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Your Most Favorite Performance is ...


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​Post a video, a photo, or just tell us which is your most favorite performance of all time (and i mean song--not entire show) … for me, this was much easier than I imagined it would be.  I’ve seen a lot of them and a lot of good ones; but, my favorite is one that sadly I wasn’t at …yet it remains head & shoulders over the rest …a local band from a few miles from where i was born--a lot of love for the lady across the Bay.  Has to be a forum member that was here--if so, please speak up. I want to hear about it.


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Thank you for introducing me to Anna von Hauswolff. She has an interesting sound and "pop" sense.



First i like Pipe Organ.

and she is/was a babe.

Sounds a little Enya, Chicks like the music, my wife heard this once is now a fan.

Digging in to her youtube videos a little bit, i found anyone who can play KingCrimson on a pipe organ deserves a listen :emotion-21:

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Lady Gaga's 2009 VMA appearance.


Lady Gaga used to be a very good jazz singer before the "Gaga" stuff. That's why Tony Bennet hooked up with her on the PBS specials because he recognized her real talent was not "Gaga" which was 100% PR.


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Speaking of Michael Jackson, you can really feel the electricity of this performance from the Dangerous tour:




Favorite for me though was seeing Santana more than once at the Fillmore East, and Chicago at Carnegie Hall.  You had to be there to appreciate both.


For Sly and the Family Stone fans, they're about to release a 4 cd set of their performances at Fillmore in October '68.  Regrettably, I didn't get there for that.  It was supposed to be amazing from what I was told.





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That was so well done even I am impressed. Was that the original drummer who was playing? JJK


All incredible musicians and performers.  The drummer is Jason Bonham who is the son of the deceased original LZ drummer John Bonham.



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Jimmy nods in approval, and Plant has a tear in his eye! I'd say they were moved by that rendition. Ann Wilson can still crank out the vocals. I still have that on my DVR from 2 years ago….great performance.


One of my best concert moments was Queen, around 1982, center stage, about the 6th row. They played Tie Your Mother Down, they were all in tune and they sounded incredible!!!

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