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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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9 minutes ago, grasshopper said:

with Jan Hammer? I have that one too.

I'm streaming right now.... ugh

This recording seems crappy [noisy]. Great music

Gotta get the EPIC pressing. Check the vinyl thread in about a minute!

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Just now, grasshopper said:


I have JeffBeck with JanHammer on vinyl, Wired also.  Would like to get a copy cd or vinyl of Live+. Guitar band. Blues/rock

Me too  blows by blow too and other...what live are referring too?

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Short night here.  Down @ 2 and up @ 530 then down @ 730 and up @ 1115.  Sucks!  Mowed the neighbors leaves, put the spreader on the Cub Cadet and hit the yard w/Scott's Fert & Crabgrass preventer.  Rain coming in tonight then getting cold for the wkend.  Next week in the 50's all week soooo maybe it's over.  Freezer in the garage is loaded but do have to get some TP tomorrow.  We'll see how the Kroger crowds are then.  So far it's not been bad here but Ohio did close all K-12 buildings state-wide starting Monday. 


For those sports addicts here are the latest scores:  COVID-19

       MLB, NHL, NCAA, NBA, MLS & High School sports          - 0

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2 minutes ago, billybob said:

Yes we can meet

Think you are referring to the There And  Back...maybe wrong I am ...

There & Back is a killer studio record.

Absolutely a make you NEED a subwoofer LP!


Or a test your new subwoofer LP:D

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that cold water will put a pucker....



we have a fair supply of dry goods food. Pasta and beans. Need to get coffee and some carne. We have a 10oz bag of Kona, es todo.  I don't understand the run on tp?


the rain finally happened. I'm guessing 1/2 inch overnight. Might be more, but not by much. The sun will be out today. 2 days of overcast is enough. The novelty has worn off....Garden will be happy.

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