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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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They are fun, the problem comes in when you think your getting pretty good, then it get's painful somehow. 


It's kind of like riding a horse, it's fun but that evening you realize you used muscles not used in a long time. 

Just now, dirtmudd said:

Keep breaking my b alls..


I'll send some pastries down .. And I will tell Christy not to share with you.. Lol...

Please don't I am having enough trouble not getting fatter as it is, and with some things i have no willpower.

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The R.S. Wallace Station on the Illinois River, around 1972. It no longer exists. It was built in 1923, and certainly went through a lot of coal during its lifetime.  There was some ice on the river when I took this pic. It was demolished in 1995.


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On 7/12/2020 at 5:40 AM, JL Sargent said:

That's the best picture you have taken of your daughter yet! You might just turn into a photographer if your not careful! :)



On 7/12/2020 at 8:27 AM, dirtmudd said:

She did a selfie ..


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Put in a 50 gal. pond thingy a couple weeks ago, added a water lily last saturday. This was about 6 inches under the water when we put it in. Now it's about 5-6 inches above and looking good.




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