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Peavey Concert Set Up.....Cheap!


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I picked up a pair of Peavey International III's a few years back for $100 just out of curiosity as they seemed very similar to the Chorus 1's / KP 301's. I was actually very impressed with how they sound and so was my buddy who stopped by when I first hooked them up. In fact, he was so impressed that he bought them from me and still uses them in his garage. Really great speakers for what I / we paid for them. There's a pair on eBay right now: 



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Ya know if they were close I would have to throw a bid in there.....


For what purpose?  :huh:




Um.............to have????  Does anyone here really need a reason to buy speakers???? :lol:




The wife has me on a very short leash these days... even so, there are a few speaker models that if they pop up locally I'll just have to take my lashings!! :D

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I don't know the dimensions (looks like it's listed, I didn't really look at it)


Those are big speakers, think MWM or smaller.


I have a pair of (Claude's old) MB-1's that I was going to put on top of the MWM's.  Although I could carry it, it was very awkward.  Also, when they arrived at the bus station for me to pickup, I could only fit ONE in my trunk at a time so I had to make two trips to get them.

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