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In what format did you buy your last music album?


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I last bought an LP of Satch playing St. James Infirmary that I heard at Garymd's, and a classical DVD before that (I don't recall which one). The synergism of Gary's setup really stands out in the Satch recording.


I played selections from two spectacular DVD's for very musically knowledgeable friends over the weekend, from Berlioz's Requiem and Les Troyens:


Berlioz - Requiem / Davis, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Chorus




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the last 25 purchases have been Vinyl. I'm buying nothing else going forward unless I can not get it on LP

Same here. Most of my purchases have been LPs this year. I typically sample the music either through Spotify or the local library and if I really like it, then I buy the LP first and then CD.

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You know, now that I've got things in pretty good shape, I'm finding that I'm buying CDs new and old - even as old as the early 80s. The recordings and imaging on some of these old CDs are really outstanding - and on others, well...

I've been converting my old vinyl to CDs - wow...big step upward, IMHO. No pops, ticks, rumble, or "hiss", no skipping grooves.


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All "albums" were in vinyl, but I have to admit the most recent purchases have been singles from itunes and the "upgrades" of bit rate and DMR free versions to a few of my older purchases. I don't have an external DAC but I must say the quality of the sound coming from itunes has improved quite a bit I would say.

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