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Nitty Gritty 1.5Fi Record cleaning machine


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I'll be listing a few items for quick sale over the next few days. My wife was recently diagnosed with Rectal cancer and started treatment 2 weeks ago. The bills for the actual treatment have just started to arrive. So I have to sell many items that are not absolutely essential to my system or business to cover these ridicules expenses which have just begun to roll in.

So the first thing up is my Nitty Gritty 1.5Fi semi automatic record cleaner. The "FI" stands for Fuel injection. You can check out the particulars at www.nittygritty.com

This item was used moderately over a 2 or 3 years period then not used for the last couple years after I moved since all my records were clean and I had quit acquiring new records. It works as new but it does have a few minor cosmetic flaws nothing to write home about 8 of 10 condition. It includes the following that is also pictured below.

The 1.5fI current list MSRP is $859.00

DC-1C dust cover $25.95

Replacement VAC-sweep kit $18.50 (this basically is ready to install to make it work like new. I bought it long ago but never had a reason to install.)

Total MSRP 903.45

I'll sell it shipping included to the lower 48 for 50% off MSRP or $450

nitty%20gritty%201.5fi.jpgrecord cleaner

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So sorry, Craig, to hear of the reason for your sale. Sincerely, prayers for your wife, for you, and for your family in the journey ahead. I will be praying for her full recovery, in time, and that some way, some how, some beauty comes to your wife and you from the ugly chaos. Prayers.

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Good luck on all your sales may everything sell fast. Hopefully your wife heals faster, sorry to hear about her. That cancer crap seems to be going around a lot lately and needs to stop. Hope all is well, and comes out ok, no pun intended.

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Truly sorry to hear about the news of your wife. Praying now for her that she will be healed and have a full recovery. Also praying for you and the rest of the family as you support her during this difficult time.

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I'm extremely sorry to hear about your wife and can appreciate what both of you must be going thru. Although I am not a religious person myself my wife is and she found a great sense of internal strength and comfort during a critical medical problem several years ago. To the extent this applies to your wife I would encourage you to do whatever you can to facilitate her beliefs during this difficult period.


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