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Oldtimer's Hot Sauce


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One of my favorite peppers is the chile' pequin.  They grew wild in our yard and at our ranch house.  They are hot but not Habenero or Ghost Pepper hot.  Their flavor is fantastic!  Brought some seeds from Texas and hoping I can get them to germinate here in VT.  Our growing season is short I may go potted and inside to see how they fair.  Cholula hot sauce is based on the pequin pepper with some chile' de arbol mixed in. 


Serrano's are another tasty pepper and popular in South Texas.

double that - they grow in the North country -

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I started on my final bottle last night. Time for a refill soon.

Myself and a couple buddies wiped out my last bottle of OT's hot sauce.... it was the "Green Thai". We spent a couple days at the lake, and on Saturday I broke out the scotch. Started at around 7am, and by the afternoon we needed some of OT's sauce to add just the right amount of lake ambience. 2 cigars, a bottle of Macallan's fine oak, and a lunch break with a bottle of OT's Green Thai on some sardines and smoked oysters on saltines.....we were living the high life.

Shortly after the snack, we polished off the last bit of a good bottle of scotch, and there was no doubt what we were going to do next.

Sounds like good times. And that looks just like a place in Arkansas near Lake DeGray. Is that an old quarry? Edited by mangofirst
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My strangeness (one of many) is that no sauce, stew, chili, etc that is green appeals to me.

Ha! I think the green color influenced which my wife and I thought was hotter (red color) but liked both the Firecracker and Green Thai equally as much--I thought the Red Thai was bland, but slightly hotter to the green in comparison, but still good.

{Note: Judgment probably clouded due to trying to taste a couple too close together and me being a novice at this. ;)}


Let's hope production stays consistent through the year-end Holiday season and there is a sale!

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