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7 hours ago, RandyH said:

cartoon of a homeless man in a suit with a sign that reads, "accidentally hit reply all"

Been there, done that.  Somewhat.  I once thought I was FORWARDING an email to a co-worker. In the email, I was mocking the poor grammar skills of the email's author. It was evacuation procedures for our place of employment.  I "forwarded" to my co-worker and commented, "Can you believe this was written by a grown person?"

A few minutes later, I get a "READ" receipt email from the person that wrote the email.  I then realized that I'd hit REPLY instead of Forward.  it's been about 15 years, so I'm either in the clear or that person is still trying to write an email response.   okay, that was mean; but it was the bourbon's fault.  

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When I was in the military, our department head asked me to do something and I told him that "I'll take that under advisement."  HIs response was that I'd better do more than take it under advisement. 

I think he was mad because he had a twin brother who came to visit once.  they were identical.  so naturally I asked him (the twin) if I could have the rest of the day off ... he said yes.   "well, he sure looked like you, Sir."

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