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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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1 minute ago, Marvel said:


No, we did not... We spent about three days on the three islands. Stayed in the Best Western on Taipa, rode the bus over to the main island. Nice hotel and it was cheap, not at all like the BW hotels here.

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay -

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Short and stout, (he might not be short) looks like another Travis Etienne!

Or fill in the name with one of several other guys that just get their legs movin and keep on truckin"


One more week! & the almost a season starts :huh:

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Back on the Salt River with my wife (she took the pictures), one of my granddaughters (she liked the "fast, bumpy water" which were a few mild rapids that had some 8-12" standing waves which you have to aim for to hit), and a bunch of wild mustangs trying to beat the heat.




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Have to give the 2019 Heisman photo credit to my youngest daughter on this one.  Had me scratching my head til Christmas.  She wouldn't tell me who she was with til Christmas.  Nope, not Joe Burrow but another Heisman winner.   As a photog you just do NOT get into that event.  Figured it was thru her Master's program then found out.  Typical kid!



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