip radio ads when reading the above. Substitute Arnie The Farmer Beswick for Sparty and Dyno Don Nicholson for Wolverines. Unfortunately, for UM, they will be without Isaiah Livers, their best shooter. Injuries are to be expected. MSU has been without the services of Josh Langford all season. It promises to be a good matchup, even if not the same as Arnie vs Don. Gotta say I’m impressed with Juwan Howard and the job he’s done taking over after the surprise, at least to me, departure of John Beilein. Great sense of humor suggesting that he will petition NCAA to use his remaining year of eligibility to suit up for Wolverines. Izzo might have some eligibility left also . . . . never mind.
  8. That's an early E-V Cobraflex, popular in the day. Still used in PA systems. I believe it was available from Klipsch as an early option. @JRH
  9. Not Speakerlab. Looks like a genuine early Klipsch to me.
  10. The link’s no good.
  11. Cassius Winston is out with a bone bruise, but Spartans are handling WMU Broncos. Coming to you from Breslin Center, Section 135, Row 24, Seat 107. 77 - 34 @ 9:20. FINAL: MSU 95 WMU 62
  12. I forgot to watch any football yesterday. How many times did they show, or mention, Woody punching that Clemson player in 1978?
  13. To burn in the unit it was playing Christmas music for days using Spotify and Bluetooth. It played four long days in a row on a single charge. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where more charge capacity would be required. Play it all day and charge it all night. My brother (the nephew’s father) and I are debating whether to play that famous hit by Junior Walker & The All Stars as the box is being opened. It would not be difficult to have it powered and paired to a phone with that song. It could start while the wrapping paper is being removed. Nephew Ben and his beautiful bride would appreciate the humor, but their infant daughter’s maternal grandparents might take offense. An example of Ben’s sense of humor is the attached photo he circulated illustrating the similarity between their daughter and Patton Oswalt.
  14. The winner was disqualified after testing positive for spheroids.
  15. Now you’re talkin’ Bruce. Got to keep the Liechtenstein economy humming. Gradually all of my speakers and amps are being converted to Neutrik Speakon connectors. No more, barrier strips, binding posts, or banana plugs for this guy, just positive polarized connections that can be operated with one hand in the dark. Notice the audiophool grade zip cord visible in the center photo. PWK would be pleased.
  16. La Scalas fit in my wife’s Ford Edge with room to spare. A couple of record albums could have been squeezed in easily.
  17. It would have been interesting to see Burrow playing his former school.
  18. The Crites B&C 120 is attached to a drop-in K-77 replacement plastic horn. I’m all but positive the B&C drivers are not easily attached to genuine metal K-77/T-35 horns. The Crites 120 requires no modification to the motor boards and has the same appearance as the K-77/T-35 horn.
  19. Looks like a lot of work for a birthday lady. @dtel's wife
  20. Hi Mark, Dave, @Mallette, might be headed to Beltsville. He was wondering who from the Forum might be nearby. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  21. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Christy, @dtel's wife. Let — make — Elden, @dtel, wait on you today. You shouldn’t need to lift a finger.
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