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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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2 hours ago, Dave1291 said:



That grill TOTALLY has a coolness rating of 9.5.  I've never seen one like that.  I guess it would work but how long do you have to cook it before the crust is done?  Is there a lid to keep the heat in?  Novel idea for sure.  Taste the charcoal/wood?  Make dough?  Yea, ok...  I usually just doctor up a frozen one.  :)


Yup, I'm working nite shift more and more.  Crib at 3 and up @1130.  I do have my coffee though.  :)  


More snow hitting to add to the 4 inches out there now.  Suited up yesterday to blow the drive and my neighbor had already done it.  Maybe he's getting tired of raking leaves to and wants me to drive around his yard w/the sweeper.  Either way I owe him one.  :)


@JohnJDon't start w/that food yet bud.  I just had a cube steak for breakfast.  😂

The entire thing is thick ceramic so it holds in the heat really well. Coupled with a thick pizza stone and preheating to over 700° it works really well as a pizza oven.


it was pricey but I spend a LOT of time cooking outside during the warmer months.


On the opposite end of the spectrum it can hold temp at around 225° for almost 24 hours which makes it perfect for smoking pork butts overnight without me having to wake up constantly and check on it.



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3 hours ago, JohnJ said:

Here's your payback guys.

It was pretty good, I fixed the too much parm with pulling more sauce out from under them. Texting and hitting the bottom of the parm jar at the same time aren't advised! At least the phone didn't get in there.




Bogo got me three meals out of the first bag. So that's about $3.00 a meal with everything else included. & I'm stuffed after this. Wouldn't cut it as a thirty year old but it does now.


too much parm? I don't think that is possible

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Naa @dirtmudd it was the 101 and the 151 that pickled my first filter! 

I only did 24 to 36 brewskis a night.


I've severely limited my intake since I tossed those chips out, still got Bill's Book though. Stinkin' Thinkin'


@grasshopper it was more than I meant to put on and since there aren't any fillers in what I get it clumped up.

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all I hear is teeth chattering from folks north and east. It's been a little cool here, sub-normal by 2 or 3 degrees... Nothing like sub-zero. We do get to scrape frost.


I had a little fire last night. Trying to light a cig, I set my hair on fire. Nothing major and I'm not gonna need to shave my head to even it out - I've had to do that before, when my clippers' comb came off before I noticed....resulting in a reverse Mohawk

I feel kinda stupid. I like to consider myself fairly bright .... until I do things like this

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21 Hours ago since the last post.....I missed something???

I hope all here are good here..🍻

I'm sitting here jamming on some Zakk.

Just my 2 cents worth... It's been a couple of F$@&%! Up past few years....

Good sounding tunes will bring you back 🍻



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